10 Classic Nintendo Characters From Dungeons & Dragons

Nintendo is one of the oldest names in the gaming industry, and along with that history has come a long list of iconic characters, many of whom would fit well in D&D 5e.

Nintendo characters are great for Dungeons and Dragons and are easy to build in 5e. Their longevity is a testament to how good Nintendo is at designing memorable characters. They're also an evergreen bunch, with some characters decades older than their current playerbase.

In fact, Dungeons and Dragons also encourages legendary characters and archetypes. This allows fans to bring their favorite Nintendo characters to life in new and imaginative ways, while still maintaining the essence of the original characters. Additionally, D&D and many Nintendo games are known for their emphasis on adventure, exploration, and imaginative storytelling, making the two series a perfect fit for each other. Nintendo events are common across many D&D teams.

Link (Legend Of Zelda) - Hexblade Warlock 1/Valor Bard 19

Link is the brave and silent hero of the Legend of Zelda series. Link is a classic fantasy hero, and the legendary hero's best class is the six-bladed heroic bard. The Hexblade level can be described as Link making a deal with the Triforce itself. His role within the party will be that of a pro-combatant, in keeping with his helpful nature.

After all, no matter His combat skills and musical abilities are always present when choosing the Link version. Starting as a Half-elf Felblade, prioritize Charisma and Dexterity. Choose the Valor Bard after the first Hexblade level, and choose the Elven Accuracy feat before maxing out Charisma and Agility. For role-playing reasons, be sure to play the ocarina before casting any spells.

Isabelle (Animal Crossing) - Knowledge Cleric 2/Eloquence Bard 18

Isabel is the Mayor's right-hand man in Animal Crossing. She is known for her upbeat personality, infectious smile and positive attitude. Despite her efficient and methodical nature, Isabelle also has a playful side and is often seen dancing or making cute gestures at other villagers. All those cheerful, intelligent people perfectly evoke Eloquence Bard and the Priest of Knowledge.

Isabelle has cameos in many games, so being in the Forgotten Realms might not even bother her. Start as a lightfoot halfling priest of knowledge with Charisma and Wisdom as your primary attributes. Isabel will be a reliable skill monkey on the team, and she can easily complete any non-combat role. Pick up the Lucky feat to mirror Isabel's positive energy and add a little survivability. After two levels of knowledge priests, All the way to Eloquence Bard, embodies Isabel's political side. Expertise in persuasion is a must.

Samus (Metroid) - Armorer Artificer 20

Samus is a skilled bounty hunter and a veteran of many dangerous missions in Metroid. She is known for her extraordinary combat skills, mastery of advanced technology, and stealth and cunning. All of this clearly shows that Samus is an Armorer Artificer. Start as a Variant Human Artificer with the Sharpshooter feat. Samus will be a great damage dealer at the party.

Samus has had many unique designs over the years, so a fantasy version of her iconic armor is easy to spice up. The primary stat should be Intelligence, followed by Dexterity. Pick the Infiltrator as it best fits her armor's traditional strengths. For armor infusions, be sure to choose infusions that enhance both attack and defense, befitting Samus' status as a female army.

Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong 64) - Totem Barbarian 20

Donkey Kong is a mighty gorilla who goes from villain to bumbling hero. Today, he's a friendlier character with a mischievous and mischievous personality. To reflect his "lovely savage" nature and connection to the animal kingdom, the Totemic Savage is the perfect choice. Donkey Kong would be a great tank at parties, Accepts clicks while throwing them in sequence.

Donkey Kong outmaneuvered his best bosses with courage and strength, so he started out as a bugbear barbarian. The slender limbs and strong physique match DK's signature physical characteristics. Focus on maximizing strength and conditioning. For the feat, choose Crusher, as DK is very good at hitting enemies. It makes the most sense for Totem to go all-in on the bear and spice it up as a gorilla.

Captain Falcon (F Zero) - Open Hand Monk 20

Captain Falcon was a bounty hunter and skilled pilot, known for his incredible speed and agility while piloting his iconic blue Falcon racing car. Captain Falcon is portrayed as a charismatic and confident celebrity with a charming personality and a desperate attitude. However, Captain Falcon is best known for his iconic Falcon Punch, which is his greatest legacy. His role in the party will be that of a single-target destroyer.

