James Gunn thinks 'The Flash' is 'F-cking Amazing'

He also said it's one of the best superhero movies he's ever seen.

DC Studios co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran revealed ten new movies and TV shows for their new DCU storyline, and they also explained how the films premiering this year will fit into their unified storyline. While we've yet to see a trailer for The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller (the first of which opens on Super Bowl Sunday), Gunn assured fans it's "fantastic."

It's been nine years since Miller's solo movie starring The Flash was first announced, and meanwhile, a lot has been going on inside DC Studios. First, Zack Snyder was ousted by Warners when his vision for the DC Extended Universe didn't turn out to be the financial outcome expected. Then, Snyder's successor, Walter Hamada, tries to salvage whatever he can from Snyder's plans for a different cinematic universe. However, after the Discovery merger with Warner Bros., Hamada resigned from his role, eventually leading Gunn and Safran to take control of DC Studios.

Gunn and Safran's first task was to clean the board and start over. However, Warner Bros. found that the company wanted to recoup the money it invested in every DC film it released This year, like Shazam! Wrath of the Gods, Blue Beetle, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. While Gunn and Safran are excited to craft their new unified storyline, they'll also have to deal with DC titles that were developed before their time. Fortunately, The Flash has solved the problems of time travel and alternate universes. So, as Gunn revealed yesterday, The Flash will reset the DCU and give DC Studios some breathing room to introduce its new movies and TV shows. Fortunately for fans, The Flash may be offering a proper farewell to the old DCU, as the movie is reportedly excellent. As Gunn puts it:

“Can I say one more thing? The Flash is fucking amazing. Like it's one of the best superhero movies I've ever seen. [Director] Andy Muschietti did an amazing job.”

Will the DCU Bring Ezra Miller Back after The Flash?

While it's great that The Flash is poised to be one of the best DC movies ever to come out, some fans are still worried about starring Miller's continued superhero role following his latest legal battle. Miller's problematic behavior nearly led to the Warner Bros. Discovery Channel scrapping The Flash entirely, but things have calmed down since the star apologized and promised recovery. DC Studios is in an awkward position because their inability to disrupt The Flash's marketing campaign means they can't give definitive answers about Miller's fate. any answer This big question could piss off fans everywhere. So, when asked directly if Miller would reprise his role as Scarlet Speedster in the new DCU, Safran said vaguely:

“Ezra is fully committed to the recovery right now. And, you know, we talked to them, we're in constant contact. But you know, when the time is right, we'll have the conversation with them, and decide what what's best for them personally and also for us.”

The Flash is currently scheduled for release on June 23, 2023. Check out our interview with Michael Keaton on his return to Batman's role in The Flash:

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