Michael Shannon Is an Imposter in the Trailer of 'Bright Little Liars'

The film premieres March 3 in theaters and on digital platforms.

Known for his roles in movies like The Shape of Water and Shelter, Michael Shannon is returning to comedy with the release of Little Liars. With just over a month until the film hits theaters, Saban Films has released the official trailer for the actor's con artist who finds himself caught up in an ever-bigger lie.

Starring Shannon, the story centers on his character, who is mistaken for the writer who has been in hiding for over 20 years. Although he has never read a book in his life, he decides to go with the flow, taking his new identity to a university literary festival, where he finds himself among adoring fans and even begins to question a The English professor played by Kate Hudson generates appeal, and his banter with Shannon provides great camaraderie between the characters. Effectively summarizing the film's premise, the trailer also does a good job of teasing out several plot threads that Shannon's character will engage in, as lies start to spiral out of control.

However, like any little white lie, his status quickly escalates The real author, played by Zach Braff, steps in to take control in comic fashion and jeopardizes everything. What happens next for Shannon's character remains a mystery at this point, but with the movie set to premiere this March, audiences won't have to wait long to see his comedic extravaganza that comes with it. While the premise of Liar Unmasked is a story as old as time itself, the talents of Shannon and Hudson can elevate the story for the audience with some funny comedic performances.

Along with the debut of the brand new trailer, a colorful poster was also revealed featuring the film's cast and tagline "Truth is in Fiction", which perfectly captures the story's premise in one sentence. Based on the novel Shriver by Chris Belden, "Bright Little Lies" is directed by Michael Maren, who also wrote the screenplay. The film stars Shannon and Hudson as well as Braff, Kait Lynd, Ajaneomi King, Davinjoy Randolph and Don Johnson. Michael J. Reiser is a producer on the project along with Byron Wetzel, Lucas Jarach, Josh Kesselman, Jina Panebianco and Robert Ogden Barnum.

A Little White Lie will be released in theaters and digitally March 3rd. Check out the official trailer for the upcoming comedy below.

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