'Treason' Ending Explained: What Happens to Kara and Maddie?

How did Adam's story end?

Season 1 of the new Netflix spy thriller Treason reveals an unexpected conclusion for one of its main characters. Everyone, except Adam Lawrence (Charlie Cox), comes alive in the provocative and fast-paced finale of the limited series. Maddie DeCosta (Oona Chaplin) really had to step up because the episode was coming to an end. Kara Yeltsov (Olga Kurylenko) was instrumental in obtaining information that would reveal who killed five of her countrymen seven years ago and allow her to return home to Russia. CIA agent Dede Alexander (Tracy Ifeachor) plays a larger-than-expected role in the finale, while a plot by the head of MI6, Sir Martin Angelis (Ciaran Hinds), to blackmail several members of the British Parliament begins to unravel. Here's how it happened

Maddy and Kara Work Together Against Angelis

Throughout most of the series, Maddy Lawrence and Kara Yerzov are at odds because Maddy considers her a rival to her husband Adam. Kara was actually just a colleague of Adam's as an MI6 field agent looking for information on the British spy who killed five of her men during the July incident years ago. All she knows is a man named "Dorian" is in charge and wants Adam to help uncover their identities. Once Maddy learns the nature of her relationship with Adam, the arcs of the two characters begin to mesh together, as they share an interest in uncovering a conspiracy that will threaten Adam and several council members.

The Plot Against Angelis' Political Foes Unravels

Sir Martin Angelis, head of MI6 (the UK's equivalent of the CIA), planned to expose compromising material from MPs in order to push his own people into certain positions. One of his members is also Chancellor candidate Audrey Gratz (Alex Kingston). Angelis wants Gratz opponent to win the election, so he is threatening her with leaking information that she brought in a specialist to assist in peacefully ending the life of her long-suffering, terminally ill mother. This is problematic because euthanasia is in the UK is illegal. Thus, she will be exposed as a hypocrite who makes laws but does not obey them. It would be the death knell for her run for prime minister and positioning her opponent Angelis supports in cooperation with Russia, to easily win the election. Angelis will also secure a stronghold for his position as the very powerful head of MI6. With the help of Adam, Maddy and Kara, they are able to intercept Martin's computer files containing all the compromising material he plans to use against Gratz and the other members before he can bring false charges against them at a concurrent parliamentary hearing Events leading to Adam's death. Maddy then reveals that his good friend and MI6 colleague Patrick "Paddy" Hamilton (Adam James), codenamed "Dorian", was the spy who killed Carla's men. Carla later poisoned him and he died. She got her revenge.

How Does Adam Die?

Adam, Maddy, and Kara obtain documents containing leaked information, and they are targeted by CIA agent Dede Alexander, who betrays her friend Maddy and ends up working with Angelis and MI6. In one freight yard sequence, Dede subdues Adam and holds him at gunpoint. She loudly makes an exchange offer to Tracy and Kara, who are hiding nearby with Angelice's compromise papers. Dede proposes to exchange Kara and files with Adam. adam who is He also tries to clear his name after Angelis threatens to expose him as England's double agent and traitor "Dorian", urging Maddy to refuse the exchange. Angelis is also trying to convince Parliament that Adam has been working with Kara and Russia to subvert British interests and influence policy. Eventually, Adam rushes to Dede and she assassinates him in the yard, much to the surprise of Maddie and Kara. They must calm down and find a way to expose Angelis, so that Adam will not die in vain and his reputation will not be damaged.

The Lawrences are United and Kara Goes Home

After Adam's death, Angelis' plot is revealed by Maddy and Kara, and Maddy must now leave her husband, whom Angelis is using as a pawn. In the show's final scene, Maddy is reunited with her stepson Ella and Callum, who have been in hiding, for a hug. Having completed her mission to find "Dorian" and exact her revenge, while also helping to unravel Angelis' plot, Kara was finally able to return to her homeland in Russia and clear her name from the Russian government.

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