Scream VI Poster: Ghostface Takes Over NYC Subway Map

When Scream VI hits theaters in March, Ghostface will hit the big city.

A new year means tons of new horror movies to keep fans excited. That includes Scream VI, which played on ordinary streets in New York City in March. Ghostface isn't wasting any time making bloody explosions in 2023, as the killer's new poster is a grim rendition of the New York subway system. The subway system just so happens to be tied to the franchise's dark past.

This poster, posted on various Scream social media pages, shows 6 different NYC subway lines drawing a Ghostface mask. It seems innocent enough, but every stop is replaced by past franchise characters. For example, on the green line you have characters like Marianne Evens (Jada Pinkett Smith, Scream 2), Cici Cooper (Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scream 2), Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy, Scream and Scream 2), and then on the orange line you have Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere, Scream 4 and Scream VI) and Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts, Scream 4). And that's just the beginning, as each row represents one of the six films in the franchise. Red is scream, green is scream 2, yellow is scream 3, orange is scream 4, blue is scream (2022), Purple is Scream VI. The latter is being cleverly built. With the exception of the upcoming New York-centric sequel, each stop of each line follows the path of each character's alleged death at the hands of Ghostface. As we learned in SCREAM, aside from the final destination, the final girl Sam Carpenter, the only character on this map who survived Ghostface was Kirby. To the delight of many fans, Panettiere reprises her role in Scream VI.

Obviously, the most iconic of these lines is the screaming red thread, which follows Sidney Prescott's mother, Maureen Prescott, as the entire series begins Murder spree. This notorious red line runs through the opening scene of Kathy Buck (Drew Barrymore), all the way to Stu Maher (Matthew Lillard) and Billy Loomis (Skeeter) Ulrich) The iconic face show. Every Ghostface since then has had a kill based on that pair of psychopaths. What these individual films and lines have in common, however, is that they all point to Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera) -- she's Billy Loomis' daughter, after all. Ghostface seems to have big plans for her and her friends in New York.

Although Neve Campbell will not repeat Her first role in this latest Scream, the best thing the last film did was set up new lovable characters for Ghostface to chase. Sam and Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) are at the center of it all. Their sisterhood is surprisingly emotionally rich, just what an aging franchise might need. More importantly, Barrera and Ortega's chemistry is flawless. Now that they're hunted again in New York City, it'll be interesting to see where the franchise takes these newly reconnected sisters. Sam's fatal connection seems to be a constant obsession. Mental health issues and hallucinations of seeing your dead murderous happy father don't go away by killing your ex-Ghostface boyfriend. These types of traumas just make things worse before they get better.

Scream VI opens March 10, 2023. Since Scream's re-release early last year, there have been many theories about who's still alive, from Kirby's epic return to Stu's confirmed death. However, this celebratory new poster only adds fuel to the fire when a traditional killer or character returns in an upcoming installment. While fans anxiously reasoned and Waiting for Ghostface to take over Manhattan, you can watch the trailer for Scream IV below.

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