'Nights of Violence' hits $72.8 million worldwide on New Year's weekend

Port David's violent Santa keeps knocking on doors in the new year.

Universal Pictures' holiday action comedy "Night of Violence" had a final hurrah at the global box office on New Year's Eve, taking in $72.8 million over the full holiday weekend. The films starring David Harbor added $2.9 million in total, including $2.1 million domestically, bringing the total to $47.5 million compared with $25.3 million international. Compared to a reported budget of roughly $20 million, the Die Hard flick continues to prove that Universal's decision to release it in theaters was the right move.

With its latest addition, A Night of Violence is now firmly ahead of Bob Odenkirk's Nobody, another popular Universal action comedy, which Movie logo. Excluding Russia, the film has now surpassed Nobody's international gross of $24 million. Back in mid-December, the Santa Claus movie had surpassed the film's worldwide box office mark ($57.5 million), though that figure is now well behind "A Night of Violence." To be fair, Nobody came out at a time when theater attendance was still significantly impacted by the pandemic, and Violent Night took advantage of a recovery in audience numbers during the holidays, but it's impressive nonetheless A feat of action.

Violent Night features Harbor as a Viking-style Santa at the helm. After forming a bond with the young daughter of a wealthy family, he tries to save them from a team of elite mercenaries with their vast fortune in their sights. John Leguizamo as Jimmy Martinez, aka Mr. Scrooge, alongside Alex Hassell, Alexis Lauder Louder, Leah Brady, Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet and Beverly D'Angelo cast.

Violent Night Has the Makings of a Holiday Classic

Tommy Wirkola directed the film, combining his work in the violent, snow-covered horror comedies Dead Snow and Dead Snow 2: Red and Dead with Twelve Days to Dead and Sonic the Hedgehog screenwriter Pat Experiences in the duo of Casey and Josh Miller brought to the table. Together, the trio produced a movie that looked like it would fit the holiday catalogue, earning an excellent 88% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, while also winning over critics with its gory Christmas story. Collider's Marco Vito Oddo praised the film in his review, writing, "While far from perfect, A Night of Violence is too much fun to watch. Miss, which means it could become a new holiday classic for years to come."

Violent Night Still in some theaters and available through any VOD service. A streaming version has yet to be announced. Check out our interview with David Harbor below:

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