'The Walking Dead: City of the Dead': Release window, trailer, cast, and everything we know so far about the spinoff

Maggie and Negan return in the latest spinoff of AMC's Undead series.

The Walking Dead has always been a favorite for zombie lovers everywhere. Following a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse who are simply trying to survive the threat of the undead (known as the walking dead) and a deranged remnant society, The Walking Dead uses its story to show what humanity is like in dire circumstances. That means touching the audience emotionally, not just scaring them. Originating from the graphic novel series of the same name, The Walking Dead grew in popularity after its first few seasons, eventually becoming the highest-grossing series of any cable or broadcast series. It was nominated for many awards, including a Golden Globe. The final episode of The Walking Dead wraps up with eleven seasons, airing on November 20, 2022, but fans aren't left hanging. Since 2015, The Walking Dead has spawned three spin-off series: Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the anthology series The Walking Dead. More spinoffs will continue the franchise, including Darryl Dixon, starring Walking Dead veteran Norman Reedus, reprising his role as Daryl in an attempt to piece together the missing pieces where he ended up in Europe, and Untitled Rick & Michonne spin-off series, following Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln's The Walking Dead characters. The kickoff for these new franchises is The Walking Dead: Dead City, which will hit the small screen this spring.

Dead City will follow two Walking Dead alumni, Maggie Lee played by Lauren Cohan (Boys) and Negan Smith played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural). Fans of the original show might be a little surprised to see the two join forces, as Negan killed Maggie's husband, Glenn Lee (Steven Yeun), in season seven of The Walking Dead. Maggie has harbored a grudge against Negan ever since, but they only reconciled in the final season. While Maggie never forgave Negan, she had to trust him to continue surviving in their post-apocalyptic world. Maggie and Negan have complicated histories and deaths surrounding them, and their story is sure to be a tumultuous and emotional one. For major The Walking Dead fans, here's everything we know so far about The Walking Dead: City of the Dead.

Is There a Release Date for The Walking Dead: Dead City?

As of now, The Walking Dead: City of the Dead has a general release date of April 2023, but no specific date has been revealed. maybe so The show will air on time, as production on the six-episode series wraps up. The development of the spin-off was announced in March 2022 under the working title Isle of the Dead, and it was renamed The Walking Dead: Dead City in August 2022, without really explaining why. Production began in New York City in July 2022 and concluded in October 2022. It will air on AMC, the original network of The Walking Dead.

Is There a Trailer for The Walking Dead: Dead City?

For those looking forward to a sneak peek at the deader, shinier world of Dead City, a trailer is available. It contains snapshots of Maggie and Negan, as well as some newer faces and uglier undead. Released in November 2022, the trailer is a gritty 21-second zombie nightmare. It doesn't say much about what's to come, but it has fans excited about the new series. Check out the trailer for The Walking Dead: Dead City below.

What is the Plot of The Walking Dead: Dead City?

The official synopsis for Dead City reads:

"The crumbling city is filled with the dead and denizens who have made New York City their own world of anarchy, danger, beauty, and terror."

In the city, Maggie and Negan meet a New York native, evade a marshal with a troubled past, and hunt down a notorious killer. But as the two descend into gritty depths A walker-infested city, it's clear that the trauma of their turbulent past could prove as much of a threat as the present. -monsters and a killer on the loose, and sailing through rooftops in a newly formed post-apocalyptic society. Dead City will be a wild ride, filled with nostalgia and the previously untouched skyscrapers of Manhattan.

Lauren Cohan is renewing her Maggie role as Rhee, Glenn Rhee's widow and former leader of Hilltop Colony. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Negan Smith again, ex-leader of the Saviors, ruthless. He killed Glenn Rhee, so there's some tension between the two characters. Gaius Charles (Friday Night Lights), the new face of the series, will play new character Perlie Armstrong, described by Screen Rant as "a devoted family man." , he will protect his loved ones at all costs. Like Negan, his character is ruthless. The series will introduce more new faces, including Jonathan Higginbotham (The Blacklist) as Tommaso, Mahina Napoleon (NCIS: Hawaii) as Ginny, Trey Santiago-Hudson (You Hurt My Feelings) as Jano, Charlie Solis as "The Bartender" and Zeljko Ivanek (Hannibal) as the Croat. In unknown roles, the series cast includes Michael Anthony (Secret HQ), Alex Bolo (Atlas), David Chan (No Exit), Randy Gonzalez (Vendetta Team), Alex Hunn (Accountant), Isa Kendrick (Sister), Karina Ortiz (Orange is the New Black), Caleb Reese Paul (FBI), Eleanor Reissa (Trophy Children) and John Wu ( Book of Power III: Raising Kanan).

Who is Starring in The Walking Dead: Dead City?

So far, only The Walking Dead veterinarian is on the production team. As one of the writers and co-executive producers of The Walking Dead, Eli Jorné (Wilfred) is the producer and creator of the Dead City series. The executive producers are Jorné, the franchise's chief content officer, Scott M. Gimple (who has done everything in The Walking Dead franchise to date), Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Of course, AMC is the network behind the show. It's been a fantastic team so far, they know what they're doing with the material, and The Walking Dead: Dead City is sure to be another zombie hit.

Who is Making The Walking Dead: Dead City?

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