Adam Driver Dinosaur Movie '65' Gets New Release Date

The film is written and directed by Scott Baker and Brian Woods.

According to a recent report from Deadline, audiences will be able to get an earlier look at the action-thriller starring Adam Driver as 65 officially moves up its release date to March 10. Originally, the film was slated to premiere on March 17, which would collide with Shazam's release! wrath of the gods.

65's release schedule changes are the latest of several, with the film originally scheduled for release on May 13, 2022. Now a week earlier than previously expected, the film will find itself competing with Scream VI, the follow-up to the successful reboot of the franchise that began last year. Despite the new competition, Sony Pictures remains confident in the film, which could give it a run at the box office if word-of-mouth proves to be good enough.

65 stars Driver as Mills, the sole survivor of a crashed ship on an unknown planet, along with Koa, played by Ariana Greenblatt. However, the pair realize that they landed not on an abandoned planet, but on a prehistoric Earth 65 million years ago. Facing the Deadliest Threats on Earth Creatures in every corner, the two must race against time if they want to survive.

The film was written and directed by Scott Baker and Brian Woods, who had previously collaborated with John Krasinski on the script for A Quiet Place. In addition to writing and directing the film, Baker and Woods serve as producers on the upcoming project, along with Sam Raimi, Deborah Lieblin and Zainab Aziz. In addition to Driver and Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman also stars as Nika King.

Future Dinosaur Projects Down the Line

Despite the recent box office success of the Jurassic World franchise, original dinosaur movies are extremely rare. However, 65's release may offer something unique to its genre, as the film will take a more terrifying approach, with prehistoric beasts serving as main antagonists throughout the story. It remains to be seen whether the upcoming film heralds the growth of other dinosaur-themed movies to come, but given audience appetite, there may be more to come.

Prehistoric media has grown in popularity in recent years, such as last year's Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+, which took the form of a nature documentary to critical acclaim. Along 65, the future Dinosaur-themed projects include NBC's Surviving Earth, which will focus on past extinction events, and Netflix's Life On Our Planet, a documentary series featuring extinct ecosystems on Earth. With the introduction of several prehistoric items, the genre is stronger than ever. ^65 Now in theaters March 10. Check out the official trailer for the upcoming dinosaur movie below.

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