More Goth Movies Like 'The Invitation'

When you need a landscape full of stunning castles and mist

Directed by Jessica M. Thompson, The Invitation is a modern gothic horror film out in late 2022. After her mother dies, Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) decides she wants to find out about the rest of her family and purchases a DNA testing kit. To her surprise, she finds a long lost cousin in England who she meets and invites her to the English countryside for a wedding and to meet other family members. There, Evie meets Walter (Thomas Doherty), and a lavish fairytale romance that quickly turns dark and twisted while uncovering her family history and the real reason she was invited to the wedding.

Gothic films have a certain look and feel. Dating back to films inspired by the likes of Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe, gothic horror mixes romance, suspense, horror, and often the supernatural, all in an eerily ethereal Ways are intertwined for our viewing pleasure. Often they are set in elaborate or slightly dilapidated castles or mansions, with many foggy and desolate landscapes. Many themes stem from social status, family secrets and sexuality a deviation in ability. If you just finished watching The Invitation and are craving more of that moody vibe, be sure to add these ten movies to your list.

Crimson Peak (2015)

Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain star in this gothic horror film directed by Guillermo del Toro. Edith (Wasikowska) married Sir Thomas Sharp (Hiddleston) and fled to the English countryside at his stunning mansion. Thomas' older sister, Lady Lucille, also lived with them, and Edith felt as if Lucille was keeping a secret. Possessing the ability to speak to the dead, Edith uses these skills to figure out why she's having so many terrifying hallucinations, and who exactly she's living with. Crimson Peak delivers many of the standard gothic horror tropes and is visually stunning with its pops of color against dull backdrops. Weaving love, horror, and the supernatural, this film checks all the boxes when it comes to finding your gothic sensibilities.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

Bram Stoker's Dracula is one of the most popular Dracula reinventions and can be ranked as one of the defining films of gothic horror cinema. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the film delves into A sneak peek of the original book, showing Gary Oldman's Dracula and his search for love, lust and blood through the ages. The movie won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design and really got the Victorian look and feel it needed. Winona Ryder as vampire muse Mina, Keanu Reeves as Johnathan Harker, Anthony Hopkins ) as Abraham Van Helsing, the truly spectacular ensemble lineup is top of the line.

Interview With the Vampire (1994)

Interview With the Vampire is the most divisive in terms of perception and opinion, completely surreal and extravagant in feel, set design and cinematography. Louis (Brad Pitt) became a vampire in the 18th century, under the fangs of Lester (Tom Cruise), and now has to figure out how to navigate like an immortal. We also see Kirsten Dunst play Claudia, the young girl Lester transforms to keep Louis from leaving him, which creates a dysfunctional family. The streets and homes of New Orleans were used as filming locations, providing such a dark and moody atmosphere that complements the brooding and picturesque vampires.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Tim Burton is an iconic figure in the goth world, bringing elegant darkness to Almost every movie he's made, including Sleepy Hollow. Johnny Depp stars as Ichabod Crane, who travels to Sleepy Hollow to investigate paranormal phenomena, and Christopher Walken plays the Headless Horseman. There, he meets Katrina Tassel (Christina Ricci), and we see romance amidst murder and the paranormal. The whole film is shot like a fairy tale, and even a dead body seems whimsical and light. The drab costumes and set designs contrast perfectly with the vibrant reds of the bloodshed.

Dark Shadows (2012)

More Tim Burton for your viewing pleasure, this time Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows as Barnabas Collins, who returns from the dead as a vampire after breaking a witch's heart (Eva Green). Barnabas returns to his home and must learn how to navigate the new family dynamic and the town he once held in his hands two centuries ago. Burton blends humor with drama and supernatural elements, making it a more modern gothic film.

Van Helsing (2004)

This homage to Universal's monsters uses castles, the supernatural, romance, and Transylvania as Van Helsing's ultimate gothic backdrop. Starring Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing himself, he travels to Romania in search of Dracula and unexpectedly teams up with Anna Valerius (Kate Beckinsale) to hunt him down. The fight scenes, monsters, and costumes are typical of a gothic film, and we see plenty of medieval weapons in Van Helsing's arsenal.

Ready Or Not (2019)

The most modern of all the films on this list, Ready or Not has a Victorian Gothic feel to it even in modern times. Samara Weaving stars as Grace, who will marry Alex Le Domas at the Le Domas family's mansion. Just when Grace gets excited about getting married, she notices that she's not actually in for a holy marriage, but rather as part of a sacrifice, a pawn in a game Le Thomas has played over the years to make them rich and set up. Elaborate mansions, understated Victorian dress and the importance of social status are the mainstays of this gothic horror flick.

The Others (2001)

Nicole Kidman plays Grace in "The Others", a devoutly religious mother who moves herself and her two children to the shores of England during World War II. Her children have a rare disease that makes them Sunlight, forcing her to keep her big crumbling house dark all day long. During this time, Grace starts seeing ghosts, but thinks it's just her mind playing tricks on her, until more disturbing moments continue. This slow-burning horror film uses its moody, dark and helpless home to create an unsettling atmosphere for viewers.

Sweeney Todd (2007)

Once again, another film by Tim Burton cemented his status as the master of gothic cinema. Barber Todd (Johnny Depp) is falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit so evil Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman) can steal his wife from him. After 15 years in prison, he returns home to exact revenge on the man in the barber's chair with a blade. Set in England, the drab and dreary landscapes have a signature Gothic feel. Sweeney Todd is both charming and gory, and worth a watch.

The Woman In Black (2012)

Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) is a recently widowed lawyer who is sent to a village to handle the affairs of a late eccentric client. Upon reaching the village, he begins to realize that they are hiding a secret, and that The dead are haunted by an evil spirit known as the Woman in Black. Foggy swamps and dilapidated houses are perfect for the gothic style, while horrors from very insidious souls are sure to scare you and give you the creeps.

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