The Best Comedy Series and TV Shows on Prime Video

Your go-to guide when you need a laugh.

We all need to laugh sometimes. There’s a reason sitcoms always top the syndication and streaming metrics — everyone loves to unwind, giggle, and hang out with their favorite comedians for a while.

Good news for those looking for humor: Prime Video has some of the best comedy series of all time, from the classics to the newest hits, satire, sitcoms, skits, and everything in between. Their library includes everything from true classics like Scrubs and Community, to Prime Video's best streaming originals like the award-winning Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Fleabag, and just about everything you'll ever need for an easy on-demand laugh.

Check out the best comedy series and TV shows on Prime Video right now in the list below. For more recommendations, check out our list of the best shows on Prime Video or the best comedy series on Netflix and Hulu.

Editor's Note: This article was updated January 2023 to include Outlaws.

Upload (2020-present)

Creator: Greg Daniels

Cast: Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Zainab Johnson, Kevin Bigley

In a future where death means uploading to the cloud, uploading mixes romance This series and comedy from Greg Daniels, who not only helped create hits like "Parks and Recreation" and "King of the Hill," but also developed "The Office." Like his other shows, Upload has a great sense of humor. From comic twists on an almost dystopian future to laugh-out-loud physical comedy moments enabled by technology, the series has it all. Led by Robbie Amell, his comedic timing is surprisingly good and his series has heart. The budding romance between Amell's Nathan and Andy Allo's Nora is filled with chemistry and charm. Whether it's a talking dog therapist or a surprising philosophical moment, Upload has something for everyone. — Therese Lacson

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Outlaws (2021-present)

Creators: Elgin James, Stephen Merchant

Cast: Rhianne Barreto, Darren Boyd, Gamba Cole, Stephen Merchant, Christopher Walken

The Outlaws is a hilarious comedy about seven criminals who Strangers to each other, united by their community service sentences. Together, this diverse group of people, each with their own set of skills and backgrounds, must try not only to survive punishment, but to stay out of trouble. Outlaws stars co-creator Stephen Merchant (The Office), who produced Raucous comedy with Elgin James (Mayas M.C.), with great performances from Eleanor Tomlinson, Darren Boyd (Killing Eve) and Christopher Walken. Set in Bristol, Outlaws is a very British comedy with a fun toy with crime and the criminal justice system. – Yael Tygiel

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Suits (2011-2019)

Creator: Aaron Korsh

Cast: Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres Workplace drama and witty shenanigans. Suits started out as the story of a college dropout named Mike (Patrick J. Adams) who finds himself working with lawyers at a top New York City law firm while fleeing drug dealers. With an all-star cast that truly embraces their characters in captivating ways, including Gabriel Macht and Meghan Markle, Suits makes audiences fall in love with the story, no matter how far their adventures take them from reality. – Yael Tygiel

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Creators: Jez Butterworth, James Richardson

Mammals (2022-present)

Cast: James Corden, Melia Kreiling, Colin Morgan, Sally Hawkins After a tragedy, the revered chef must face devastating revelations about his wife Amandine (Melia Kreiling). To investigate this shocking new discovery, he contacts his brother-in-law Jeff (Colin Morgan). Instead of easy answers, however, more surprising complications arise. "Mammals" casts Corden in a different kind of role and presents a compelling and thought-provoking study of monogamy. – Taylor Gates

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Creator: Neil Gaiman

Cast: David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Frances McDormand, Jon Hamm, Adria · Ahona A story of angels and demons trying to stop the end of the world. Good Omens showcased the friendship and talent of its stars, casting Doctor Who's David Tennant as a cunning demon named Crowley, and Michael Sheen (Master of Sex) embodying the upbeat bumbling angel Aziraphale. Originally a beloved novel, Good Omens has been beautifully brought to the screen starring a talented cast including Frances McDormand, Jon Hamm and Adria Arjona. Gaiman and Pratchett's Good Omens is a clever twist on traditional Christian themes and characters, providing an original backdrop for their innovative story Prophecy, the 11-year-old Antichrist, and witches. – Yael Tygiel

Good Omens (2020-present)

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Creator: Tracy Oliver

Cast: Meagan Good, Grace Byers, Shoniqua Shandai, Jerrie Johnson, Tyler Lepley Love Harlem. The show follows a group of 30-somethings in New York who have been friends since college and must grapple with everything from their relationships to their careers. The writing is sharp, the cast has great chemistry, and it's a fun, refreshing watch. – Taylor Gates

