'Silence' Trailer Reveals An Investigative Series Inspired by Tragic Truth [Exclusive]

The series is based on shocking true events.

Topic shared an exclusive trailer for their upcoming thriller series The Silence with Collider. Like many other European series on the platform, this new series feels like a tense thriller that invites you to investigate some intriguing mysteries. In this film, a woman whose niece is kidnapped discovers shocking evidence of human trafficking as she sets out to find the missing teenage girl -- and it's all based on real-life events. The topic of "Silence" also revealed to us when it premiered on the platform: in just a few weeks, on January 19th. , but having to venture into the underworld where underage girls are trafficked is a whole different trade. The footage quickly made it clear that opening that can of worms could have put many lives at risk, especially when the criminal organization had ties to high-level members.

The trailer also reveals that the teenage girl's disappearance is linked to Croatian and Ukrainian police investigations, suggesting a serial killer is on the run. that's why a An unlikely alliance forms between a reporter, a detective and the wife of a powerful politician. Together, they will work to find out the truth of the story -- and, they will soon find out, at great personal cost.

The Silence Peels Back Some Dangerous Layers

The Silence is a six-episode series directed by Dalibor Matanic, who also directed the thriller The Last Socialist Artifact. The director won international acclaim with the 2015 war drama Zvezdan. The script for The Silence series was written by Marjan Alcevski, who created the European HBO series Uspjeh - the platform's first Croatian original series.

Meet The Silence Creators

The Silence cast includes Kseniya Mishina (Black Rose), Goran Bogdan (Fargo), Darko Milas (Red Dust), Sandra Loncaric (Runaway), Leon Lucev (The War Begins On My Island) and Tihana Lazovic sun).

Theme premiered on The Silence on January 19. You can watch an exclusive trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

The first girl drowned. The second overdosed. The third was hit by a car. It appears there is a serial killer in Osijek, Croatia. Vladimir, the detective on the case, has a hard time solving the murders. Plagued by personal hardships, it is Stribor, a reporter, who points him towards a maze of corruption, trafficking, and politics where the most vulnerable girls are victimized. When Ukrainian expat Olga, wife of a powerful politician, finds her niece to be one of the victims, the three form an unlikely team. Together they plunge into the depths of underage trafficking that crosses Eastern European borders. And the more they uncover, the more it becomes clear: It is a net that spins uncomfortably close around the highest echelons of power, including Olga’s husband. Is it possible that the people who kidnapped her niece work for him? Soon, Olga’s life is not the only one that is threatened to completely fall apart…
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