'Ginny & Georgia' cast share their characters' New Year's resolutions in new video

Season 2, starring Brian Howie and Antonia Gentry, returns on January 5.

Happy new year! It's time to make New Year's resolutions and feel optimistic about the year ahead. The cast of Netflix's Ginny and Georgia get into the New Year's spirit by wishing everyone a happy new year, donning festive bandanas and glasses, blowing party noise machines and talking about their characters' New Year's resolutions.

Brianne Howey, Antonia Gentry, Sara Waisglass, and Felix Mallard mention in their resolutions some of the situations their characters go through in the first season: Howey wants her character Georgia to take more care of herself, and Waisglass wants her character Maxine "gives her mom a break," Mallard wants his character Marcus to expand his T-shirt collection, and Gentry wants her character Ginny to upgrade her electric toothbrush. The cast reminded fans that the light-hearted moments of the first season will get them excited and ready for the upcoming season.

The first season of Ginny & Georgia follows the character of Ginny Miller, a more mature teenage girl than her "cool" mother Georgia. To give her children a better life than hers, Georgia moves Ginny and her son Austin (played by Diesel La Torraca) to The quaint New England town of Wellsbury. Season two looks even more chaotic as Ginny deals with the news she found out about her mother in the season one finale. Georgia, on the other hand, just wants to focus on the wedding she's planning; but the past is never buried in the past, and season two will likely prove that.

Scott Porter returns as Georgia's fiancé, and Wellsbury Mayor Paul and Daniel Beirne return as Georgia's co-workers Nick. Mason Temple also returns as Ginny's ex Hunter, Jennifer Robertson as Georgia's neighbor Ellen, and Raymond Alblack as Blue Farm cafe owner Joe. Ginny & Georgia is the brainchild of Sarah Lampert, who is also an executive producer. The show was written by Angela Nissel and Debra J. Fisher serves as executive producer in addition to serving as showrunner. Other executive producers include Jeff Thaler, Jenny Daly, Holly Hines, Daniel March, Lance Samuels, Daniel Iron and Armand Leo.

Ginny & Georgia season two hits Netflix on January 5. To see what happened in season one, you can watch all episodes on Netflix. Search Learn more about the cast's New Year's resolutions for their characters by watching the video below:

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