Batman's 'Failure' Robin Is the Best Bat-Family Duo

The Bat-Family is huge and made up of many different complicated friendships and dynamics, which lead to two failed Robins becoming best friends.

Warning! Contains Spoilers for Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #5

The Red Hood has had a rough time in his life and has struggled to make connections both within and outside of the Bat-family, but more recently, the comics have begun exploring the relationship between Jason Todd and another failed Robin, Stephanie Brown.

Jason's record on friendships is not the best. His time in the Bat-Family was difficult, with Batman disowning him multiple times, and his friendships outside of the Bat-Family were equally difficult. That's why it's all the more interesting that DC seems to be pushing the duo of Jason Todd and Stephanie Brown, two people who in the DC Universe are seen as "failed" Robbins. Readers can see this for themselves in Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #5 by Matthew Rosenberg and Carmine di Giandomenico. When Red Hood plans to kill the Joker, Stephanie tries to convince him. The idea of ​​Stephanie and Jason having a friendship seems to have gotten more attention since Suicide Squad, which makes perfect sense given their backstories.

Stephanie Was The Only One To Reach Out To Jason

Red Hood has had trouble making friends, his initial relationship with Nightwing was difficult, his initial meeting with Tim was disastrous, His first meeting with Damian wasn't much better. Outside of the Bat-Family, Jason tried to strike up friendships with Roy Harper, Starfire, Bizarro, and Artemis, but they all left for one reason or another. It's probably because none of them had similar life experiences as Jason, which is why Stephanie Brown is Red Hood's best friend. After all, the two of them were the only ones who didn't become Robin.

Jason's role as Robin is well-documented by comic book fans, as he was the first Robin to die in the line of duty. He is a bright and hopeful boy, but his judgment is sometimes clouded by anger, causing him to inflict unnecessary harm on criminals. Eventually, Jason came to believe that Batman's approach to criminals wasn't enough, which is why when he returned as the Red Hood, he started killing criminals. Also, when Stephanie Brown is a Robin, she's different from other Robins like Tim and Dick because she's more willful. She disobeyed Batman's direct orders, albeit to save his life and let a criminal escape in the process. when Stephanie thinks Batman was wounded by Mr. Zasz, she used deadly force and the only reason she didn't kill him was because she missed the direct hit she wanted. Both of those things got her fired as Robin, but Jason would probably applaud her for both, too.

Stephanie Is Always There For Jason

Jason's relationship with the rest of the Bat-family is often strained even at the best of times. He rarely interacts with Damian or Tim, Batman is generally hostile to him, and he has little to do with Batgirl Cass or Barbara. Stephanie Brown, on the other hand, keeps getting in touch with the Red Hood, proving that while they might not be Batman's best Robin, they're definitely a couple.

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