'Knock the Shack': Release date, cast, trailer, and everything we know so far

M. Night Shyamalan's latest thriller features existential threats.

Originally teased in a tweet by M. Night Shyamalan last October, revealing the film's title and the ominous knock on the door, Knock on a Log House is almost here. The film is the second of two that Universal has partnered with Shyamalan's production company, Blinding Edge Pictures. The duo's first film, Old, is out in 2021. Knock on the cabin is actually based on the 2018 novel The Cabin at the End of the World by horror author Paul G. Tremblay, which earned Tremblay his second. A Bram Stoker Award. Tremblay has several other horror novels, such as A Head Full of Ghosts, but this will be the first film adaptation of any of his stories.

After the smash hit of his first film, The Sixth Sense, in 1999, M. Night Shyamalan struggled to satisfy some of his fans with follow-up releases. Known for his trademark of what is often referred to as the "Shyamalan Twist", his storytelling style has been referenced countless times in popular culture. In 2015, his career began to stabilize and he regained the trust of his fan base with the success of The Visit.

Shyamalan has since continued Split and Glass made an impression as a sequel to his 2000 superhero origin story film Unbroken. Before moving on to Old, he teamed up with Apple TV+ on a suspense-thriller TV show called Servant, which is currently in its third season, with the fourth and final season premiering in January.

Shyamalan tends to be a solo act, consistently writing, producing, and directing her own films. As it turns out, Knock on the Log Cabin is no different, with Shyamalan adapting the screenplay from Tremblay's original novel. This article will tell you all there is to know about the latest addition to Shyamalan's increasingly impressive portfolio.

Editor's note: This article was last updated on January 1 with the latest trailer.

What’s Knock at the Cabin About (And What's the Rating)?

Knock in the Cabin tells the story of a couple, Andrew and Eric, and their young adopted daughter, who settle in for a relaxing vacation in a cabin in the woods. Their seclusion didn't last long, however, as they were soon approached by a man and three other strangers. He introduced himself as "Leonard" to his daughter as she was collecting bugs outside himself. She told him her name was Wen and asked him why There. His response was that he should be friends with her and her father, but he was "heartbroken" because he and his friends had to do something. As he told her this, three other men emerged from the surrounding woods, all armed with ominous weapons. We see Vin grow uncomfortable with Leonard and his companions, rushing back to the cabin and her father. After he spoke to Andrew and Eric through the locked cabin door, four strangers forced their way into the home. After both fathers were subdued, Leonard explained to the family that he and his team had a "very important job to do," possibly the most important job "in the history of the world." In short, he told the terrified family that they would have to make a choice, and if they didn't, it would bring about the end of the world.

Four strangers break in and bring the news, and it's hard not to imagine them as the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" in the Bible. Will Xiaowen become the lamb in the parable? Another interesting Shyamalan trait to remember is his tendency to embed religion in Some of his stories, such as Signs, feature a Catholic priest who struggles with his faith after the death of his wife. Details about what kind of option this will be are currently unknown, but you can be sure it won't be an easy decision. If you're someone who loves spoilers and actively seeks them out, you just need to read this book if you don't want to wait and see.

As for the film's ratings, Knock Cab received a solid R rating for "violence and language", although Shyamalan has its fair share of PG-13 fare. So this is definitely a movie you'll want to leave the kids at home to watch.

Is There A Trailer for Knock at the Cabin?

Yes! The first trailer was released on September 22. It creates a nice juxtaposition between the seemingly happy holiday and the potential apocalypse, giving us a good look at the characters. The second trailer of the movie has also been released recently, as shown in the picture below:

Who’s In The Cast of Knock at the Cabin?

As mentioned earlier, the cast of this movie is very intimate, with seven main actors. who are they, and What roles do they play in the movie? Let's break it down.

Leonard will be played by Dave Bautista. Due to his impressive size and wrestling background, he's often cast as a physically intimidating character, such as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. M. Night Shyamalan was impressed by Bautista's performance in the 2017 film Blade Runner 2049, which he believes was one of the main deciding factors in casting the actor in the lead role.

Eric and Andrew will be played by Ben Aldridge and Jonathan Groff respectively. Aldridge is best known for his TV shows Fleabag and Our Girl. Groff has a broader background with iconic performances on screen and on stage. He played the zany and sassy King George in Lin Manuel Miranda's hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" and the dodgy Confederacy in the series "Mindhunter." Bureau agent Holden Ford.

Kristen Choi will play the lovely Wen, Eric and Andrew's adopted daughter. Choi is new to the game and this will be her first performance.

Rupert Grint and Nikki Amuka-Bird are Shyamalan veterans, Grint starred as Servant and Amuka-Bird had a big role old role. They will play the roles of Redmund and Adriane respectively, and Abby Quinn (Landline) will join as Sabrina. The three form the troupe who, along with Bautista's Leonard, break into the cabin and take the family hostage.

When Does Knock at the Cabin Come Out?

As stated in the trailer, the film will premiere on February 3, 2023. The film was originally scheduled to be released on February 17, but the release date was pushed back by two weeks. Shyamalan said that this is the fastest turnaround of any script he has ever written. From April 19 to June 10 this year, production and shooting passed in a flash.

With a new release date of February 3, Knock Cab currently has no box office competition. That could change as the date draws closer, but if it holds onto its original Feb. 17 release date, it'll put it on par with Disney's upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Fever.

February 3rd isn't fast enough for some, but until then, you can run the Shyamalan Marathon (some might say "Shyamalarathon") and watch some of his old movies streaming services. If you want to understand how Shyamalan can turn a seemingly innocuous situation into a very uncomfortable one, a visit might be a good place to start.

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