House of the Dragon: New Details Reveal About Co-Producer Miguel Sapochnik's Exit

Sapochnik withdrew from the series in August.

With Miguel Sapochnik's departure from HBO's hugely successful House of the Dragon series ending in 2022, more clues have now emerged. Sapochnik had been working on the prequel series for three years before Game of Thrones debuted, and the work seemed to pay off when the series premiered with 25 million views.

Puck now reports that when Sapochnik left the series in August, the surprise departure was accompanied by a prioritization agreement in his favor for future HBO projects. These projects look unlikely to materialize due to unreported friction between Sapochnik and the network, Puck reports. Sapochnik allegedly left the show following his wife Alexis Raben's involvement and her "prolonged standoff" over her involvement as a producer on the show. Raben was a well-known producer on the show's first season and appeared in several episodes, but when Sapochnik approached her to serve as a producer on the second season, HBO is believed to have declined the request due to her inexperience.

HBO brings The mediator tried to resolve the issue with Sapochnik, but the director eventually concluded that the circumstances made his position untenable and he decided to stay with his wife, leave the show and give up a lot of money before changing agencies and reuniting with him. His wife joined CAA together.

“I am so proud of what we accomplished with season 1 and overjoyed by the enthusiastic reaction of our viewers. It was incredibly tough to decide to move on, but I know that it is the right choice for me, personally and professionally. As I do so, though, I am deeply comforted to know that Alan will be joining the series. He’s someone I’ve known and respected for a long time, and I believe this precious series could not be in safer hands. I am so glad to remain a part of the HBO and House of the Dragon family and, of course, I wish Ryan and his team success and all the best with season 2 and beyond.”

House of the Dragon is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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