Poker Face Episode 2 Finale Explained: Someone Wins the Lottery

"Just because you turned your underwear inside out doesn't mean it's actually clean."

Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Episode 2 of Poker Face.

Rian Johnson really knows how to make a killer detective. What do you think Natasha Lyonne's Charlie Cale would think of Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc? In episode 1 of Poker Face, we meet the eccentric and eclectic Charlie Cale, who can and will tell you bullshit with 100% accuracy. While each episode of the series presents a brand new mystery, there are still a few clues that may continue throughout the first season. Fresh gunshot wounds are on the run, from casino security chief Clive Legrand (Benjamin Bratt), who is after her for the inadvertent death of Sterling Frost Jr. Drian Brody), the new manager of the casino where Charlie used to work. Oh, and besides Cliff, Charlie has Sterling's father determined to hunt her down and avenge his son's death. If there's one thing we learned from Episode 1, it's that honesty is the best policy. Especially if you hang out with Charlie.

Poker Face uses a reverse-engineered form of storytelling, essentially taking something that looks more like The climax of an episode is the opening few scenes. In fact, similar to the previous episode, Charlie doesn't show up for a while. The foundation of the mystery is built on three characters: Damian (Brandon Michael Hall), Jed (Colton Ryan) and Sara (Megan Suri). We met Damian because he works the night shift at Subway and he has his place. Full of energy and energy, he made a video for his legion of followers on how to make a sandwich on the menu. Damian is a squeaky-clean ex-Marine who cherishes a new chapter of his life filled with creativity, relationships and bread. He bluntly told his followers that he was "very excited about the different aioli permutations".

Aioli for Everyone

Sara, an aloof but reluctant cashier at the mini-mart across the street, only lights up when Damian pops in after get off work every night to flirt, give her a sandwich, and buy a scratch-off ticket. He never wins, but, when he finally does, he travels to escape this desolate New Mexico town. Each day he chooses a different quarter from Sara's collection to use. Tonight happens to be Hawaii. jed A socially awkward loner, lurking behind the store's refrigerator door to eavesdrop on their conversations. It's clear from the look on Sara's face when the Shiner Bock beer she gives him rings that she's been putting up with his attempts to ask her out on a date, but she's not interested. She declined his invitation to watch the meteor shower on the rooftop. How can you reverse this spectacle that only happens every 33 years? After the defeat, Jed retreats to the mechanic's roof and pours back some beer.

Well, it doesn't help that Jed keeps watching Sarah through binoculars. Damian goes to the roof and politely asks Jed to let Sara go. At this point, you can't help but feel sorry for Jed, who longs for company. It really hurts that Damian told him to stop trying to talk to Sara. Jed felt a little weird that the tractor trailer opposite was parked so far away and out of view of the security cameras, and convinced Jed that they had something to hide. It's also important to note that Jed said he would turn off the surveillance cameras when he went to the roof so his Uncle Abe (John Ratzenberger) is out of sight.

For a brief moment, Damian and Jed actually seem to be on good terms, or at least things are going well. Then Jed gets a little defensive and frustrated when Damian acts like he knows Sara and the town better than he does. After all, Damian had only been in town about a month ago. Jed's aggression gets better when he lashes out, though Damian manages to calm him down. He decides to scratch off his lottery ticket and is shocked when he finds out he has won $25,000. Now he can take Sara to Hawaii! Well, if Jed didn't impulsively push him off the roof, he could. Jed gets the winning ticket, but not before a dying Damian slices open his calf with a knife he kept in his pocket from Subway. Jed quickly ends up with Damian as he hits him with a crowbar.

Hmm. What about the body? Jed wraps Damian in a tarp around a car in the store (remember this!), and pushes it across the street toward the mysterious big truck. road. He walked to a small supermarket with surveillance cameras. Using the sandwich mitt in Damian's trouser pocket, Jed was able to break into the truck and dump the body without leaving a trace. He then hurriedly tossed the tarp back into the car, rinsed the bloody knife in the Subway sink (disgusting), and put it back together with Damian's apron. And, apparently, he put some cold cuts in his mouth before hitting the road.

The worst thing that could have happened to Jed. The truck driver returned from where they were and noticed someone had messed with the truck. A helpless Jed watches him from the roof before deftly walking over to the security camera (which he had turned off) and turning it back on. Now, the only footage on the tape, conveniently, is this panicked truck driver who is seen dumping his body near the machine shop. And, to get further out of the scene, Jed goes on to report witnessing a murder.