Captain Falcon is a heavyweight hitter who can knock back enemies with powerful punches. Start as a mutant human monk and gain a movement feat to mirror his dynamic body. Maximizes agility and constitution for key stats. Must call Falcon Punch afterwards Every shocking blow or trembling palm. It would be even better if the DM allowed the punches to have decorative flames.

Captain Olimar (Pikmin) - Scout Rogue 5/Swarmkeeper Ranger 15

Captain Olimar is the protagonist of the lovable but surprisingly dark Pikmin series. Astronaut Pikmin from the planet Hocotate crash-lands on a new planet and discovers that he has a strange affinity for the planet's Pikmin species. With his army of creatures and background as an explorer, a hybrid scout rogue and Swarmkeeper Ranger would be the perfect choice for Olimar.

Olimar starts as a rock gnome scouting rogues, good at perception. Take the Observant feat to show off his keen eyes. After level 5, enter the Swarmkeeper level, which prioritizes Dexterity and Wisdom as stats. Olimar would be the perfect scout for any party.

Min Min (ARMS) - Astral Self Monk 20

Minmin is a noodle shop owner who fights with retractable arms. She is known for her fast, versatile fighting style and her unique weapon, the Dragon ARMS. Minmin is confident, strong-willed and determined, making her a favorite opponent at the ARMS Grand Prix. The Astral Self Monk is perfect for Min Min's personality and skills. Her role will be that of an excellent mobile skirmisher.

ARMS was sadly forgotten after the hype died down, but Minmin managed to stay relevant with her appearance in Super Smash Bros. Definitive Edition. Minmin starts out as a mutant with the Tavern Brawler feat, fighting with astral weapons. Prioritize Wisdom and Constitution as attributes, as Wisdom will be the main attacking stat due to the properties of the Astral Self. No other specializations are required, as Astral Self's capabilities cover everything else, such as reach and increased strength.

Ness (Earthbound) - Psi Warrior 20

Ness is a young boy with superpowers who embarks on a journey to save the world. Ness is portrayed as a brave and optimistic young boy whose mental strength makes him an accomplished fighter. While the Earthbound name has been dropped, Ness remains a beloved character. Psi Warrior is the perfect warrior subclass of Ness.

His role will be that of the party's versatile front-line fighter. Start Ness as a Variant Human Fighter with the Telekinetic feat to further represent Ness' psionic prowess. Focus on maximizing agility and intelligence for key stats. For fighting style, Duel is best for Ness and his preferences For a baseball bat.

Inkling/Octoling (Splatoon) - Fathomless Warlock 20

Splatoon has two main factions, the Inklings and the Octolings, who differ in lore, but mechanically, play roughly the same. They both blast their opponents with special paint and use it to move across the battlefield, and both factions can easily be passed as Abyss Warlocks. Just like in the game, they'll be subversive skirmishers.

There's a lot the average fan doesn't know about Splatoon, and these tidbits help flesh out the Splatoon characters they build. Starting with Triton Warlock, for the first feat, be sure to pick Spell Sniper for extended attack range. After that, focus on maximizing agility and charisma. All of Fathomless Warlock's features can be easily repurposed as some sort of magical paint on the battlefield.

Mario - Arcane Trickster 20

Mario is undoubtedly Nintendo's most iconic character, known even to people who don't play video games. The legacy of this unexpected plumber hero to the gaming industry is unexpected but undeniable. With his speed, use of magic items, and penchant for stealing moves from enemies, Mario is the consummate arcane magician. Like any Rogue, Mario plays many roles Surprisingly good at parties.

To emulate Mario's strongest abilities, be sure to start as a lightfooted halfling and get the telepathy feat. This feat is handy for the Improved Mage Hand from the Arcane Trickster. This "hand" can easily be re-seasoned as Cappy, Mario's magical hat ally in Super Mario Odyssey. All spells can also be given different Cappy abilities, in keeping with Mario's unorthodox style. For cantrips, Firebolt is the obvious choice, reflecting Spark's talent.

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