'Hannibal': Hugh Dancy Discusses 'Hannibal' and His Chemistry with Mads Mikkelsen

"I don't think you'd know that a show could spark that kind of spark in one person, let alone a group of people."

Hugh Dancy, who played Will Graham in Brian Fuller's Hannibal, relives his time in the critically acclaimed series. As a little service to fans of the show, Dancy also discussed audiences comparing his character to Mads Mikkelsen's complicated Hannibal Lecter.

While talking to Collider's Christina Carrot about his role on Law & Order, Dancy also talks about Will and Hannibal, and how he and Mickelson developed their now iconic chemistry. Importantly, he also praised Fuller for his writing and description of the leads. While "Hannibal" itself was a brilliant exploration of the killer's mind, Dancy and Mikkelsen's enigmatic performances and breathtaking portrayal of the characters instantly made them the internet's most beloved duo at the time.

In the series, Will Graham is a high-IQ FBI profiler who can empathize with serial killers, and Hannibal Lecter is a forensic psychiatrist and cannibal, He's obsessed with Will and tries to turn him into a killer by pushing the boundaries of his sanity. The cat-and-mouse game the two play creates a complicated "romance" as both Will and Hannibal seek understanding and, to some extent, control. Taking into account the distortion With their dynamic nature, and the current state of the internet, it's no surprise they've become such popular escapist "boats."

When asked about fans' interpretation of the "Graham-Lecter" relationship and whether he knew fans would be so preoccupied with "Hannibal and Will", Dancy replied, "I don't think I fully understand the Internet , on that front, and on the fandom side. We're not on the cutting edge, but it's not part of the conversation...I don't think you ever know a show can spark that kind of spark in a person, let alone a people The community is going to be a self-forming community like this. So, no, I don't know." He also added:

When we were doing any kind of press, or things with the public and fans, and they started showing us their art, which is both incredibly touching and sometimes quite disturbing to see yourself in these images. You go, “Okay, well, that’s what you took from this. I’m moved, but please don’t show that to me again. And also, the other thing that happens, which is quite remarkable, is that your own experience of having made your way through that story where you tried to create a character becomes really no more valid than anybody else’s. The people who have watched it and for whom it’s, frankly at this point, probably more central to their lives than it is to mine – and I don’t mean that in a dismissive way, at all, I just think it’s the truth – they have a strength of feeling and a commitment to what the relationship was between those characters. They were destined to be lovers, for example, or they were disappointed that it wasn’t acknowledged because they clearly wanted to be lovers, or whatever it might be. You can only step back and say, “I absolutely acknowledge the validity of your take on it, as long as you recognize the validity of anybody else’s.” I have been amazed and have actually loved that democratization of the whole thing.

When asked about the apparent chemistry between him and Mickelson, Dancy explained He wasn't surprised, since the two had worked together before and spent time with director David Slade before the show, adding, "It's really clear to me that if Madz doesn't make it, I would be very disappointed." Mikkelsen also spoke about the character's "romance" in 2021, explaining He and Dancy even considered an on-screen kiss, but it was ultimately shot down.

Discussing why these characters are so fascinating to watch together, the charisma of the two, and the many layers of communication that go unspoken when Will and Hannibal are together, Dancy explains that all of this "really comes from Brian's work ". Added, "It just came into his work. That feeling and that deep emotion, and the enigmatic quality, the playfulness and the teasing, if you will, is all Brian's."

Hannibal in 2013 It premiered in 2015 and aired for three seasons, ending in 2015. In addition to Dancy and Mikkelsen, the series also stars Laurence Fishburne, Caroline Daphnas, Heidian Parker, Aaron Abrams, Gillian Anderson and Starring Scott Thompson. Upon its release, the series garnered critical acclaim for its elegant, twisted storylines and excellent cinematography and direction.

Due to fans' dedication and critical acclaim, its cancellation was not only heartbreaking, but sparked calls for a revival in the years that followed, with many feeling there were still plenty of stories to tell. However, both actors have since moved on to other projects, with Dancy Next will appear in the upcoming season of Law & Order.

While waiting for the full interview with Dancy, check out Collider's interview with Dancy and Fuller about Hannibal below:

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