'Viking Wolf' Trailer Showcases an Intense Norwegian Horror

Viking Wolf will stream on Netflix later this week.

Netflix's new official trailer for Viking Wolf, marketed as Norway's first werewolf film, has just been released. Viking Wolf follows 17-year-old Tal who witnesses an attack by what appears to be a werewolf after moving to the small town where her mom works for the local police department. Stig Svendsen and Espen Aukan directed the film from a script. Viking Wolf starring Liv Mijones, Ellie Leannon Muller Osborne, Arthur Hakalati, Sur Vatner Bryan and Vidal Magnu Sen starred.

The suspense trailer begins with a wounded girl witnessing her bloodied companion being dragged through the forest. The girl's mother, who works at the police station, asked her if she remembered what she had seen, which she claimed did not. Soon, the townspeople begin to believe that the town is being stalked by werewolves. While the townspeople try to fight the inevitable threat, based on the footage in the trailer, that could be a lost cause. Viking Wolf's trailer hints that the movie will be a bloody good time for Netflix series Dark.

Viking Wolf opens in Norway on 18 November 2022. It grossed $57.727 million. Production on the film began in Notodden, Norway, in late 2020 and concluded in early March 2021. Viking Wolf is one of several Norwegian genre films released on Netflix, along with Corpse and Trolls. Viking Wolf will be available on Netflix in early February. The film currently has a running time of 1 hour and 37 minutes and has no MPAA rating.

Svensson is a prolific Norwegian filmmaker who often directs thought-provoking genre films. His film credits include the feature films Radiopiratene, Elevator and Kings Bay. Writer Orkan helped write the script for another Netflix film, Trolls. Mjönes headlines Viking Wolf and has appeared in many well-known foreign films including Kiss Me, A Serious Game and Tack för Senast. She could also be Ulla in Ari Aster's modern horror classic Midsummer.

Viking Wolf will be available on Netflix on February 3. Check out the official trailer and synopsis below:

Here's the official synopsis for Viking Wolf:

"17-year-old Thale must move with her parents to a small town when her mother gets a job at the local police department. After a student is brutally murdered at a party that Thale attends, she suddenly becomes a key witness. Who, or rather what, was the killer?"
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