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Harlem (2021-present)

Creators: Will Graham, Abbi Jacobson

Cast: Abbi Jacobson, Chanté Adams, D'Arcy Carden, Gbemisola Ikumelo

Based on the 1992 film of the same name, A League of Their Own revolves around the Rockford Peaches —An all-female baseball team during World War II. The show offers a delightfully rich cast of characters, including the reluctant leader Carson Shaw (Abby Jacobson), the confident and charismatic Greta Gill (Darcy Carden) and Max Chapman ( Chanté Adams, a talented and determined pitcher, struggled to find a team due to the racism and sexism she faced. Equally funny and dramatic, the show offers Lots of laughs, while not avoiding series questions. The series is also refreshingly, unapologetically queer, with many beautiful depictions of LGBTQ+ love and joy. – Taylor Gates

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A League of Their Own (2022)

Creator: Joey Soloway

Cast: Jeffrey Tambor, Amy Landecker, Gaby Hoffmann

A groundbreaking show inspired by true events, Transparent was created by Joey Soloway and thrived over five innovative seasons develop. Digging from Soloway's own family, it transparently infuses comedy with a progressive narrative while remaining relevant to families from diverse backgrounds. Soloway's ability to captivate audiences across the country has won the series several awards over the years. With a stellar cast that includes Amy Landecker, Gaby Hoffmann (Now and Then), Kathryn Hahn (WandaVision) and Alexandra Billings, "Transparent" breaks down barriers to tell the story of a family whose patriarch is transgender. – Yael Tygiel

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Transparent (2014-2019)

Creator: Julian Doucet

Cast: Jordan Gavaris, Julia Stiles, Madison Shamoun

The Lake is a unique coming-of-age story about 16-year-old Billie (Madison Shamoun) Their biological father, Justin (Jordan Gavaris), spent a summer together, and his biological father put her up for adoption as a teenager. a lot of From that day on, Justin changed: he came out, moved to Australia for a while, and then got divorced. Things get even more complicated when they discover that the cabin they're supposed to be staying in is actually owned by Justin's stepsister Macy May (Julia Stiles). There's some definite Hitter Creek vibes in this show, which is both funny and heartwarming. Solid writing, a unique premise, and great performance make this an all-around good watch. – Taylor Gates

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The Lake (2022)

Creator: John Carney

Cast: Cristin Milloti, Catherine Keener, Dev Patel, Anne Hathaway

This unique anthology series, based on a true story that appeared in The New York Times, will feature They are dramatized to create raw and often hilarious vignettes of 21st century romantic relationships. From Sing Street writer/director John Carney and starring A-list stars like Anne Hathaway and Dev Patel, Modern Love is sure to appeal to rom-com fans everywhere. What could be better? The finale of each season will see all the separate stories connect to each other, reiterating that the world is small and love is everywhere if you're willing to look. – Taylor Gates

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Modern Love (2019-present)

Creators: Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, Alex Timbers, Paul Weitz

Cast: Lola Kirke, Gael García Bernal, Bernadette Peters

Long before The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel came out on Prime Video , they have another Emmy and Golden Globe-winning comedy series Mozart in the Jungle, chronicling the chaos of being a professional musician in a brutal world. The series follows aspiring oboist (and later conductor) Hailey Rutledge, played by musician and actress Lola Kirke, as she plays with the New York Symphony Orchestra. Had a disastrous audition for the show. However, she manages to shake off utter embarrassment and lands a position as assistant to the symphony orchestra's new conductor, the sassy Rodrigo de Sousa (Gael García Bernal), who, it turns out, is more than she's ever been. Fewer (and more interesting) imaginations are there at all times. Based on the memoir of the same name by real-life oboist Blair Tyndall, the show is both chaotic and heartwarming, as the various members of the symphony orchestra, Bernadette Peters, Saffron Burrows and Malcolm McDowell try to Let Rodrigo (and by extension, Hailey) check. Each uniquely neurotic and charming, and four seasons worth half the episodes Hour by hour, the series is light-hearted binges that exude the same positivity and warmth as Apple TV's Ted Lasso. While the series was unfairly canceled after season four, leaving a few clues behind, it's still the place to be for those looking for a comedic and charming respite from the tense alliance of dramas currently streaming. a good choice. - Maggie Boccella

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Mozart in the Jungle (2014-2018)

