A work reveals the secret connection between Kuuma and Tianlong

Kuma's first brief flashback in One Piece reveals that the former sea warlord had a miserable childhood as a slave to a dragon.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1074 of One Piece

One Piece begins to unravel the past of one of its most enigmatic characters, Bartholomew Kumar, with his first brief flashback revealing the former sea warlord's tragic childhood as a slave to the cruel Sky Dragon.

One Piece has a huge cast of characters, but few are as enigmatic as Kuma. A former commander of the Dragon Revolutionary Army, Kuma for unknown reasons became a guinea pig for a world government experiment, having Dr. Vegapunk modify his body, turning him into a soulless cyborg and the prototype of all pacifists. The mystery of Kuma's past has been made even more mysterious after it was recently revealed that he is the former king of the Sorbet Kingdom and that Bunny the Pirate Jewel is actually his daughter.

As A Kid, Kuma Was A Slave Of The Celestial Dragons

During her attempt to force Dr. Vegapunk to turn her father back into a man, Bonnie discovers that Kuma used his devil fruit powers to leave his memory in Vegapunk's lab. Against Vegapunk's advice, Bonney accesses the memory, and in Chapter 1074 of One Piece, she and the reader get their first glimpse of Kuma's mysterious backstory. in the sequence, A weeping and wounded young Kuma is found by a mysterious group of men who beat him and take him back to a "horrible place". From the silhouettes of the people waiting for Kuma there, as well as the details of the building, it is strongly implied that he is a slave of the Tenryu, the nobles who ruled the world from Mary Joas.

A few years ago, Eiichiro Oda shared the Shichibukai he drew as a child. Japanese fans immediately noticed that Kid Kuma's design was based on that of Sotoku Ninomiya, a real-life Japanese character who, despite his humble beginnings, became successful by teaching himself to be a farmer. However, this image conflicted with the later revelation that Kuma was a king, but it is now clear that he was not of noble birth. Kuma's mysterious background as a slave could explain why he later joined the Revolutionary Army, an organization dedicated to destroying the World Government and the Draco. This also explains why, as punishment for helping Luffy and the Straw Hats in Sabaody, Kuma was enslaved by the Denon: as a former slave, there must be It is the cruelest punishment for him.

One Piece Still Has To Explain Why Kuma Let Vegapunk Transform Him Into A Cyborg

Many mysteries still surround Kuma. The big question is why did he let the World Government turn him into a cyborg, but only Vegapunk has the answer. Still, while fans wait for the full flashback, the revelation of Kuma's past as a slave and his relationship with the Celestial Dragons offers some clues to one of One Piece's most enigmatic characters.

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