Best D&D Travel Spells to Speed ​​Up a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Adventure parties do a lot of fighting, but they also tend to do a lot of walking. Are there any mantras that can help speed up the process?

Dungeons and Dragons is all about the journey, but sometimes the journey needs to go faster. Whether the party is for a festival or escaping the apocalypse, it's all too common for players to need to get somewhere fast and find they can't. Fortunately, any party with magical abilities can avoid these situations with the right preparation. Knowing the best DnD travel spells is the key to keeping your DnD campaign going when you need it most.

Magical abilities increase exponentially in DnD, with low level spellcasters sometimes stretched to the limit, and high level spellcasters gaining godlike powers. Unsurprisingly, the most powerful travel abilities are unlocked at higher levels, but luckily the game offers solid options even on level 1 spell slots. Players arranging spells for first-level druids may not have the teleportation options available to seasoned mages, but they can still start with some useful enhancements. No matter how long a party has been playing, and no matter what caster they have, they will undoubtedly find something useful in the best DnD travel spells.

Longstrider Lets D&D Players Run Faster

Longstrider probably not Most flashy DnD travel spell, but at low levels, it's probably good enough to get the job done. On casting the first level, Longstrider allows the bard, druid, ranger, or wizard to touch a creature and increase the target's speed by 10 feet for one hour. Longstrider is one of the weaker DnD spells, but applying that burst of speed to even a party member could make a difference in running a message or catching a villain. Casting Longstrider at higher levels affects one additional creature per level, making its modest effect proportional in coverage rather than strength.

Find Steed Brings A Mount To The Game Table

Traveling on horseback is always faster than traveling on foot, but it is not uncommon for players to end up unable to use their horses. Whether it's escaping from the far exit of a dungeon, or finding flat ground again after climbing a rock, teams can easily find themselves in situations where even a single horse provides haste that's otherwise lacking. For Paladins, Find Steed can use 2nd-level spell slots to summon the appropriate animal in the form chosen by the player.

The instinctive connection provided by this low-level DnD summoning spell makes the mount particularly useful in combat, But it is also a powerful vehicle for mobility when horses are not available. Higher levels allow several more powerful spells to be used in the same way.

Paladins can be upgraded to the 4th level spell Find Greater Steed to summon creatures like Griffins, unlocking the potential for rapid air travel. Wizards have their own match as a 3rd level phantom with the spell Phantom Steed. The horse-like creature summoned by Phantom Steed only lasts an hour, but the 100-foot speed provided to the mount makes the hour count. While the Find Greater Steed offers more versatility of the two, in a pinch, the Phantom Steed is the fastest mad dash.

Take To D&D's Skies With Wind Walk

Dungeons & Dragons' transformational spells, such as Water Walk and Spider Climb, give players the ability to deal with unusual environments as if they were solid ground beneath their feet. But the mobility possibilities offered by these spells pale in comparison to Fengxing. A 6th-level druid spell, Wind Walk can turn up to 11 creatures into gaseous form and gallop through the sky at a speed of 300 feet. The Wind Walk, which lasts eight hours, allows players to move quickly over difficult terrain, and Cloud forms are resistant to damage from non-magical weapons. However, players should heed Icarus' lesson, as flying too high at the end of the spell could inflict fall damage.

Transport Via Plants Lets D&D Players Use Nature

The travel options available to advanced druids don't end with wind travel. Transport Via Plants provide a useful way to use nature for teleportation, establishing a link between two plants on the same plane for the duration of one round. DnD druids in any circle can take advantage of plant transport and quickly move entire groups across wide swathes of land as soon as they see or touch the target plant on the other end. Certain environments can render this spell useless, such as the stone walls of a dungeon cell, but plants are a handy enough resource in most environments to make it a powerful tool.

Travel The Planes Of D&D With Gate

Gate is a very powerful teleportation spell, but there is one huge caveat. Unlike plant transport and other spells, portals can only open portals to different planes of existence. In the right circumstances, this could be an obvious game-changer for targeting precise locations without the need for plants or any other objects as a tether. for ordinary land However, for business trips, Gate is not the right choice. Priests, Warlocks, and Wizards can deploy Summon as one of the powerful 9th-level Dungeons & Dragons 5e spells, which means that Gates are only likely to be useful as far into the campaign as possible.

Teleport Is The Most Powerful Way To Cross The Forgotten Realms

Teleport is in many ways the ultimate DnD 5e travel spell. This 7th-level spell is exactly what it sounds like, allowing the caster and up to eight other creatures to teleport to another destination within the same plane. The Teleport's effect is instantaneous, allowing it to be deployed in emergencies without opening holes for the team. This is not a foolproof method, and the DM checks the accuracy of the teleportation based on the caster's familiarity with the destination. However, even allowing for possible accidents, the possibility of traveling across the field in the blink of an eye makes this an absolute game changer.

One of the great things about playing a TTRPG like DnD 5e is the versatility, the DnD travel spell mentioned here isn't the only DnD spell you can cast when moving your party. Spells like Freedom of Movement and Fly provide situational advantages, and even spells that don't focus on mobility can be used creatively Travel benefits for parties in the right circumstances. However, understanding the basic options for DnD travel spells can provide the basis for players to use and build upon as they navigate fantasy realms. Dungeons & Dragons is a game about possibility, and knowing which spells help unlock them can open up wider worlds than ever before.

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