Horror franchises of all eras have gone into space, ranked

In space...where only the audience can hear you scream

What do you do when you're trying to keep a horror movie going but you want to be different? Well, obviously, take it to space! In horror, sci-fi horror is one of those subgenres that either nails it, or makes a movie so bad that it's good, and eventually reaches cult-level attention. It doesn't happen often, but some of the most popular horror franchises have taken their killers into the vast unknown and watched how they stack up in zero gravity. Let's take a look at who made it, and who else made it to the moon but didn't.

5. Amityville In Space

This film is the newest of all the films on this list, and definitely the most far-fetched. A priest is called to exorcise a house of demons, but instead he uses his powers to ask God to remove the house from the face of the earth. The house was hyperdrived into space and orbited for centuries before a team of space marines discovered the house and priest. From here, the Priest and the Marines must take down the House of Evil before it returns to Earth. this The Amityville franchise is now free as the name cannot be trademarked as it is a physical location. Because of this, the franchise keeps breeding its own demons, and directors are making whatever name they want.

4. Critters 4

Of all the films on this list, Critters is a film with original sci-fi roots, which makes this entry seem less far-fetched. Critters 4 takes place in 2045 when Captain Rick finds a pod containing the remaining 2 Krite eggs and bounty hunter Charlie McFadden from previous films. Eggs hatch while waiting to be retrieved and Krites attack. We lose a bit of the emphasis on the monsters in this movie, and a lot of the comedy that comes with the Critters movies, so it's not a fan favorite in the franchise.

3. Leprechaun 4: In Space

The fourth Goblin movie is as entertaining as its predecessors, but lacks a bit of a storyline. We never really figured out how that happened, but somehow the goblin was in orbit and kidnapped an alien planet's royal family so he could become the planet's supreme ruler. of course there is room The Defenders/Marines are there to stop him and his nefarious plot. We do see Warwick Davis wielding a lightsaber, and at their core, goblin movies are pure cheese entertainment. The Fourth Part of Other Worlds is no exception.

2. Hellraiser: Bloodline

The fourth film in the series, this Hellraiser sequel is quite ambitious, spanning three timelines, one of which is in space in 2127. It was the last Hellraiser movie to hit theaters, and the last to feature Clive Barker, and we could see the Lamentation Box being born. There's a lot of gore to this story in the franchise, and we get a solid performance from Pinhead, which is to be expected. The movie cut some of its budget, so not all the special effects are up to par, but the introduction of the new monks and the tying together of three storylines from different time periods make it one of the favorites for Carnival in Hell fans.

1. Jason X

The Friday The 13th franchise spans far and wide, from Manhattan to Hell to space in the tenth film, Jason X. In 2455, humans left Earth 2 and returned to Old Earth, where everything was Polluted and deadly, but, of course, there are some ancient artifacts to be discovered! One of these artifacts happens to be a frozen Jason Voorhees, who thaws out on the spaceship back to Earth-2 and makes good use of the confined space to wreak havoc on those on board. One of the coolest kills in the movie is when Jason sticks Adrian's head into a vat of liquid nitrogen, then proceeds to smash it on the counter. Always campy and cheesy, the Friday the 13th movies follow the same expected blueprint, with Jason X straddling all fronts in often underutilized terrain.

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