Andy Samberg Channels Nicolas Cage in New Animated Series Trailer

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and SNL alum Andy Samberg channels his inner Nicolas Cage in the trailer for his new animated TV series Digman!

Andy Samberg channels his inner Nicolas Cage in the trailer for his new animated series Digman! The comedian shot to fame in 2005 when he joined the long-running NBC variety show "Saturday Night Live." After seven seasons, Samberg left the show to play Jake Peralta on the hit Fox/NBC sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He also provided voices for the Hotel Transylvania and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs animated film franchises, and starred in such notable films as Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping and Palm Springs.

Comedy Central (via SlashFilm) recently shared a first look at the trailer for Samberg's upcoming animated adventure series, Digman!.

Samberg conveys his popular impression of Cage when he voices Rip Digman, an adventurer who may feel familiar to fans of Indiana Jones and Cage's Benjamin Gates in the National Treasure films. The trailer teases various adventures, including finding the real 10 Commandments.

What to Expect From Digman!

Comedy Central's upcoming animated series created, written and produced by Samberg. Created by Brooklyn Nine-Nine writers Neil Campbell, Digman! will feature a star-studded cast. Daniel Radcliffe, writer-director Edgar Wright, Jane Lynch, Harvey Gillen, Jason Schwartzman, Lauren Lapkus and Dexter Star Clancy Brown all included Also in the ensemble are SNL alumni Maya Rudolph, Tim Meadows, Tim Robinson and Kyle Mooney.

Nuggets! The trailer offers only a brief glimpse of what's to come, highlighting the series' brash Indiana Jones-esque adventures. However, there is one scene that seems to show Digman having trouble sleeping at night, with a picture of him and a strange woman hanging on the wall behind him. Since the trailer opens with a young Digman, it could indicate that the show starts with a flashback to his younger years before he goes down on his luck and searches for the next big treasure. What alluring wealth spurred his new journey is unclear. However, the Ten Commandments may be at the center of the expedition.

Since the famous biblical stele and pope both feature prominently in the 30-second Digman! According to the trailer, the relic could be a MacGuffin for most of the show's first season. However, barring another trailer or information from Samberg, it remains to be seen what other treasures Digman will be looking for. excavator! premieres Wednesday, March 22 on Comedy Central.

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