Big Lebowski's Eagles line keeps Jeff Bridges in trouble

Big Lebowski has a line that dismisses the Eagles, and the conversation created some tension between Jeff Bridges and the bandmates.

Big Lebowski is known for some of his memorable dialogue, but one line actually got Jeff Bridges in trouble. The Coen Brothers' 1998 film follows Bridges' Jeff Lebowski, aka Playboy, a laid-back junkie with a penchant for bowling, among other things. But when he is mistaken for a millionaire also named Jeff Lebowski, he is embroiled in a conspiracy about another man's kidnapped wife and is forced to solve what happened to her The truth about the body. Despite all the surreal things going on and the unique concept, the film ends up with the dude's life, which ironically has not changed at all, and there is intentionally zero character development.

The Big Lebowski has a great soundtrack, and when the movie isn't playing hits, the characters are debating pop bands. During a Playboy trip, he finds himself in a taxi with the Eagles playing on the radio. He politely asked the taxi driver to change stations, but the taxi driver refused. Dude commented, "I hate Eagles, man," which hilariously resulted in Dude being kicked out of the cab. Not everyone found the gag in The Big Lebowski so amusing, though, as the Eagles themselves were under attack.

The Eagles Weren't Happy About The Line

of The jokes in The Big Lebowski are multi-layered, because it's not just the Coen brothers who get cheap digs in the band. It's also absurd that taxi drivers would be so displeased with a client's musical taste that they'd kick him out. Unfortunately, while this is one of The Big Lebowski's best quotes, members of the band don't think so. Several members of the Eagles, a famous American band from the 70s who lived in California, ran into Jeff Bridges on the street and at parties, and one of them didn't hesitate to give the actor his thoughts.

Bridges has met Hawks' Don Henley several times, noting, "I wouldn't say I'm good friends with Don, but we know each other" (via Ultimate Classic Rock). It wasn't Henry that Bridges was worried about, however. The actor also met Glenn Frey. "I don't remember exactly what he said, but you know, my anus was kind of tight," Bridges said. “I run into him at parties; he always wrecks my chops and makes me a little squirm.” Because Dude is Bridges’ favorite Iconic, he probably influenced a lot of the audience's perception of the band, which actually makes Frey's displeasure justifiable.

Jeff Bridges Actually Likes The Eagles

The Dude's hatred of the Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling" in The Big Lebowski is unfathomable, but Jeff Bridges makes it clear that he actually likes the band. "I don't hate the Eagles like dude," the actor explained, adding, "It's my character who hates the Eagles, not me." It's always hard to separate the art from the artist when fans see This is the case when seeing their favorite characters while the actors playing them, and vice versa. Bridges and Dude share some character traits, so it's easy to see why the Eagles took his word for it.

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