'Talk to Me' Directors Danny and Michael Phillips Tease Sequel Hopes

The pair also revealed they have an entire mythological bible describing their creepy embalming hands.

YouTube stars Daniel Philippou and Michael Philippou find success with their feature debut, Sundance Film Festival selection Talk to Me. The supernatural horror film has been a hit with critics for its involvement with an incomprehensible group of teenagers. Following Sophie Wilde's Mia, the film follows her and her friends as they become seduced by a new party craze - communicating with spirits through embalmed hands. The quick-acting items seem harmless at first, but they soon realize that prolonged exposure can have nightmarish consequences.

At this year's Sundance Film Festival, Collider's Perri Nemiroff was able to chat with the cast and director, and she specifically asked about the legend behind the ominous hand. As it turns out, the Philippou brothers have an extensive knowledge of everything about the text itself and why it associates the spirit with certain users. On top of that, they teased plans to bring this information into a potential sequel. Danny Philippou tells Nemiroff: ^Would another movie be enough to cover the whole lore? Maybe not! After Danny Philippou shared hope for a sequel, Michael Philippou raised the possibility of a sequel trilogy. After Danny says, "It's called the Mythology Bible. So we already know that," Michael immediately chimes in and adds, "Or a prologue. It's a trilogy," while laughing. Only Philippous knows if the goal is actually three movies or two, but everyone seems to agree that a follow-up quest is necessary to unravel the world's unsolved mysteries. From there, the entire team, including Nemirov, banged on interview tables trying to reveal a Speak to Me sequel.

Even down to the writing on the hand. There’s a lore and a story and a deep mythology. Even the spirits that are connecting with every character’s emotions. Everything’s really thought out and put through a mythology hopefully we can expand on if we were able to do a sequel. But yeah, we wanted the characters to be out of their depths. We didn’t explore it that much, so we just sort of hinted at it with the characters. But yes, everything’s ironed out and there’s a whole big bible. It’s called the mythology bible. So we’ve got that.

The Philippous May Be Eyeing a Trilogy of Talk to Me Films

Talk to Me has amassed quite a following since its Sundance premiere in 2023. Chase Hutchinson gave the film a B+ in his review of Collider and wrote, "Whether you can stand it all the way is up to the audience, but Talk To Me has a lot going for it that promises to capture the soul of a horrific patient for a sinister scene." Hutchinson's comments also expressed love for the stellar cast, which included Wilde's first leading role, Joe Byrd, Alexandra Jensen, Otis Dange, Miranda Otto and Zoe Trix.

Watch out for more coverage from Sundance, including Nemiroff's full interview with Philippous and his cast, here collider. Talk to Me is expected to get a release date as soon as A24 grabs the horror feature.

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