8 Sentences That Show Andy Cohen's Disgust About Housewives Past

Andy Cohen may be the face of The Real Housewives, but even he couldn't get along with all of Bravo's famous women, and these quotes sum it up.

Andy Cohen rarely shows any distaste for the former star of The Real Housewives, because there's always the chance that women will come back for a chance at redemption. The housewife is a frequent guest on Andy's late-night talk show "Live," proving that despite his own feelings for the Bravo star, he does what's best for the show. It was during these sit-downs that fans learned more about Andy's relationship with the housewives based on their interactions.

The women in The Real Housewives become their own entities when they are first introduced. While some Housewives let fame go to their heads, other women on The Real Housewives are loved and only get better by being stars. As the head of the franchise and the man with his hand in the cookie jar, Andy has the power to keep or completely transform any actor. Based on these decidedly unpositive quotes, it's safe to say Andy has his favorites among the women of the series.

“Not The Person I Used To Know.”

Re: Carole Radziwill - RHONY

Carole Radziwill was the perfect housewife when she joined The Real Housewives of New York City in Season 5. She was a tough reporter who knew important people in New York and was the late Wife of Anthony Radziwill, whose aunt is former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Carole is also one of the cooler ex-RHONY housewives, and her coming-of-age storyline is fascinating.

According to Page Six, Carroll left the show after six seasons due to mental health issues. However, it looks like things didn't end well for her and Andy. Andy points out that Carol is "not the same person I used to know" because she has changed and lived a different life. Carol wasn't too happy with the comments, and she later defended Pop Crush. RHONY fans are curious to know where the former housewife is now, but it looks like she won't be appearing on Bravo's screen just yet.

“In Unrelated News, Jill Zarin Is Closing On New Homes In Potomac, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Atlanta ..."

Re: Jill Zarin - RHONY

Jill Zarin is one of the highest-status ex-RHONY Housewives, but her relationship with Andy is questionable. When Andy announced on WWHL that "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Tyler Armstrong would be the first to switch the franchise to Real Housewives of Orange County, he joked that Jill was suddenly in all the filming of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." The Real Housewives of the city bought the property by saying, "In unrelated news, Jill Zarin is closing on a new home in the Potomac, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Atlanta..."

While joking, Andy is avoiding Jill would do anything to be a housewife again. Claiming how thirsty Jill is is a low blow, Jill says she Would have been upset about the comment if Andy hadn't asked her to be part of the RHONY: Legacy spinoff. But for RHONY: Legacy, Andy's comment was pure shadow for the former Real Housewife of New York. ^Lisa Rinna may be mean, but no one in RHOBH seasons 11 and 12 was meaner than Erika Jayne as she became embroiled in the legal drama surrounding her lawyer ex-husband, Tom Girardi, who allegedly embezzled millions The dollar settlement funded his client's expensive lifestyle with Erika. It all played out on RHOBH, and the drama surrounding the case aired on Hulu in a documentary called The Housewife and the Hustler.

“The Idea That Danielle Staub And Dana Wilkey Are The Experts In This Documentary About Erika Is Questionable, At Best.”

Re: Danielle Staub (RHONJ) & Dana Wilkey (RHOBH)

Hulu The documentary describes the case in its entirety and has someone who has close ties to the company a and the law. There are even two ex-Housewives: The Real Housewives of New Jersey from Danielle Staub and Dana Wilkey rob. The two are not friends on The Real Housewives, have no contact with Erica, and have no new information about her, which is why Andy shadowed them. He said on his radio show Andy Cohen Live (via Page Six), "The idea that Danielle Staub and Dana Wilkie are experts on this documentary about Erica is at best Doubtful." He continued, "So I sort of realized I wasn't going to learn anything new about Erika from them."

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Edin is another from Ann Dee there to get some shade housewives. When the topic of Jennifer and her husband Bill Edin's drinking was brought up on Andy's talk show "Watch Live," Jennifer downplayed the situation, which Andy didn't like. Jennifer sensed Andy's arrogance and tweeted: "I guess he has his favorite...obviously, it's definitely not me."

