'Glass Onion' cast and director answer fan questions in new video

Rian Johnson, Daniel Craig, and more discuss scary people, beautiful costumes, and the meaning of the "glass onion."

Netflix is ​​having a hot new year thanks to the success of The Glass Onion: Wild Action Mystery. The second installment in Rian Johnson's planned Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) film trilogy brings the quick-witted, goofy detective to Greece and Miles Brown's (Edward Norton) private island ), a star-studded ensemble cast as the billionaire's eccentric and colorful coworkers embroiled in a new murder mystery. Given the cast's stellar performances and chemistry in the film, Netflix posted a new video on Twitter in which most of the team joins Johnson to answer fan questions about the film and the future of the Knockout franchise.

Craig kicks off by reading an interesting question about whether Knockout movies will continue to feature scary characters in stunning locations. Both of these aspects are staples of the film so far. Between the Thrombey family in the original film and the disengaged "destroyers" surrounding Bron, these films aren't known for showing the kindest of people, which is in stark contrast to the idyllic scenes they star in. While Johnson admits this is the modus operandi of the movie, he won't give up on the future unless we actually get Benoit Blanc Meet the Muppet Movies. Johnson is then asked perhaps the most frequently asked question about the film, "What is a glass onion?" He answers in the simplest terms—"It's an onion made out of glass."

Video ends at Ask for the best sweater finish in Glass Onion, a throwback to Chris Evans' cozy outfit from the original. There are no sweaters on Miles Island, but the outfits are still stunning. From Birdie Jay (Kate Hudson)'s swimsuit to Andy Brand's (Jenelle Monae) elegant all-white suit, the characters' influence and personal style are all reflected. Most of the team highlighted Blanc's striped swimsuit, while Craig himself mentioned Duke Cody's (Dave Bautista) "Parrot Smuggler" as their favorite.

Glass Onion Gave Netflix Some Momentum Heading Into 2023

Credit to Johnson for all the hard work in the costumes, lavish sets and stellar performances starring Kathleen Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Madeleine Kline and Jessica Henwick And Netflix paid off. The film has received positive reviews across the board, including from Collider's own Ross Bonaime, who praised Johnson's entertaining cast and subverting expectations even in the context of the first film.

Johnson will now leave Work has begun on the third film in his detective trilogy, though it's not expected to come out for some time. In a recent interview with Collider, he said he's only just starting to come up with ideas for a follow-up, though he's committed to making something that subverts both the original Knockout and the Glass Onion. He has previously said that he will officially begin the writing process after the new year.

Glass Onion is now streaming on Netflix. Check out the full video below.

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