How to Watch 'The Watchful Eye' Starring Mariel Molino, Amy Acker, and More

Read on to find out how to watch this juicy new murder mystery thriller on Freeform.

Be careful, they are watching. In the new Freeform original series The Watchful Eye, no one can escape stolen glances and hidden gazes. A mystery thriller series centered on a gruesome murder promises to be one of winter's funniest new bashes. If you've been chilled by winter's snow and wind, throw on a blanket and cozy up to the fiery new collection. This thriller was written by Julie Durk (Grace and Frankie, You've Got Mail). Durk also co-produces with Ryan Seacrest (“American Idol”), Nina Wass (“Insatiable”), Andrea Shay (“Insatiable”) and Jeffrey Reiner (“The Affair”). Take a formulaic mystery detective novel and spruce it up with a haunted luxury apartment complex and villainous tenants, leaving the watchful eye completely in the dark. Mariel Molino (The Promised Land) stars as Elena Santos, a complicated woman with her own secrets who infiltrates The Greybourne, a dangerous New York City high-rise, to solve a murder. Amy Acker (Angel) co-stars as Molino's various tenants of Greyburn, all of whom hide their deadly secrets, as Tori Acker (Amy Acker), the grieving sister of the deceased. Ake is A decorated television actress who starred in some of the most popular series of the 2000s, including WB's Angel (2001-2004) and ABC's Alias ​​(2001-2006).

Warren Christie (The Resident) also stars as Matthew Ward, a Greybourne tenant who hires Elena to be a live-in nanny for his son Jasper Ward (played by Henry Joseph Samiri (American Horror Story)). The Watchful Eyes cast also includes Jon Michael Eck as Scott Macedo (Firefly Lane), Lex Lumpkin (Nickelberg Unfiltered) as Elliott, Alia Royal ("The Walking Dead: World Beyond") as Ginny and, finally, Kelly Bishop (Gilmore Girls) as Mrs. Ivy. A legend of stage and screen, Bishop has had a decades-long career in show business, appearing in blockbuster hits such as Dirty Dancing (1987), the Tony Award-winning musical "The Choir" , and of course Gilmore Girls (2000-2006) on The CW. If you're wondering how to watch the series, there's really no mystery at all. Read on for all the details you'll need.

When and Where Are New Episodes of The Watchful Eye Airing?

The Watchful Eye premieres Monday, January 30 at 9 p.m. ET on the Freeform Network. It's a two-episode event, with the hour-long pilot immediately followed by the second episode at 10 p.m. ET. after premiere, single episode Posted every Monday at 9 p.m. ET.

Can You Stream The Watchful Eye?

If you can't catch them on Freeform, episodes of The Watchful Eye will also be available on Hulu the next day. Hulu offers a variety of subscription plans, including an ad-supported plan for $7.99 per month and an ad-free option for $14.99 per month. All episodes are expected to be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube when they air.

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Watch the Haunted, Suspenseful Trailer for The Watchful Eye

There is nothing in The Watchful Eye's trailer. At The Greybourne, a glamorous New York City high-rise, young tenant Allie Ayres is found dead outside after falling to her death. Ruled a suicide, her razor-sharp aunt Mrs. Ivy (Kelly Bishop) believes it was murder and enlists the help of Elena Santos (Mariel Molino) to figure out what really happened. Posing as a nanny, she is hired by tenant Matthew Ward to explore Greyburn, only to discover that there are more secrets hidden here than first revealed.

So What Is The Watchful Eye All About?

The Watchful Eye was originally about the mystery behind the tragic death of The Greybourne tenant Allie Ayres, but it become much more than that. Desperate for cash, Elena Santos becomes our eyes and ears on this potentially haunted spooky apartment block after she agrees to spy on Ellie's aunt, Mrs. Ives, after she becomes convinced her niece has been murdered . Elena is then hired as a live-in nanny by the wealthy Ward family and soon becomes part of an elaborate plot and crime.

As Elena begins to learn about the history of the apartment complex, she discovers that Ellie's apparent suicide is not the only strange death that has occurred in Greyburn. As a character itself, the halls and rooms of the complex seem haunted, as Elena feels like she's constantly being watched by the walls while uncovering other crimes and murders by the elusive tenant. When her boyfriend Scott (Jon Michael Ecke) arrives with a risky plan, the couple plots to eat the rich while solving a dangerous murder.

More Shows Like The Watchful Eye That You Can Watch Right Now

If you want to stay in the freeform universe and indulge in a good suspense thriller, Cruel Summer (2021-present) has all the right stuff. Cruel Summer Season 1 is an anthology set over three fateful summers in 1993, 1994 and 1995, during which a young Texas beauty queen Get kidnapped, disappear, and return. Chiara Aurelia (The Luckiest Girl Alive) gives a creepy performance as Jeanette Turner, an awkward high school student who dreams of becoming popular like Kate Wallis (Olivia Holt). When Kate disappears in the summer of '93, Janet undergoes a stunning transformation and becomes the school's new queen bee. After Kate was rescued and returned home, she blamed Janet for finding her last summer and doing nothing, leading to a media frenzy and an acrimonious trial. In a seething, paranoid mystery, Janet and Kate go head-to-head as unreliable narrators with dark, dangerous secrets

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Need a laugh? Adapting The Watchful Eye into a comedy, Hulu's original series Only Murders in the Building is your answer. And what's better than Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez solving a murder? The answer is simple: nothing. A puzzling murder takes place at the Arconia, an apartment complex in New York City. Three tenants who seem to have nothing in common (except they're both true crime podcast connoisseurs) come together to track down the truth, and they're closer to it than they ever thought possible. martin as ex TV stars Charles Haden-Savage, Short as low-cash Broadway director Oliver Putnam, and Gomez as mysterious young art tenant Mabel Mora. Working together to solve crimes, the trio created comedy gold by creating their own podcast, interviewing various eccentric tenants throughout the building.

Watch on Hulu

Like The Watchful Eye, The Sinner (2017-2021) is about another outsider looking at a criminal world very different from their own. Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) is that outsider, the tortured, reclusive New York police detective who disrupts every situation he enters. An anthology crime series, each season focusing on a different murder, is not a detective story, but a detective story. Each story begins by showing the audience a murder and an arrest, which is where Detective Ambrose enters the scene. In season 1, Jessica Biel (Candy) plays a seemingly ordinary housewife who murders a man on a beach with her family by stabbing him several times, Ambrose Come to believe that there is more to this story than it seems, as he uncovers the truly shocking truth behind the deaths.

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