All Possible "Underworld" Crossovers

Kate Beckinsale's horror/action franchise could have beaten multiple crossover films.

In the pantheon of modern horror movies, Underworld stands alone. Its mix of tragic romance, bloody action, and layered mythology makes it a compelling watch. The Underworld also benefits from Kate Beckinsale as the leading lady. Her performance as dead drug dealer Selene puts the film well ahead of the popular Matrix bootlegs of the early 2000s. That appeal was enough to earn four sequels, as well as a series of anime shorts.

Things could have gone further, however. Before and after the last installment, Underworld: Blood Wars, the cast and crew will discuss potential crossovers with other horror-themed movie franchises. In the era before big crossover movies like Spider-Man: Nowhere to Return and Player One were the norm, the idea of ​​Selene fighting other horror icons was nothing short of heaven for fans of the underworld. Alas, with the failure of these projects, that's not the case. But let's see what might happen.


Perhaps the most ambitious of future Underworld projects is the crossover with the Blade films. Like Underworld, the Blade series has a dark tone and is action-driven, And proud of Wesley Snipes in the lead role. Then there's the question of each franchise's respective lead. Blade swore to avenge his mother's death by exterminating all vampires, and Selene was a vampire herself. A battle looms between a death dealer and a daywalker -- until fate intervenes.

In an interview about Blood War, Beckinsale was asked if there was ever a plan for Hell and Blade Crossing. "No. We had that idea. No," she replied, adding, "They're busy. They're working on Blade." And she was right: During the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Maher Sara Ali has been revealed to star in the Blade reboot. After some creative overhauls, a reboot is expected to begin this summer, though I can't help but wonder what would happen if Beckinsale and Snipes went head-to-head.

I, Frankenstein

One of Underworld's main creatives had planned to tie the series to another of his films. Kevin Greivoux, who developed the original story for Underworld in addition to starring in the film, revealed he intends to have Me, Frankenstein and Underworld be set in the same universe. “Whenever I write a script, I always think about a sequel,” Grewal told me in an interview with Rogue Me, Frankenstein. "In fact, one of the early drafts I did... did you know that Marvel Studios has a relationship with their movies? I actually had a relationship with Adam and Selene. But they didn't do that .[…] You know a lot of [producers] don't grow up with this stuff the way we do. So, they can't necessarily understand doing it.

Adapted from the graphic novel by Grievoux, Frankenstein follows Frankenstein. Frankenstein's monster is embroiled in a battle between heaven and hell. With the mythology established in the film, and the all-encompassing tone and genre, it's not hard to see why Grievoux wanted to connect the two. Ultimately he moved from the script to The references and Selene cameo were removed in the hope that the film would stand alone first. However, I, Frankenstein failed to recoup its budget and was hit with criticism - unlike the title monster, this crossover won't be happening. ^Underworld Yet another action/horror franchise The team thinks about crossing borders, which is a success in itself. Paul W.S. Anderson has directed a series of films based on the Resident Evil games -- or rather, loosely based on them, as they follow a new character named Alice (Milla Jojovich). Like Selene, Alice is also a peerless beauty with superhuman abilities. Like Selene, she also battles supernatural forces—in this case, ravenous zombies created by mutated T-viruses. Plus both movie series are under the Screen Gems banner and have a perfect crossover scheme.

Resident Evil

Producer David Kern floated the idea of ​​a crossover even before Bloodbath. "I think that all Resident Evil fans are also underworld fans," he said. However, the Resident Evil franchise underwent a reboot with Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, and the Underworld franchise has been dormant since Blood Wars. Len Wiseman, who directed the first film, has hinted at a TV show, but it doesn't look like Selene will be teaming up with any other horror icons anytime soon.

Underworld is available on Hulu and Paramount+.

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