Below decks: Every crew member fired and why

Every Under Deck franchise has fired at least one crew member, and it's not always clear why. No one is safe from being let go on a yacht.

Each of the Below Deck series has laid off several crew members over the years, though the reasons aren't always clear. Below Deck tells the story of the crew's working life on all types of yachts, with all the drama that comes with a demanding industry. Up close and special guests test the limits of every crew member and captain. Often, crew members don't fully understand how hard yachting life can be, as it seems like a way to make a quick buck and live a season in luxury on board. While workers have ample downtime, there is always work to be done.

Viewers and hopeful crew members have learned a lot about life on a superyacht since the cast of Below Decks season 1, but that hasn't stopped them from complaining about the amount of tasks they're expected to accomplish. This often results in poor attitudes and a poor work ethic, sending crew members home early between charter periods. Below Deck is a reality show, so there's no shortage of drama. While the spats between the crew made the show entertaining for fans, there was also reason for the dismissal. Although all these The crew were technically qualified to work on the yacht, but they did not meet the captain's standards and were eventually fired.

Camille Lamb - Bad Attitude & Poor Work Ethic

Camille Lamb with her impressive Instagram should be a deck/stew that can help both the external and internal departments. However, with captain Sandy Yawn replacing captain Lee Rosbach, Camille was thrown inside full-time. With this move, it quickly becomes apparent that Camille is at odds with her superiors and in no mood for work. Even her crew members thought she was the worst crew member in the Under Deck series, and Camille was eventually fired. After being asked to apologize and get along with everyone, Camille would pick fights in front of guests and other staff. But despite ending her season early, Camille had a romance with sailor Ben Willoughby.

Kyle Dickard - Fighting

The crew on the yacht did not have much room for themselves, and the close quarters kept tensions high. That's the case with Kyle Deckard and Nathan Morley in "Below Deck," as the pair clashed earlier in the season. Despite repeated warnings of inappropriate behavior, Kyle was unable to control his behavior. kyle has Has the potential to be one of the best deckhands below decks, but he makes the rest of the crew uncomfortable. Ultimately, Kyle was able to resign so that his future employment would not be affected. However, with everything caught on camera, Kyle has little to deny in the future.

Raygan Tyler - Inexperienced

Although Captain Sandy was always happy to have another woman as department head on her ship, Reagan Taylor, who was from below decks in the Mediterranean, was not suited to be bosun. Despite her best efforts, she was not experienced enough to perform her duties and her lack of knowledge led to a near breakdown. Raygan's firing was a hot topic among fans of the show. Many Under Deck Med fans voiced their unpopular opinion, saying it was Captain Sandy's fault that Raygan was in this position in the first place. Raygan is one of the least dramatic dismissals, and Captain Sandy hopes they can work together once she learns more.

Magda Ziomek - Too Distracted

Magda Ziomek from Below Deck Down Under is another stew that has growth potential but is distracted by offboard factors. She fought with her boyfriend all season, affecting The quality of her service. Despite being given several chances, Magda was asked to disembark. With her termination in season one, Magda was the first to be fired from the series. While her firing was disappointing, the surrounding drama made Below Deck Down Under season 1 one of the highest-ranked seasons in the Under Deck series.

Ryan McKeown - Unimpressed Guests

Being a cook below decks is one of the most challenging jobs on a ship. Even after following their preference sheet, guests will find some complaints about their food. However, Chef Ryan McKeown's attitude and not up to Captain's standards put him at a disadvantage. Chef Ryan is not a bad chef but his food is not 5 star quality. Ryan was rude to his crew in Below Deck Down Under season 1, which slowed down their service process. While his bad attitude was a hindrance, Ryan's inability to change the food was the ultimate reason for his firing. That's why he's ranked lower in Under Deck's Best Chefs.

Tom Pearson - Endangering Crew & Poor Work Ethic

Sailors have a lot of leeway when things go wrong, as they are often at odds with nature. but when the anchor drags In the middle of the night, Tom Person from Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing puts everyone in danger by not calling the captain right away. Tom is also a gossip, and while crew gossip is one of the best parts of Under Deck, it can become a problem when gossip crew members ignore their responsibilities. The anchor break broke one of the biggest rules of the ship, with Tom already freed under the watchful eye of Captain Glenn Shepard. This made his napping and talking more problematic than usual.

Lexi Wilson - Fighting

Below Deck crews have rules they must follow no matter what set they are in. Fighting is grounds for instant dismissal and the downfall of many yachts. Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med season 6 learned this the hard way, when an argument led to the captain letting her go. Captain Sandy fires Lexie because she feels the fight went beyond the proper bounds. The crew reported the incident even though it wasn't on board due to the potential for harsh conditions. Ex Under Deck Med stew Lexi As the second stew, her standards were higher than those of her crew, which made her behavior even more disappointing to the captain.

Delaney Evans - Caused Too Much Stress

Katie Flood is one of the best chefs around, but Season 6 of Below Deck was a struggle for her in many ways. From the moment she stepped aboard the ship, Katie's reluctance to add another member to her team was evident. Delaney Evans has no experience cooking stew, which only adds to Katie's stress. Katie once tried to get Delaney to leave, but she officially fired her a second time due to her inexperience. Delaney often thinks she's helpful or doing things right, but Katie has to right her. Delaney had to leave the ship and didn't have time for adequate training.

Elizabeth Frankini - Poor Work Ethic & Using Guest Spaces

Elizabeth Frankini's shooting below decks is one that fans will not forget, as many of her actions resulted in her being asked to leave the ship. Elizabeth became one of the worst-ranked flight attendants on Under Deck after sailing became her top priority, but she received several warnings before being fired. One of Elizabeth's most notorious accidents happened while she was sleeping in Cabins Even if the cabins are not used between charters, the crew are not allowed to use them for any reason. After being demoted twice, breaking the cabin rules proved to be Elizabeth's final blow.

Shane Coppersmith - Sleeping Too Much

Working on a yacht is not easy. When a crew is chartered, they should be ready when guests or the captain need it. For many Under Deck crew members, this means not getting the sleep they want and getting tired. While Under Deck fans don't know all the facts about the franchise, they're shown when the crew oversleep. This got Shane Coppersmith fired from the season 8 episode of Under Deck for sleeping in late and taking naps at work on more than one occasion. Shane was another who received many warnings before his bosun could not keep him in the crew and was sent away.

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