Creator: Eric Kripke

Cast: Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty

Based on the comic book series of the same name, The Boysis is full of violence, nudity and comedy, while also featuring superheroes. The show does a good job of making real life commentary on today's world. The show follows the eponymous vigilante team battling psychic beings who abuse their powers. Through two seasons, the show has shown that it knows how to use its premise to its advantage and create a nuanced story that keeps you grounded from start to finish. With a terrific cast, especially Anthony Starr who plays the Homelander brilliantly, the show balances the many facets it has and creates a show Almost impossible to ignore. - Arianne Binette

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The Boys (2019-present)

Creators: Nathan Fielder, Michael Koman

Nathan for You is unlike anything else on TV. A documentary reality series starring the incomparable Nathan Fielder as he plays a dramatized version of himself as he "helps" all kinds of people and businesses with quirky and hysterical advice. Absurdism and expression of nonchalance reign here, as the blurring of reality and fiction creates one of the most innovative and hilarious comedy shows of all time. - Taylor Gates

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Creator: Steve Franks

Nathan for You (2013-2017)

Cast: James Roday Rodriguez, Dulé Hill, Timothy Omundson

Psychis is more than your average procedural buddy comedy. The eight-season series follows "Psychic Detective" Sean Spencer (James Rodriguez) as he solves crimes in and around Santa Barbara. Despite his father's best efforts, Sean doesn't want to take his life too seriously. He bounced from job to job, only to find a job as a psychological counselor with the Santa Barbara Police Department after solving a high-profile crime. reward? Sean wasn't really psychic. Thanks to his father Henry (Corbin Bernsen), he is sharp He was taught detective skills from an early age. With the help of his childhood friend Burton "Gus" Gust (Dulle Hill), Sean forms his own consulting agency, Psych, to sustain the ruse and make money in the process.

Psych maintains a genuinely chaotic comedic energy with Shawn and Gus without compromising the stakes of the case they're trying to solve. Some episodes see Sean and Gus go undercover investigating a murder on The Bachelor-style reality show, while others see them hunt down a serial killer through a twisted scavenger hunt. The presence of Detectives Carlton Lassiter (Timothy Ormondson) and Juliet O'Hara (Maggie Lawson) also allows the show to revolve around what Sean and Gus bring to the table. Slogans, gags, and general mischief. Sometimes it's hard to believe that these no-nonsense detectives actually believe Sean is a psychic, but the beauty of this show is to suspend disbelief and enjoy the journey. — Brynna Arens

Psych (2006-2014)

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Creator: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Cast: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Sian Clifford, Olivia Colman, Bill Patterson, Brett Gelman

Playwright Phoebe Waller-Bridge Waller-Bridge's remarkable half-hour series Fleabag is a raw, honest, and often rowdy portrait The story of a young single woman in London who manages to avoid all the tropes and pitfalls of the genre. Waller-Bridge plays the lead character, narrating her life, throwing a knowing glance at the camera, using it to make us confidantes and partners in crime, and to caution us about how absurd our assumptions, or confirmation of a situation, can be. While the likable and gracious Fleabag loves pointing out other people's mistakes, she's not always kind to herself either. Struggling with modern dating (lots of humor to be found there), she's also haunted by the recent unexpected death of her best friend, more and more over the 6 episodes of the first season. It's a dark river that runs through the seasons, flooding at unexpected moments just like in real life.

Fleabag is charismatic and openly confessional about sex, grief, loneliness and financial setbacks, and Waller-Bridge does a great job of making the audience feel like we're with her through every humiliation and dark realization, even if it's glossed over in a deeply Clever, witty humor. Fleabag is never too dark (its ending nearly flips that concept upside down), even if it's very honest. A particularly poignant moment occurred during In episode four, Fleabag goes to a retreat with her perfectionist sister Claire (the excellent Clifford), who she sees in the premiere with a loan officer who gets into a heated argument with her. She sat quietly while he detailed what he really wanted after his personal infraction — to go home and unload the dishwasher, watch his wife drink a cup of coffee — and Fleabag finally broke the silence , replied, "I just want to cry all the time."

Fleabag (2016-2019)

She resists, but the acknowledgment of the urge is emotionally raw. Incorporating a remarkable comedic sensibility while allowing its characters to have real feelings, doubts and fears, elevates the series beyond its more superficial or diffuse dating-centric counterparts. Fleabag unpacks a complex young woman's life—with all its pain, insecurities, anger, humor, friendship, impulsiveness, and more—with a unique sensitivity that makes it essential viewing. — Allison Keene

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Creator: Ben Edlund

Cast: Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry, Scott Speiser

It's hard to believe that in this age of Peak TV we haven't reached Peak Superhero (especially when you consider Movie World), Yet they came anyway. As it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between similar storylines and an emphasis on dark/gritty shots, there is one superhero franchise that has found a way to stand out: The Tick.

