10 Best Irish Comedies to Watch After 'The Banshee of Inishering'

The funniest movies and shows from the Emerald Isle.

Ireland has long been a producer of great comedy, supplying the world with great films and TV programmes. Whether it's their adorable Irish accent or their unique sense of humor, their work resonates with fans all over the world. Now more than ever, as recent releases from the land have become some of the most critically acclaimed of the year.

Martin McDonagh has become one of the finest filmmakers of his generation, regularly delivering critically acclaimed and award-nominated films. His latest, The Banshee of Inisherin, may be his most famous film, as it has a 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes and is one of this year's best-picture Oscar favorites. Fans craving more of MacDonald's sharp Irish wit and humor can find several other classic comedies from the Emerald Isle.

1 'In Bruges' (2008)

McDonagh's debut, In Bruges sees him alongside Banshee stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as a pair of killers. After a job goes tragically wrong, professional assassins are sent to infiltrate Bruges, Belgium, where they encounter a motley mix of locals and strangers figure.

A brilliant dark comedy, In Bruges shines for its hilarious script and brilliant performances by Farrell and Gleeson. Ralph Fiennes steals the show as their boss, Harry, as he makes the most of his small screen time to deliver some of the film's best scenes. A must see for Banshees fans.

2 'The Commitments' (1991)

The Commitments follows Jimmy Rabbitte (Robert Arkins), a music fan living in Dublin. Jimmy dreams of managing a band, and he recruits members of the working-class community to come together and form a musical act called The Promise, as they try to get gigs locally.

The Commitments remains one of the most popular Irish films of all time and became the highest-grossing film there. The film and its music have remained cult classics in the decades since its release, a feel-good comedy for those looking for something lighter than Banshee.

3 'Sing Street' (2016)

Set in Dublin in the mid-80s, Sheen Street follows Connor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), a teenager whose family faces the prospect of poverty. When he meets aspiring model Ralfina (Lucy Boynton), Connor instantly falls in love, and his To impress her, she recruited some friends to form a band.

Like The Promise, Star Street is another music-centric comedy. Its characters are charming and likable, and Connor's young romantic plight is something you can't help rooting for. The film is also backed up by great soundtracks from the era, including The Clash and The Cure, among others.

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4 'Derry Girls' (2018-2022)

The Derry Girls follows the life, love and all sorts of crazy adventures of a group of Irish schoolgirls in the 1990s. Four teenagers, plus their male classmates, attend a Catholic school, and the show highlights Catholic life during this period, as well as the major cultural events that took place during this period.

The protagonists have their own charms, and it is easy for the audience to find the characters related to them. The show itself was a hit both globally and in its home country of Ireland, with even The Simpsons clamoring for its 33rd season. Derry Girls stays entertaining throughout its three seasons, third ends forever.

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5 'Waking Ned Devine' (1998)

When Jackie and Michael learn that someone in their small village of 52 has won the lottery, they set out to find out their identity. Finding out that Ned was the winner and died in shock after the announcement, Jackie, Michael and the rest of the town set out to try and fool the claims inspectors into thinking Ned was alive so they could share in the jackpot.

The kind of black comedy the Irish are good at, Waking Ned Devine's characters are less concerned with their neighbor's death than they are with getting his bonus. It's fun as the colorful townspeople cast find new and incredible ways to maintain the semblance of Ned's existence.

6 'The Guard' (2011)

Written and directed by Martin's brother John Michael McDonald, The Guard stars Brendan Gleeson as Gerry Boyle, a renegade cop who regularly deals in drugs and prostitution. When a drug smuggling ring is suspected to be operating in his town, Gerry teams up with Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle), a no-nonsense FBI agent with Boyle's loose-knit lifestyle A conflict occurred.

evoked his work Brother, McDonagh's "The Guard" is another classic Irish dark comedy that offers a great comedic collaboration between Gleeson and Cheadle. Boyle's walk around town in all sorts of frowned upon behaviors creates several memorable moments that you'll cite long after you've finished the film.

7 'Grabbers' (2012)

A hilarious horror comedy, Grabbers sees an Irish island invaded by blood-sucking aliens. Discovering that the creatures don't eat anyone with alcohol in their blood, two police officers are forced to call everyone to a local bar, where they spend the night escaping the monsters outside.

Featuring a clever concept, Grabbers is a smart comedy, as its colorful characters get drunk as the film progresses. Many Irish stories revolve around local watering holes, so using such a location as the key to survival makes this one of the funniest horror comedies to come out in the past decade.

8 'Father Ted' (1995-1998)

An iconic TV comedy of the '90s, Father Ted is one of Ireland's most beloved works of fiction. Set on the fictional Rugged Island, the series follows three priests and their stewards, each with their own unique quirks Because they often find themselves in all sorts of comical, out-of-the-ordinary situations.

With such a large religious focus, the series often mocks the Church and those involved. Despite being nearly 30 years old, Father Ted's satire remains relevant today because the issues it satirizes are still being debated. Most of all, it's just a hilarious watch and one of the best TV comedies of all time.

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9 'Frank' (2014)

Inspired by real life, Frank stars Domhnall Gleeson as aspiring musician Jon. When meeting Frank (Michael Fassbender), a singer who never wears a paper mask, Jon joins his band, and Jon discovers that being in a band isn't the step into their strange world that he's boasted about. world.

Funny and moving at the same time, Frank offers insight into the world the artist often confronts, while also portraying a tormented character. Fassbender is terrific as the Masked Singer, and he gives one of his most thoughtful performances as a man far from the world.

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10 'Calvary' (2014)

Another John Michael McDonagh's dark comedy, Calvary sees him re-team with McDonagh's frequent collaborator Brendan Gleeson. The film revolves around Father James (Gleeson), a kind, good-natured priest who receives anonymous death threats during his confession and is notified a week before the killer strikes.

In the same drama category as Banshees, Calvary comments on real-world issues through a humorous and thoughtful lens. Gleeson gives one of his best performances as Father James, while he is supported by the best cast in the country, including Aidan Gillen, Kelly Reilly and Domhnall Gleeson, among others.

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