The 7 Best Movie Monologues of 2022


Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers.

2022 has several incredible movies on the horizon, from daring sci-fi adventures to riveting heart-rending dramas to the usual superhero flicks. Projects like Robert Eggers' Northerners and Ti West's Pearl featured smart, bold scripts and memorable, complex characters, some of which are sure to become fan favorites.

To make things even better, many of these characters delivered impassioned monologues that left a deep impression on fans. From piercing confessions of characters' deepest insecurities to harrowing admissions of past crimes, these monologues are utterly memorable and sure to stay in fans' minds rent-free.

Pearl's Confession in 'Pearl'

Mia Goth provided the tour in what was essentially a one-woman show. A prequel to the unexpected hit X and one of the best horror films of 2022, The Pearl follows the origin story of villain Pearl, chronicling her life as a young woman living on a farm in the late 1910s.

Pearl is a study in broken dreams and obsessions, fully backed up by the best performances of Goth's career. At a pivotal moment in the film, Pearl delivers a rambling monologue about her expectations for life that escalates into a full-blown confession of her crimes. This scene lasted nearly seven minutes, Goth crafts a sympathetic yet frightening portrait of despair. Dramatic but never over the top, Goth provides a master class in controlling emotions and monologues that are sure to be repeated in acting schools for years to come.

Bobby's Speech in 'Bros'

Brothers is one of the greatest box office bombs of 2022 and deserves so much more. Co-written and starring Billy Eichner, this film follows two Manhattan men who evade commitments but still struggle to maintain their relationship. Luke Macfarlane also stars.

Eichner's Bobby is hard to sympathize with, largely because the comedian takes an overly confrontational approach to his character's insecurities. However, the facade cracks during a pivotal scene in the film, in which Bobby delivers a poignant monologue about his life. Addressing Bobby's fears and feelings of self-loathing, Eichner delivers one of the most moving and meaningful monologues of the year. While the hostile qualities of the characters are still there, they're not enough to deprive the scene of its meaning.

Queen Gudrún's Revelation in 'The Northman'

Nicole Kidman may be the most daring actress of her generation. Unafraid to act in really dark places, Kidman is the closest thing to Isabelle Huppert in American cinema. Her brutal performance in Northerners confirmed her ability to indoctrinate her A character with visceral and overwhelming energy is rarely seen among Hollywood's biggest movie stars.

The film's twist comes when Kidman's queen, Gudrun, reveals a grim and devastating truth to her son Amlaith. Kidman's odious performance is perfect, and the actor gives it his all in this moment. When her distaste for her son is exposed in the most hurtful way possible, every word she chooses is filled with venom. Kidman blends seduction with sheer contempt for a terrifying spoof that endures through the ages.

Pádriac Súilleabháin's Argument in 'The Banshees Of Inisherin'

It is indeed surprising, shocking that it has taken over 20 years for Hollywood to recognize Colin Farrell as an Oscar-worthy actor. However, Martin McDonagh's unbelievably dark tragic comedy The Banshees of Inisherin should serve as the final acknowledgment of the Irish actor's prowess. The film follows Pádriac Súilleabháin, a lonely but well-meaning man, caught in a vicious circle after his lifelong friend abruptly ends their relationship.

As Padriac desperately wonders what he's done wrong, he gets very drunk in a local pub and angrily confronts Colm. A heart-wrenching monologue ensues, in which Padriak insists there is value in his seemingly safe and uneventful life after Colm calls a person boring. Farrell is gentle and honest The performance, coupled with Macdonald's devastating words, creates a moving portrait of loneliness and despair that will undoubtedly resonate with more than one viewing.

Zelda Perkins' Story in 'She Said'

Samantha Morton only has one scene in "She Said", but that's enough to make an impression. The film tells the story of two New York Times reporters investigating and reporting on Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct over the years. In a pivotal scene in the film, Jodi Kanter, played by Zoe Kazan, interviews Zelda Perkins, who worked as an assistant at Miramax in her youth. In a lengthy confession, Perkins recounted her experience with Weinstein and described an event that had a profound impact on her colleagues.

Morton utters every word with dry conviction, as if she's told the story a thousand times—she has; that's the problem. What she said was a painful reminder of how institutions and power figures have done more than they should to protect and pamper Weinstein, making Morton's Perkins a poster child for raising her , only to find that no one was listening. Morton, however, fills Zelda with a calm and subdued hope. Even though she thinks nothing will change, she still hopes so possible. That's the power of her performance. No scenic monologues or lengthy tirades needed; just a determined woman with a powerful story to tell.

Lydia Tár's Lecture in 'TÁR'

Cate Blanchett delivers one of the best performances of 2022 in Todd Field's psychodrama TÁR. The film chronicles the life of renowned but challenging music composer and conductor Lydia Tal and her relationship with her adopted daughter Petra.

From beginning to end, TÁR is a showcase of Blanchett's formidable talents. Not surprisingly, she has more than one famous monologue in the film — in fact, TÁR may just be Blanchett's. The film's most compelling moment, however, comes when Lydia engages in a heated debate about the place of morality in art. It was a provocative speech, and Blanchett gritted her teeth and delivered them with a perfect blend of conviction and contempt. TÁR is a challenging character study that is sure to divide mainstream audiences, but at least everyone will come out of the movie praying in Cate Blanchett's church, which is what they should be doing.

Waymond's Monologue in 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'

Thousands of words can't describe Quan Kehui's wonderful performance in "Everywhere". portray Waymond as a character fraught with vulnerability, Frustration, desperation and longing, Kwon's portrayal is moving, which is one of the many reasons why this film is one of the best films of the year.

Towards the end of the film, when Evelyn is about to give up everything to get into the bagels, Wymond speaks heartfeltly about the importance of kindness. In an alternate universe, a wealthy Waymond speaks of the power of positivity before uttering his now-iconic line, "In another life, I'd really like to do the laundry and do my taxes with you." Its monumental performance is also a simple and concise summary of the film's theme. Few performances this year have been as nuanced or far-reaching as Kwon's, and this monologue is proof of that.

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