Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed Talk Teen Wolf: The Movie, Returning to Their Roles and Filming Without a Finished Script

Posey also talked about what the lacrosse scene means, while Reed discussed Alison's physicality.

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie.]

From series creator Jeff Davis, "Teen Wolf: The Movie," set 15 years after the events of the original series, returns to Beacon Hill with a villainous and unexpected ex-flame . Werewolf leader Scott McCall (Taylor Posey) is no longer a teenager, and he undergoes a sort of test that reunites him with trusted friends and allies, including an assortment of supernatural beings, to confront the powerful and deadly foe they all face against their past.

In a one-on-one interview with Collider, co-stars Posey and Crystal Reed (who plays Allison Argent) talk about when they realized they were actually going back to these characters, an evolving script, and starting a big lacrosse scene, How Scott sees himself in Eli Hale (Vince Mathis), finding a wilder Alison, Reed's training for the film, and Scott digging into his past to help save lives I feel good.

Collider: When and how did you learn that Teen Wolf is actually coming back? It's one thing to talk about a possible return in some form, but when will it actually happen?

TYLER POSEY: (show creator) Jeff [Davis] came to me and we were like, "Do you want to do it again?" Obviously, the answer is yes, but there's always a suspicion that it's not going to happen until the movie is done and wrapped up. There's always the possibility that the day before we start shooting, someone pulls the plug. So, that's the pending expectation. The first day of shooting was really real.

CRYSTAL REED: I feel the same way. A lot of times, you sign on to projects and get really excited about them, and then they never see the light of day. For me, it's day one. My call was at 4 a.m., and I remember it was Tyler Hoechlin and Vince [Mattis] in the locker room. I was shaking and nervous because I didn't know if I could get back in her place, but in that moment, I thought, "Damn, I'm doing this. This is real. Teen Wolf is back."

Percy: Damn it!

Have you ever wondered if you should give yourself a chance, in case you read the script and don't feel like doing it? what was that moment Like, when you read a script?

REED: Funny you should ask because we didn't have a script until the last two weeks of shooting. This is far away. We're working scene by scene and have a rough outline. There were a lot of circumstances that led to this, so we had to have a kind of unresolved trust in Jeff, the producers and the creative team. We have to get away from the actor's intuition.

POSEY: For me, there is no way out. I don't think there would be Teen Wolf without me. I was like, "Well, I'm here anyway." Jeff could write this movie as something really unfounded and not fun, but I'm still here. I'm locked in, so there's really nothing I can do. But thankfully, the script is great and everyone kills it in their performances. I'm happy with the result, but it may vary. It might be weird, but I'll still be a part of it.

You can do a lot of fun things in it. how are you feeling taylor Makes you go to that stadium for a lacrosse game and have that scene, especially with Scott not going to high school anymore? What is it like to still have that moment?

POSEY: Honestly, I'm just thinking about it now. Lacrosse was the first thing we shot with the pilot. It's day one, Oni [Adams], me and Dylan [O'Brien] on the lacrosse field. I start to get chills. It means a lot. It was so much fun to come back as Scott, a rusty lacrosse player who doesn't know how to play anymore. It's a full circle because Scott started off as a not-so-good loser with wolf power and was really good at lacrosse and now he's coming back thinking he's going to be great and shooting the ball over the scoreboard , Alison's head. It was so much fun to bring that back. That was a big moment for me and Krystal. I remember I was in my lacrosse uniform and I was wearing cleats and at one point we were all sitting behind the camera and I looked up. She looked at me, and I said, "What?" experience. fun.

In that moment, do you think he sees a little bit of himself in Eli Hale too? He doesn't really have anyone there to encourage him, to fill in the void for Eli.

Posey: Oh, yes. The only person Scott could turn to for any advice was Derek, who terrified Scott. Scott has never had a mentor go through the exact same thing he has. Scott definitely saw himself in Eli, even with the number he had, wearing Scott's jersey. That was really cool because I saw myself in Vince, Tyler Posey. Everything he’s going through right now, the excitement he’s got, he’s 19, he’s a skateboarder, everything about him is like me. In that case, it was such a blessing to have this dichotomy.

Crystal, how did you find it Alison again, in this way? She doesn't know her history and her past, so how do you find her with her life ripped off?

REED: I evoke personal experiences of deep confusion, loss, loneliness and fear, and having only one drive. She knew she had to kill werewolves because they were bad, so that was always my motivation. This side of Alison had never existed before this movie, so it was fresh and interesting, but very hard and painful for me.

She feels a little wild.

Reed: She is. She's in killing mode and there's nothing stopping her, which is fun and exciting, but also very dark and scary.

Does the body feel very different? Do you have to train differently for this? What was it like to find that aspect of it again?

Reed: This is very different. I'm glad you asked. I trained for about two months before filming. We did a lot of physical training because I wanted to make sure I had the stamina to do the stunt work, but also Some archery. For the series, she was new and not very confident, so I adopted her hunched, closed-hearted pose, not sure who she was. But for Alison in the movie, she has more integrity, she's proud, she's leading from her solar plexus, which I think is really interesting. There's a lot going on with her gut. She didn't know who she was or what was going to happen next, so the body was very, very different. You'll notice that towards the end of the film, when they're at the vet clinic, she feels a bit like Alison. In her white dress, she is more relaxed and her energy is more open. Physical labor is a very important part of my job as an actor. I think this is very helpful for me.

Tyler, as an actor, what was it like for you to really dig into Scott's past in order for Allison to find himself? You're really drawing on a lot of their past history and helping her rediscover herself.

POSEY: That was hilarious. I love Scott McCall so much, we've done a lot with him. He's had so many ups and downs, victories and failures, but we've never explored that before. It's really funny because he never doubted that he'd bring Allison back and make her memories come flooding back. With all their experiences in Beacon Hill, he just knew. He has this blind faith that everything will work out. Then, he's also sacrificing himself to make sure it actually happens. He wants to bring her back. That confidence that he has is such a big part of Scott, but it's kind of a grown-up version, and as an actor, it's really, really fun to play. Then, to do something we've never done before, he tried to convince Allison that they'd dated, saying, "I'm Scott McCall. I'm pretty sure you have a tattoo of me somewhere, or something like that. "It was so much fun to play. Crystal, then, is perfect for racing. She's pretty much this Terminator. she has She's not going to stop this mission for Scott, he has to really try to break through the hard shell. This is the greatest. This is so much fun. That really made the film fun to shoot and emotional. Scott relives some really emotional moments like Allison dying in his arms and brings up that emotion and makes them come out and show Allison and show his honesty. Everywhere. As an actor, it was so much fun playing that. I like it. I really like that side of Scott. We've never seen him like that, so it's so funny.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is available for streaming on Paramount+.

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