The 10 Best Super Couples From Movie Musicals, Ranked

Not just Troy and Gabriela!

Content Warning: The following article contains discussions of suicide and gun violence.

From film adaptations to professional film productions to Disney Channel originals, movie musicals have been a growing genre in the film industry. For some fictional couples, singing a duet together makes their hearts felt, both for the characters and the audience.

From supporting super couples to 1700's romances, or iconic Disney princes and princesses, to unforgettable summer romances, some couples have danced on stage and screen in major movies or historic Broadway musicals Hop on, stay legendary.

10/10 Evan & Zoe – 'Dear Evan Hansen' (2021)

Whether you've seen the Broadway production or the 2021 adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen, you've likely seen Ben Platt's Evan Hansen. Henson, who embarks on a remarkable journey of self-discovery that includes acquaintances and snowballing lies about their friendship.

During Evan's musical journey, he finds himself growing closer to his crush Zoe, who considers Evan her best friend to her brother who committed suicide. While the two didn't have a happy ending due to Evan's lies, their supercouple status lives on in the musical theater world.

9/10 Penny & Seaweed – 'Hairspray' (2007)

of The 1988 and 2007 films, as well as the 2002 Broadway musical "Hairspray," tackled important topics like weight and racial integration, when aspiring dancer Tracy landed a spot on the Corny Collins show and wanted her Newfound popularity can bring variety to a dance show.

Most people probably think that the musical's star Tracy is with host Spice Girl Link Larkin, but it's the supporting super couple Penny and Hayward who are memorable. White girl Penny and black boy Seaweed form a friendship that deepens, leading to Penny's racist mother trying to separate them. But Penny and Heyward eventually find their way to each other, forming an interracial relationship as Tracy pushes for desegregation.

8/10 Don & Kathy – 'Singin' In The Rain' (1952)

The 1952 romantic musical Singin' in the Rain starred groundbreaking dancer Gene Kelly and actor Jean Hagen as a pair on screen, joined by new cast member Kathy Selden, played by Debbie Reynolds The couple who lost their chemistry during the new musical.

While Kelly's Don Lockwood and Hagan's Lena Lamont appear as iconic couples in the film, Don and Kathy come out on top, despite Lena's efforts to keep the pair apart. This couple ended their relationship in memorable fashion The love song and the kiss in the last scene of the movie.

7/10 The Captain & Maria – 'The Sound Of Music' (1965)

The Sound of Music became a global phenomenon in 1965 and remains a classic musical film starring Christopher Plummer and the legendary Julie Andrews. The film tells the true story of a young woman who becomes governess to von Trapp's children and reminds the family of their love of music.

Andrews' Maria falls in love with the widowed Captain Von Trapp, played by Plummer, who, thanks to Maria, rekindles his passion for music. Despite some uncertainty about their relationship, including an engagement to another woman, Mariah and the captain eventually banded together and got married.

6/10 Mary Poppins & Bert – 'Mary Poppins' (1964)

From page to screen to stage, Mary Poppins tells the story of an amazing nanny who flies into the lives of Banksy's children and turns their world upside down with her unique way of life and all it has to offer .

Unlike the typical nanny story in which a nanny falls in love with a widowed father, Mary Poppins remains calm and composed, despite her crush on the lovable chimney sweep Bert. While their incredible friendship will never get any more, fans of this story can't Help but transport these two iconic characters.

5/10 Aladdin & Jasmine – 'Aladdin' (1992)

There have been many versions of Aladdin - from the hit Broadway musical to Disney's 1992 animated film to 2019's live-action version - and in each of them, Aladdin and Jasmine prove they are the Terminator.

Aladdin will probably spend most of the story trying to change to impress Jasmine, who wants to be a prince himself, and be Genie and Abu's bad friend when he lets his newfound royals get carried away, but it's like Jasmine The Little Thing takes a romantic magic carpet ride and saves her from the evil Jafar, making them an epic couple on stage and screen.

4/10 Alexander Hamilton & Eliza Schuyler – 'Hamilton' (2020)

The success of Hamilton's evolution from Broadway phenomenon to film musical, the film version of which premiered on Disney+ in 2020 after five years on stage. This production starring Lin-Manuel Miranda mixes rap and hip-hop into the famous Alexander Hamilton story.

The show tells the true story of America's famous Founding Fathers, as Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler fell in love and married, then unfolds their tragic love story, ending with Hamilton's death and Eliza has vowed to keep her late husband's legacy alive through philanthropy.

3/10 Tony & Maria – 'West Side Story' (2021)

West Side Story went from Sondheim's classic to Spielberg's hit in 2021 when the beloved musical was made into a film. Starring Rachel Ziegler in her breakout role, the film tells the story of two rival gangs whose tensions intensify when a former gang member falls in love with the sister of the other gang leader .

Tony falls deeply in love with Maria, who reciprocates his love despite forces keeping them apart. Similar to the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, while Tony and Maria were meant to be, their love story was interrupted when Tony was shot and died in Maria's arms.

2/10 Troy & Gabriella – 'High School Musical' (2006)

High School Musical went from a small Disney Channel movie to worldwide success with its inspiring story about being yourself. When all-star basketball player Troy shares a special karaoke moment with a girl, he learns that despite being told his spot is on the basketball court, there's more to him when he tries out for the school musical one thing.

Troy and Gabriela had undeniable chemistry from the beginning, starting the new year together before starting the new year Literally getting out of their social circles, doing what they love best and doing what they love the most makes them an epic couple on the Disney Channel and in movie musicals.

1/10 Danny & Sandy – 'Grease' (1978)

Generation X's High School Musical, Grease's high school love story of a popular boy and a nerdy girl who share an unexpected summer romance but return to school to discover they are very different people.

Danny and Sandy transcended generations to become one of the most beloved musical couples, with memorable numbers like the fun and romantic "Summer Love" and the energetic "You're The One That I Want" , love each other enough to try to change and upgrade their personalities and styles to better suit each other.

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