The half-hour reality show (the character's newest iteration) reminds us of something fundamental about super TV: it's supposed to be fun. Even what started out as a light-hearted show has been reduced to focusing too much on doom and gloom (looking at you, The Flash). While The Tick won't win any awards for its production value or emotionally intense narrative, it's an incredibly weird and unique series that helps ease superhero fatigue. -- Allison Keene

The Tick (2016-2019)

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Creator: Dana Calvo

Cast: Genevieve Angelson, Anna Camp, Erin Darke, Chris Diamantopoulos, Hunter Parrish, Jim Belushi Peggy, Good Girls Revolt happens when women are accepted into newsrooms era, but only for researchers. God forbids a woman to write! This is what led to the first class-action lawsuit filed by female journalists against their employers, True events that occurred among the Newsweek staff in the late 60s and early 70s. Good Girls Revolt makes up a lot of the details (here called "News of the Week" featuring all new characters, except for Mamie Gummer as Nora Ephron and Joy Bryant's ACLU lawyer Eleanor Holmes Norton), but theme remains constant, sometimes disturbing relevance.

While the '60s have become an overused backdrop for movies and TV shows (you can guess the soundtrack before it even starts), Good Girls Revolt is backed by a strong cast and a unique take on newsroom culture, with Including some dastardly "locker room talk" has been in a lot of media rotation lately, but also in more subtle ways. In News of the Week, women are often paired with men and given the appearance of power and influence, but they must ultimately be deferential to their male counterparts. The culture is sexist and condescending, but the strong women at the center of the series—Angelson as an aggressive counterculture, Camp as a sly pompadour, and Darke as a repressed wife hungry for choices—have a lot to offer. it.

Good Girls Revolt is careful not to demonize anyone; both men and women have many faults. While Cultural Touchstone may be feeling a bit jaded at this point given its setting, what the show does well is create a working vibe that's both modern and retro, sometimes startlingly commenting that we've gone How far, but how far we have to go. As Joan on Mad Men said, "There is no tolerance for dreary times or dreary people." — Allison Keene

Good Girls Revolt (2015-2016)

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Creator: Amy Sherman-Palladino

Cast: Rachel Brosnahan, Michael Zegen, Alex The production of Borstein, Tony Shalhoub, Marin Hinkle Palladino and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel did not disappoint. The pilot is a vibrant throwback comedy about an Upper West Side housewife and her would-be comedian husband. It's clear from the start that Mrs. Maisel, aka Midge (Brosnahan), is the beauty and wit behind her husband's comedic ambitions, even taking brisket to the club to bribe the promoter to give him a better spot, while she recorded his husband's best jokes (wherein, it As it turns out, he stole). But despite giving it all to her husband and his dreams (perfect in almost everything), the moron decided to unceremoniously abandon her and their two (rare) children Let the sarcastic Midge spiral downward and straight into 1960s New York, with an unexpected career (and some advice from Lenny Bruce) as a real comedian.

The marvelous Mrs. Maisel is begging for a series to give Midge (a loquacious woman, if ever there was one) her due. While it might give the impression of a clean-cut performance, it's not. It uses swearing and nudity to great humorous effect, never exaggerating but knowing exactly how and when to surprise us. Like Midge, it's an ultimate treat. — Allison Keene

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Creators: Rob Delaney & Sharon Horgan

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017-present)

Cast: Rob Delaney, Sharon Horgan

Two short seasons of Catastrophe are smart and hilarious, revealing disturbing but disturbing truths about marriage and children Honest Truth, especially in the case where one of its two leads never seeks out either (at least, not each other). after unwanted pregnancy A one-night stand becomes a patchwork relationship, more real than anything else on TV, in which the main character struggles, fucks up, makes poor decisions, but ultimately chooses to get through it all while staying true to themselves. warm and fun. Delaney and Horgan are great, as is Ashley Jensen, especially Mark Bonnar and Jonathan Forbes in supporting roles. Disaster is a show to binge quickly, then immediately go back and watch again. It's a thriller comedy at its best and most inspiring, its only sin being brevity. — Allison Keene

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Catastrophe (2015-2019)

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