“Jennifer Aydin’s Fiberglass Castle That Looks … It Looks To Be Very Expansive But Then You See It’s On Quite A Narrow Lot ...”

Re: Jennifer Aydin - RHONJ

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After she assumed Andy didn't like her or her husband, Andy shadows Jennifer even more on the podcast B!tch Sesh. Andy mentioned that he paused an episode of The Real Housewives to check out some bigger, fancier house layouts, and Pausing the scene makes him look better. Throwing shade, he told the hosts he stopped by Jennifer's house, but "for different reasons". Internet trolls turned Jennifer's home into a RHONJ meme, while Andy said, "Jennifer Edin's fiberglass castle looks...it looks really roomy, but then you realize it's on a pretty tight lot." ^Andy insulted ex-Housewives, NeNe Leakes, when Real Housewives of Atlanta alumna Eva Marcille was a WWHL guest and he showed the audience her wearing the same dress twice. He said, "By the way, one of NeNe's confessional looks this year was the one she wore on our show at the big doorbell show in LA and the strap broke so I guess she repaired the strap we love .”

Not only did Eva call Andy “shady” for his comments, but she also followed him on Twitter. While Nene has some great quotes on RHOA, her tweets are some of her darkest. To follow up on his point, Andy tweeted out a gif of Nene's most popular quote, "I said what I said," with eloquence. This response tells the audience everything they want to know about their current situation friendship.

“I Said What I Said.”

Re: NeNe Leakes - RHOA

At the end of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 3, former housewife Adrian Maloof finds herself at odds with most of the women on the show. But instead of defending the reunion for that season, she skipped it. As host, Andy is accepting E! Online, he was "not happy" that Adrienne had been fired.

According to Us Weekly, one thing audiences don't realize about the Real Housewives reunion is that women can lose a lot of money by not attending, and the consequences can be severe. Andy clearly felt that Adrienne was insulting him and the network by not attending the party, and he let the world know he was upset. He even goes on to say that Adrienne should explain herself and talk to the women, but it doesn't make sense for her not to come.

“She Stiffed Me. I Was Not Pleased.”

Re: Adrienne Maloof - RHOBH

Kelly Dodd is the eccentric housewife who caused the most drama on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly was eventually fired from RHOC due to the backlash Andy received during the show. In fact, she's one of the controversial RHOC housewives who might regret being on the show Thanks to her zero filter.

After she was fired, Kelly wanted to hit Andy where it hurt and made fun of RHOC's low ratings when she left. Ridiculously, Andy shows his distaste for Kelly by killing her with kindness and brutal truth. Andy happily taught her a lesson in ratings tweets, letting her know that the network would just work without her. "Good morning! Reboot going well. Feels like #RHOC is back on track. Look at the delayed numbers, not real time. That's the measure," he tweeted.

“Reboot Going Great. Feels Like A Return To Form For RHOC…”

Re: Kelly Dodd - RHOC

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Bethenny Frankel was the original Housewife of RHONY season 1, and she really hit it off from her time on the series. In many ways, Bethenny's best and most relevant quotes on RHONY show that she is the voice of the audience, from which she built a multi-million dollar business and eventually left the show. But the savvy talker has since demeaned the show, hurting Andy and her former housewife even more.

The two attacked each other in the media, which led Andy to cover up Bethenny's new business venture: a rerun podcast called ReWives It revolves around the Real Housewives. Given Bethenny's frequent insults to the series, Andy doesn't have time to express his disdain for her new idea. According to Page Six, he said, "I'm surprised by that because she's been sabotaging the show for the last three years." He continued, "You know, she's been talking about it being toxic, as far as you can think All bad things, and now she's doing a 'Housewives' recap podcast!"

“She’s Been Talking About That It’s Toxic ... And Now She’s Doing A Housewives’ Recap Podcast!”

Re: Bethenny Frankel - RHONY

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