A Shocking MCU Hero Destroys The Punisher Logo's Real-World Meaning

Eagle-eyed Kate Bishop pointed out the hypocrisy of those adopting the Punisher skull logo years before it became a real-world controversy...  

The Punisher's infamous skull logo has been the subject of much controversy over the past few years, but more than a decade ago, Hawkeye Kate Bishop took to the pages of Marvel Comics to call out the hypocrisy of those who use it in the name of "justice"

After the Punisher's skull emblem was appropriated by several far-right extremists, Marvel made the controversial decision to replace it in the character's latest makeover. In the new storyline, Frank Castle becomes the leader of the evil Hand ninja clan, trades his guns for a pair of katana swords, and replaces the Punisher's classic skull logo with a new emblem that makes the skull look like a Like ghosts with fangs and horns. Marvel felt the need to rethink the entire ethos behind one of these characters, showing just how serious the real-world situation is that some law enforcement has (unofficially) adopted what is essentially an anti-hero to symbolize a serial killer.

Hawkeye Kate Bishop Calls Out the Punisher-Inspired Executioner

However, Kate Bishop pointed this out as early as 2009 in Reign of Darkness: Young Avengers #3 with Paul Cornell, Mark Brooks, Christina Strand and Cory Petit kind of hypocrisy. story discovery In the post-Secret Invasion MCU, a new group of heroes calling themselves the Young Avengers saw Norman Osborn rise to power after helping to repel the Skrull invasion. Osborn sent this new team after the original Young Avengers, which led to a conflict between the two teams. After the brawl, Patriot, the original Young Avengers leader, gave the new heroes an ultimatum: Try the real Young Avengers, or find a new name. As part of a tryout, the heroes are paired with each other, with Kate teaming up with The Punisher-inspired Executioner. Disgusted by his methods, Kate imagines a scene where she tells the young hero what she really thinks, noting that antiheroes like the Punisher don't end up making a difference.

"I don't think gang bosses are new to threats of violence," Kate explains, noting that The Punisher's methods are similar to a shark chasing a school of fish. Even if the shark manages to catch some of them, other fish will keep swimming. Kate also pointed out that superheroes should inspire others to do the right thing, rather than just focusing on punishing the guilty party their crimes. Inspired by another hero, Kate Bishop knows a thing or two about herself - after surviving a brutal attack, Kate begins various combat training and becomes Hawkeye Clint after joining the Young Avengers Barton the Archer, became one of the most famous heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Hawkeye Kate Bishop makes a convincing argument for why superheroes in Marvel Comics aren't just power fantasies like those affected by The Punisher - they inspire others to work for a better world.

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