Rian Johnson Responds to Knives Out, Muppets Crossover Demand

"It was a joke that I thought was brilliant, and in the end I really thought about it."

Sadly, in news that's sure to make the New Year's Day in corners of the internet sour, despite fans' love for Knives Out and The Muppets.

In an interview with Netflix's Tudum, Johnson revealed that while the campaign may have started out as a joke, he gave some practical consideration to the idea and even considered why it would work well - before concluding that This idea would compromise too much of what made both attributes great before, and dilute the end result. "It was a joke that I thought was brilliant, and finally I really gave it some serious thought. Just as I take the Murder Mystery genre seriously, I take the Muppet movie genre seriously."

The idea went viral on social media, Could be fun, but in the end Johnson didn't think it would work out, he says: A page in the Marvel Guardians book Galaxy Holiday Special, and let Benoit Blanc solve his own holiday murder. The idea of ​​detectives chasing a murderer on Christmas has been a fixture of crime fiction for decades, and Johnson seemed intrigued by the idea, tweeting "OH SHIT" in response.

"I think those two things have very different rules. You can either have a Benoit Blanc mystery that has Muppets in it, but they’ll feel out of place. Or you can have a Muppet movie that Benoit Blanc is in, but it’ll feel like a Muppet movie. I wouldn’t want to compromise either of them. And I feel like in order to make it well and make it work, you’d have to make a choice and compromise one or the other. If I ever make a Muppet movie, I just want to make a great Muppet movie."

Johnson rides the crest of the "Glass Onion: Wilderness Action Mystery" wave, making Netflix blockbuster numbers for the streamer, Daniel Craig-led comedy-suspense comedy soaring to No. 1 on Netflix charts during the holidays. 1st place - Into the Wild came in at number 2.

Glass Onion is currently streaming on Netflix, while The Muppets in all its forms has a home on Disney+. Check out Collider's interview with Johnson about Glass Onion and Knives Out 3 below:

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