10 Actors Who Played the Devil Well

The role of the devil is not for everyone.

Few characters are as eternal as God and Satan. The characters, themselves personifications of both good and evil, have appeared in countless films that have been reimagined every decade, transcending genres but staying true to their core characters each time. God symbolizes love, self-sacrifice and holiness, while Satan symbolizes hatred, selfishness and evil.

While it is easy to view Satan's character as one-dimensional, he has many layers. According to mythology, Satan is a fallen angel known as Lucifer. As one of God's creations, he has a much more interesting role to play. And entrusted to a gifted actor, the role of Satan often steals the show.

1 Gabriel Byrne in ‘End of Days’ (1999)

Jericho Cane (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a former NYPD detective who works for a private security company. One day, he is ordered to protect an investment banker who has been possessed by a demon without his knowledge. Bankers are looking for a young girl chosen to give birth to the Antichrist, thus starting the end of the world.

Speaking of his vanity, the devil chose a well-dressed, well-dressed investment banker to possess. Every interaction the devil has with humans masks his true nature. He is vindictive, cruel, lustful, and merciless. But Bourne's devil is Also slick, charming, and has a morbid sense of humor. He has a convincing demeanor and a sinister charisma that's both engaging and frightening. Bourne's performance is very good, and his vision of God is thought-provoking.

2 Peter Stormare in ‘Constantine’ (2005)

John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) is an exorcist who knows he is doomed to an afterlife in hell and tries to atone for his suicide attempt. He meets Detective Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz), whose twin sister has died mysteriously. Constantine discovers plans to conquer Earth with Lucifer's son Mamun.

Lucifer only enters at the end, what a good entrance. Ironically, in a crisp white suit and tar-stained bare feet, he looks like an angel from heaven descending on Constantine. Stormare's Lucifer is repulsive, yet amusing, mocking, and toying with Constantine. Almost bestial, his facial expressions and voice have snake-like notes. His presence was brief, but Stormare made sure it was memorable.

3 Elizabeth Hurley in ‘Bedazzled’ (2000)

Elliot Richards (Brendan Fraser) is a hapless geek who is desperately in love with his colleague Alison Gardner (Frances O'Connor). The devil made seven wishes to him in exchange for his soul. Bewitched by the Devil, Elliott's Gesture Her pact, unaware that the devil would do anything to destroy his wish so she could have his soul.

Remake of the 1967 British comedy, the choice to cast the devil as a woman is a stroke of genius. Hurley's chemistry with Fraser is undeniable, and her performance of Devil is delightful. Hurley's light-hearted performance cements The Devil's reputation as the ultimate con man, funny, sexy and with a wicked sense of humor. And the fact that the devil has a British accent is the most important.

4 Al Pacino in ‘Devil’s Advocate’ (1997)

Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) is a young defense attorney who never lost a case. His vanity led him to win acquittals for many of his guilty clients. This gets the attention of the Devil, who takes the name John Milton and recruits Kevin into his law firm.

Crude and charming, Milton stalks Kevin's life and marriage. In order to tempt Kevin's vanity, the devil surrounded the young couple with luxury. And giving Kevin a big case keeps him busy, causing him to neglect his wife Marianne (Charlize Theron). Pacino's demons are mesmerizing. his name is a direct reference to the author of the poem heaven Lost, Pacino plays him with such lightness and warmth that it's hard not to like the character.

5 Tim Curry in ‘Legend’ (1985)

When the Dark Lord sends his goblins to kill all the unicorns in the land, the forest dweller (Tom Cruise) and the princess (Mia Sara) fight the evil.

Despite the heavy bodysuit and large black horns and hooves, Tim Curry's talent and trademark smile shine through in all costumes and makeup. Beneath his bestial exterior, the Dark Lord emerges terrified from the mirror to meet Princess Lily, whom he intends to harm and make her his bride. Moving his imposing body with grace and confidence, Curry's devils are nightmares and blatant visual contradictions. Charming and brave, he reveals a rare, vulnerable side of his character by expressing his love for Lily.

6 Rosalinda Celentano in ‘Passion of The Christ’ (2004)

This film tells the Passion of Jesus Christ based on the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, describing the events before, during and after the arrest, execution and crucifixion of Jesus (Jim Caviezel) .

Rosalinda Celentano's delicate features complement Satan's appearance, suggesting that the character is a myth of a fallen angel and therefore undeniably beautiful. Celentano's Satan is forever lurking in the shadows, clothed in black, weaving through the crowd, gazing at Jesus like a seductive door from his torment, his eyes piercing and unsettling . Her calm and steady performance highlights Satan's patience and willingness to unsettle his victims until they break down.

7 Peter Fonda in ‘Ghost Rider’ (2007)

Seventeen-year-old Johnny Blaze (Matt Long) trades his soul with a demon named Mephisto in exchange for a cure for his father's cancer. But Mephistopheles tricks him, and Johnny Blazer becomes Ghost Rider (Nicolas Cage), a damned bounty hunter.

Although his introduction is a bit clich├ęd, taking place on a thunderstorm night, Fonda makes the most of the situation with a humble yet effective explanation. His demon is a mild-mannered, soft-spoken man. Dressed in a black suit and leaning on crutches, Mephistopheles came up to Johnny like a predator, almost like a vampire, with an offer that few would say no to. While Fonda's Mephistopheles is merely a representation of the devil, he makes it clear that he's as terrifying as the devil himself.

8 Viggo Mortensen in ‘The Prophecy’ (1995)

Detective Thomas Dagget (Elias Koteas) wants to be an ordained priest, but loses his faith when he sees a horrific battle between angels in heaven. when. . . when As war descends on Earth, Thomas is caught in the middle as an unlikely ally comes to his aid, Lucifer himself.

Jealous of God's love for humanity, the rebellious angels wanted to turn heaven into a second hell. Lucifer thought it was "one hell too many". Seen crouching on the brick ruins of a house for the first time, Mortenson's Lucifer is neither charming nor alluring. He directly shows his contempt and rejection of human beings. Technically, on the plus side, The Devil wants to save his reign in the realm of evil, and while his role is secondary, Mortenson plays a T. ) are three single women living in the town of Eastwick. Unaware that they are witches, they inadvertently form a coven. The demon Darryl Van Horn (Jack Nicholson) goes to town to seduce three witches.

9 Jack Nicholson in ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ (1987)

In this dark comedy, Nicholson plays every aspect of the Devil. Capable of seducing and seducing, as well as repelling and intimidating. When three witches betray him, the vengeful beast in him comes out, and Nicholson's performance goes from funny and lighthearted to downright terrifying. Playing the bad guy is no stranger, Nicholson's devil driven mad by three witches is fun to watch. His hilarious speech about women to a frightened congregation remains one of Nicholson's best monologues.

Louis Cyphre hired a private eye (Mickey Rourke) to find a man named John Liebling. Louis, actually Lucifer, wants the soul that John promised him in exchange for fame.

10 Robert De Niro in ‘Angel Heart’ (1987)

This version of Lucifer is calm and polite. De Niro plays him with a refined businessman's aura on the surface, but a fiery heart. This impression was confirmed once the movie's plot twist was revealed. The devil loves to play perverted and twisted games on the damned. De Niro's performance is effortless, and it's hard to believe that this talented actor made a name for himself playing violent thugs.

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