Can we all agree that Hongzhou is everything? Over the past few years, the actress has appeared in Big Little Lies, Watchmen, Homecoming, The Menu, and most recently, she was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in The Whale. Her film work proves she can do it all, but is she necessarily your first choice to cast a truck driver? Fasten your seat belts, guys.

Marge in Charge

About a third of the way through the episode, we are reunited with Charlie, who is driving nonchalantly on an empty sunny highway. The happiness was short-lived as her car started smoking and making some weird rattling noises. Luckily, she was close to an auto repair shop (the one where Jed worked) and was able to get some help. Jed and Charlie didn't get off the right foot because he told her that her car would be better if she took care of it. To pass the time, Charlie wanders over to Subway, where Damian excitedly makes her a sandwich. If you recall a few sentences ago, Damian was murdered at the beginning of the episode. Taking this into account, and the fact that an eccentric old man told Charlie that there was a meteor shower that night, we can conclude that everything that is happening now happened in opening scene.

Charlie was still bloody from being shot, and had a wash in the mini-mart restroom. Here we meet Marge (Chau), a no-nonsense truck driver who's been on the road for as long as she can remember. She brings it all down to a science with a travel bag and isn't afraid to fart in front of you. After all, that's what happens in the bathroom, isn't it? She was clearly intrigued by Charlie, who was clearly a little surprised by this unsolicited word of wisdom. (“Just because you turned your underwear inside out doesn’t mean it’s really clean.”) However, her time with Maggie was just beginning, as Maggie tended to her in her truck when she fainted The bathroom bleeds when it falls.

As mentioned earlier, Chau is perfect for the role of Marge. She lacked some social graces and hadn't interacted with anyone for 270 days. However, she does have her gun by her side, Baby Roscoe. She got tired of big pharmacy and only cried twice in her life. After getting the "won't hook up" vibe from Charlie, they Agreeing to have something to eat, Marge explains why cash (or gold) is the only currency you should use to avoid detection. So how did Maggie get such a large sum of money? Her sideline is selling Canadian prescription drugs. Charlie spends the night at a picnic table in the field and wakes up to find police cars surrounding the restaurant. According to perpetually pouting waitress Dana (Chelsea Frey), Maggie killed someone after leaving the restaurant last night.

Rumor is that Damian broke into her truck and she killed him for it. Charlie doesn't buy it, though she admits that Marge is a little weird about Baby Roscoe. Jed bluntly said that Damian may have money problems because he goes to buy lottery tickets every day, but he has never won. (Nice try, Jed.) As Charlie devours his sandwich, a man complains that his scratches are missing and throws it away. (This will become very important later.) Jed buys a scratch paper and pretends he's buying Damien's winning ticket, convincing Sara that he's picked up gold. Charlie followed up with a news report explaining what happened to Damian Beat up and watch security footage, realize the only footage they have is of Maggie dumping the body, not the murder.

Hawaii or Bust

Charlie's polygraph talent comes in handy when Charlie asks Sarah Damian if she won the lottery. She said no, like Jed did when Charlie asked him, except that Charlie could see that Jed was lying. As far as Sara knew, Damian had returned to his shift after visiting her the night before, and Jed had won the lottery this morning. Charlie sees the gash in Jed's leg as an opportunity to help him and ask him some questions. She asked what he planned to do with the money, and he replied that he thought he would go to Hawaii. (The same goes for Sara's neighborhood.) He also told her that he was a "lone wolf" watching the meteor shower alone. He squirmed when she mentioned Marge. Security camera footage from the garage shows a chunk of time was lost. (Remember Jed turns off the camera when he's on the roof.) Charlie climbs up to find the Hawaiian quarter and a number of bottle caps that match the ones in Damian's pocket.

Charlie Buy Scratch off and study the serial numbers, compare them to the one Jed stole, and explain that if he actually bought the ticket after Damian, his serial number would end with a different number. She reviews everything she thinks happened (all of which were correct), and Jed confidently admits that she was right. He did, though, because he found in documents in her car that she was linked to many of the deaths in Nevada. She wouldn't want to go to the police if he blackmailed her, would she? She found out that another truck driver she had spoken to earlier had a dashcam that she knew had the proper footage to prove that Maggie shouldn't be in jail. At the last moment, Cliff enters the minimart to find Charlie, and Sara reassures him by telling him that Charlie may be heading to California next. The episode ends with Charlie driving off and Jed drinking beer on the rooftop. However, it didn't last long as several police cars sounded their sirens and drove towards the store. Thanks, dash cam video.

The first four episodes of Poker Face are now available to stream On Peacock, new episodes are released every Thursday.

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