1000 Pound Sisters: Photos of Chris Combs' Weight Loss Journey

1,000-pound Sisters star Chris Combs has been on a weight loss journey since joining the series in 2020. Reality TV celebrities have certainly made progress.

1000 Pound Sisters star Chris Combs has been losing weight since his 2020 debut, and pictures really show his progress. Amy and Tammy's half-brother Chris was originally a background on the show's first season, but eventually began to struggle with his health. Over the past few seasons, viewers have noticed that Chris has become thinner and more involved in his half-sister's life.

Although Chris and his wife Brittany Coombs are members of the sometimes dramatic Slaton family, he tends to keep himself out of chaos. After starting to lose weight, with Amy Slayton-Holtman and Tammy Slayton, Chris ended up losing 140 pounds. He was approved for bariatric surgery, which is great news. Chris Combs of the 1,000-pound sisters had a successful surgery and is still recovering. Since then, he's been losing weight and documenting his body transformation on Instagram.

Where Did Chris Combs' Weight Loss Journey Start

Chris runs a fast food restaurant in Kentucky, and when viewers first meet him in 1000 Pound Sisters, he weighs about 450 pounds. After watching his half-sister Amy undergo successful weight-loss surgery and deciding he needed to make a change, Chris chose to take his health more seriously. Chris explained that his father died of When he was very young due to a weight-related illness, he wanted to be there for his daughter all these years. This motivated Chris, who, with the support of his family, worked to gain approval for bariatric surgery.

What Does 1000-lb Sisters' Chris Combs Look Like Now

In season 3, Chris underwent surgery and recovered, eventually losing 140 pounds. He has been working hard for himself. On a recent episode of The 1,000 Pound Sisters, Chris' physique was slimmer. Like his half-sister Tammy, Chris's lifestyle needs to change. By prioritizing his health and making some needed changes, he improved his well-being. Now that he's slimmed down, Chris looks happier than ever, hopefully he continues to perform well.

1000-lb Sisters may primarily tell the story of Tammy and Amy, but their brother Chris has been his own inspiration. Chris has remained positive and continues to take care of his family as he works towards his weight loss goals. With a fresh outlook on life, Chris will likely continue to thrive thanks to his hard work and dedication.

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