Potential 2023 hits, from 'Iron Claw' to Jennifer Lawrence comedy

Some of these movies don't even have wikipedia pages yet....

As 2022 rolls around, movie fans are looking to the future. Time to take a look at theatrical landscape in cinemas in 2023. For now, much of the talk about movies in 2023 is focused on big blockbusters (like a new Marvel movie or the latest Mission: Impossible title) that have already begun massive marketing efforts. However, as 2022 hits like Everything Everywhere All On Once, Barbarian, and The Menu attest, some of the year's best box office performances come from smaller titles, and even the most dedicated movie geek may not Will notice these movies at the beginning of the year.

2023 has a ton of movies scheduled to hit the big screen throughout the year that could easily be the next box office hits. These movies range from comedies to thrillers to fantasy flicks and everything in between, and the factors that suggest they have the potential to become unexpectedly lucrative ventures are just as varied. One thing all of these upcoming movies have in common, though, is a reminder to look out for movies of all genres, not just the ones with the loudest voices. Marketing activities. There's always a variety of movies to watch, including low-key flicks that have the potential to smash the box office. ^Hollywood isn't too concerned about big-screen comedies in 2021 and 2022, but 2023 is currently expected to see several major drama comedies that could restore the genre's box-office clout. The most intriguing of these comedies is Outcasts, a new film from Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar director Josh Greenbaum. A live-action comedy about a dog (voiced by Will Ferrell) who begins to crave revenge after being dumped by his owner, the high-concept premise and the presence of an adorable CG dog could help Rangers get ahead at the box office. Plus, Greenbaum proved in "Barb and the Star" that he's capable of crafting a modern live-action comedy with sweet and sunny visuals that he'd very much like to experience on the big screen. That kind of talent could go a long way toward helping Rangers become a box office hit.


Just ask titles from Free Fire to Me, Earl and Dying Girl and they'll tell you it's hard to translate From festival premieres to general theatrical releases. A movie that works at Sundance or the Toronto International Film Festival probably won't be popular with the average moviegoer. Director Tim Story's new comedy "The Blackening" hit the Toronto International Film Festival last September and hopes to do the same in theaters this June, which will require Credit one key factor: it's a horror movie. Specifically, the film is a comedic horror film, and one of its goals is to interrogate clichés associated with black characters in horror movies. Horror films have been a reliable source of box office lately, and capitalizing on the lucrative nature of these films could give this parody a real box office potential that other festival darlings can't match.

The Blackening

Jennifer Lawrence often talks about how much she loves super-stupid classic comedies like Dumb and Dumb. This summer, Lawrence will have the chance to add a star vehicle to that canon with "No Hard Feelings," a new R-rated comedy from the director of Good Boys. The idea of ​​Lawrence exercising her acting muscles against the backdrop of a raunchy comedy sounds like A very exciting concept. Having supporting cast members like Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Natalie Morales made the project sound alluring, and the sight of Katniss Everdeen in something so silly was enough to be a box office hit. Let's see if Lawrence can headline a comedy as effectively as some of her favorite works in this genre.

No Hard Feelings

The legend of Ochi is now so low in the public eye that it doesn't even have its own Wikipedia page. Expect that to change once marketing starts ramping up the title, which is Isaiah Saxon's directorial debut. This fantasy film stars a star-studded cast that includes Helena Zenger, Finn Wolfhard, Emily Watson and Willem Dafoe. As if those actors weren't enough to get the title noticed, the A24 film is clearly different from nearly everything else the art studio has released to date in that it's a family film. There are plenty of promising ingredients here that could help Ochi easily stand out on theatrical scene in 2023. sure enough Here Ochi has the potential to be a sleeper, and maybe even a moneymaker big enough to warrant his own Wikipedia page...

The Legend of Ochi

Godzilla and Rogue One director Gareth Edwards finally takes him with more than a dozen The first original story in years is back as director. The new filmmaking effort, titled True Love, is keeping its plot under wraps (although, like all the other Edwards-directed films, it will occupy the sci-fi genre), but we do know that it has a top-notch cast led by John David Washington and Gemma Chen. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic threw all theatrical films into unpredictable disarray, original science fiction had been a major box office risk. But if publisher 20th Century Studios can pull off a solid marketing campaign for True Love's October 2023 debut, it could be the kind of original sci-fi material that's been rife this past fall (see: Gravity). The stellar box office record of Edwards' recent films certainly suggests that people should focus on true love.

True Love

The entire GameStop stock meltdown is about to become a major movie with Craig Gillespie's new directorial effort Dumb Money. this story Narrated by a star-studded cast including Paul Dano, Sebastian Stan and Seth Rogen. While adult dramas are underperforming at the box office in 2022, Dumb Money is inherently more youthful than some of last year's box-office misses for dramas, thanks to the GameStonks campaign as its model. Plus, in 2010 publisher Sony/Columbia Pictures managed to make Internet-centric turmoil a box-office hit for the social network. Dumb Money's odds are at least close to the partial success of David Fincher's films.

Dumb Money

If people should take anything away from 2022's box office, it's that audiences are still as enamored with Channing Tatum as they were in 2012. The double hit of "Dogs" and "The Lost City" reaffirmed Tatum's appeal with mainstream audiences. Tatum will have another chance to prove his box-office prowess in Pussy Island. Tatum will play the villain in the thriller, Zoe Kravitz's directorial debut. The concept of Tatum playing a villain might grab the attention of casual moviegoers like Pussy's title island. Keep an eye on this one, as a potential new piece of evidence of just how big Tatum's box-office take is.

Pussy Island

Zac Efron will return as a theatrical film star in 2023 thanks to the upcoming Sean Durkin film Iron Claw. This film is a sports biopic about the Von Erich family, an iconic group of wrestlers. If the film receives as good reviews as Durkin's past films, Iron Claw could be a huge hit in art theaters and mainstream theaters alike. Though it's more of a general release title than an awards season darling, Iron Claw could still prove a strong one at the box office thanks to the presence of popular cast members like Efron and The Bear's Jeremy Allen White .

The Iron Claw

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