'Pale Blue Eyes' Behind-the-Scenes Exploration Brings This Chilling Story to Life

The film starring Christian Bale and Harry Melling hits Netflix this week.

Scott Cooper's latest feature film, The Pale Blue Eye, hits Netflix on Jan. 6. Set in the 1830s, this gothic horror/thriller follows a detective, Augustus Lando (Christian Bale), who is tasked with investigating a gruesome murder at West Point. However, he runs into a major obstacle due to the cadet's code of silence. So Lando turns to one of them, a young cadet who will soon become Edgar Allan Poe (Harry Melling). The upcoming film is based on the novel of the same name by Louise Bayard. Ahead of the movie's release, Netflix has shared a new behind-the-scenes video.

The feature film breaks down the film's main components, starting with the overall look. As previously revealed in the trailer and other photos, the film's cool tone conveys both the frigid conditions of its world and the eerie nature of its story. Director and writer Cooper revealed that this was an intentional choice, as he wanted viewers to feel like they were watching a film in black and white. Bale, Melling and Gillian Anderson added that creating such an atmosphere felt more authentic.

Another important aspect of the film is the relationship Between Landor and Poe. Bell talked about how Rondo was an "unexpected mentor" for Poe as he worked on the case. This in turn leads the two to form stronger bonds and friendships. But the dynamics are only as good as the actors, and Cooper has nothing but praise for them. Like Out of the Furnace and Hostility, Cooper wrote Lando specifically for Bale. He also said that Merlin's portrayal of Poe went beyond what he originally envisioned for the character.

Finally, Cooper, Bell, Anderson and Lucy Boynton solve the mystery of it all. Each of them offers tidbits about what the story is about, its twists and turns, and how no one is really what they seem. Audiences who don't know anything about Poe will still love it, and Poe fans will be rewarded with a "gold mine," Bell noted.

The Pale Blue Eye was written and directed by Cooper, who also produced with Bale and Cross Creek Pictures' John Lesher and Tyler Thompson. Dylan Weathered and Tracey Landon executive produce. Additional cast includes Timothy Spall, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Toby Jones, Robert Duvall, Harry Lauty, Simon McBurney, Hadley Robinson, Steven Mayer Charlie Tahan, Joey Brooks, Brennan Cook, Gideon Glick, Fred Hechinger and Matt Helm.

The Pale Blue Eye is available on Netflix this Friday (January 6). Watch the latest features below:

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