Jeremy Renner shares update after horrific snowplow accident

Renner's update came during a news conference from the Washoe Sheriff's Office about the incident.

In his first update since his hospital admission, Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner shared a photo on Instagram and thanked fans for all their support following his tragic New Year's Day snowplow accident. Renner's post was short as he was unable to type due to injury, but he sent love to everyone who cared about him. The latest news comes as the Washoe County Sheriff's Department held a news conference to clarify some details of Renner's accident.

According to Sergeant Darrin Baram, the police department received a call at 8:55 a.m. Sunday that pedestrian Renner had been run over by a snowcat. Renner has been clearing snow for his neighbors and family after a major storm dumped three feet of fresh snow on roads in the Mt. Rose area, creating poor driving conditions. After freeing his car from being stuck in the snow, Reiner got out of the snow cat to talk to his family. When it started rolling forward, he tried to jump back onto the equipment to stop it, but apparently fell and was run over by the vehicle while trying to return. As part of the investigation, the department is investigating whether there was a problem with the vehicle.

The police's response to the incident was delayed due to weather, but upon arrival, they requested to be flown to hospital as soon as possible due to Reiner's condition. They could not confirm the exact circumstances of his injuries, but they could confirm that neighbors helped the star after the accident. When it became clear that Renner was seriously injured, the Good Samaritan rushed out to treat his wounds and offer assistance until personnel arrived. While neither of them was a doctor, they brought towels and administered first aid to Lana while they waited.

There Is No Foul Play Suspected in Renner's Accident

One thing Balaam makes very clear is that no murder was involved. Renner was also unaffected while operating Snowcat. Baran strictly refers to it as a "tragic accident" in which no party appears to be at fault. Because it is a private road, he is allowed to drive a vehicle on the road to help plow the land. Additionally, the sheriff acknowledged the good deeds Renner has done for the community, citing his willingness to plow for neighbors among other acts. Renner is the community's honorary sheriff and is known for sharing time with community members.

As of now, Renner appears to be taking small steps toward hospital recovery. He was admitted to intensive care yesterday for surgery in a critical but stable condition. His rep told TMZ that since then, "Jeremy is making positive progress and he is awake, talking and in good spirits. He remains in the ICU in a critical but stable condition. He is overwhelmed by the love and support expressed." Touched. The family asks that your thoughts continue as he heals with those closest to him." The department referred any discussions about Renner's health to his family and representatives and prayed for him as he recovers .

The full broadcast of the press conference is available on Twitter. Check out Renner's update below. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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