From Blake Lively to Justin Baldoni: 8 things to know about the 'We're Over' film's cast of fans

Now that Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni have been cast for the lead roles, here are some other roles fans have cast in the IEWU adaptation.

Big news for Colleen Hoover fans. Blake Lively posted on Instagram that she switched from blonde to brown for her role as Lily Lily Bloom. According to Variety, the Gossip Girl actress will star opposite Justin Baldoni, who will play Lyle Kincaid, who also developed the screenplay with Hoover. Fans are now wondering who will play teenage Lily, Atlas Corrigan and Lily's best friend Allysa Kincaid. Sony Pictures has yet to set a release date for the film.

Hoover struck a chord with women readers with 25 romantic thrillers filled with heart-rending suspense, impassioned scenes, and emotional rollercoasters. The Texas author is competing with Delia Owens (Where the Crayfish Sing) for more New York Times bestsellers, including the chilling 2018 story "True" (76 weeks), the harrowing 2014 Love story "Ugly Love" (78 weeks) and most recently the prequel to the 2022 #1 bestseller, "We Begin", "We End".

'It Ends With Us'

Hoover recently announced on Instagram that she was excited about the casting of Lively and Baldoni, telling fans: "We have the cast! And I'm going to tell you who our Ryle and Lily are. "Hoover's novel IEWU is written from the perspective of Lily, who struggles to stop the cycle of domestic abuse and struggles with her two loves, Ryle and Atlas.

Lily's IEWU story is inspired by Hoover's Texas upbringing. In an Instagram video, she said: "I just want everyone to know how grateful I am to my mum for getting us out of horrible situations when I was thank you mum for making that difficult decision.

Lily Bloom, the Protagonist

IEWU began when Lily Bloom graduated from college and moved to Boston to start her dream small business. The character, described as having beautiful red hair, inherited family money to open a unique flower shop after her father died. But, she fell for arrogant but handsome neurosurgeon Lyle, who later reminded her of her abusive father. The New York Times described the episode as "a battered wife raised in a violent home Try to stop the cycle of abuse.

Although Lively got the role, last year Lily's fan cast included Josephine Langford, Abigail Cowen, Sadie Sink, Holland Roden and Katherine McNamara, according to one Poll from

Adult Lily Played by Blake Lively

Regardless of the fan's choice, Lively proved that she is a "consistently capable but underrated performer". One of her best performances comes in The Age of Adaline, where she convincingly plays a young woman who hasn't experienced anything from the 1940s to the present. age forever.

According to Variety, Lively was heavily involved in Hoover's film project, not only playing the lead role, but also serving as an executive producer alongside Hoover, Steve Sarowitz, Andrew Karloff, and Baldoni.

Sadie Sink as a Possible Teenage Lily

Naturally, millions of fans are excited about this film adaptation of Lily's not-so-innocent romance, the owner of a Boston florist who falls in love with a conflicted but charmingly handsome surgeon. But what about Lily's story when, as an abandoned teenager, she fell in love with Atlas Corrigan, a homeless kid she helped? Many fans said Sadie Sink was perfect for the role. Sink, a Texan like Hoover, most recently played Allie, the angry, neglected teenage daughter of an obese college professor in "Whale," played by Brendan Fraser , her original performance was praised.

Sink is a perfect fit, as she has played these memorably dramatic teen roles in The Whale and Netflix sci-fi The series Stranger Things. In Stranger Things, for example, her character Max is constantly tormented by others, including her drifting alcoholic mother and show villain Vecner. These roles provide Sink with the experience necessary to stand up to her angry father in IEWU as relentlessly as teenage Lily.

Abigail Cowen as a Possible Teenage Lily

Who else could play teenage Lily? Abigail Cowan is a talented young actor who, like Sink, made her first break in Stranger Things. In Fate: The Winx Saga, Cowen plays Bloom Peters, who deals with otherworldly life and must control her dangerous magical powers. user kenadiernst has stated, "Abigail Cowen was born for the role (Lily)." Even though both Cowen and Sink are redheads, the reason their fans play teenage Lily in IEWU is because they both have Gifted, confident actor with experience in handling dramatic roles with power against them, like Lily's controlling father and husband.

Lily’s Romantic Interests

Ryle Played by Justin Baldoni

Ryle Kincaid, a confident and arrogant surgeon, meets Lily for the first time on a Boston rooftop after a difficult operation. Sparks fly as the two talk candidly about their recent heartbreak. lyle said he had The no-dating rule quickly falls through when Lily refuses a one-night stand. Lyle suffers from childhood PTSD, and without Lily's knowledge, Lyle has a violent temper.

The actor who played the role obviously had to be very handsome. Baldoni, best known for playing Raphael in "Jane the Virgin," should be perfect for the role. According to a poll, Baldoni was voted by fans as Lyle and other well-known handsome actors, including Theo James and Henry Cavill. According to a recent report from USA Today's Amy Haneline, like Lively, Baldoni will not only star but will also help produce the film. Hoover announced the meeting with Baldoni and her plans to adapt the novel to her fans on Facebook last year to her fans: "After meeting @justinbaldoni and his amazing team at @wayfarerstudios (today) and seeing them work on After all the hard work put into the script and trying to give the readers what they want, I'm sure you'll all have a good time."

Fan Casting Dylan O'Brien as Atlas

Atlas Corrigan is Lily's first love, related to a terrible memory of her father. Atlas, who was homeless in high school, was her fierce protector. Atlas reappears at a restaurant in Boston Eight years later. Old wounds reopen, and Lily wants to reconnect with Atlas, even though she's now dating Lyle. users voted Dylan O'Brien, Lorenzo Zurzolo and Wolfgang Novogratz as fans of Atlas. O'Brien would do well in the role, as he brings out his trademark goofy personality in Teen Wolf character Stiles.

Fan Casting Lily's BFF Allysa

The free-spirited and stylish Alisa Kincaid is Lily's best friend and Lyle's younger sister. Lily met Alyssa six months after she met Lyle, but didn't realize they were brother and sister at first. Lily hires Alyssa to work at the flower shop, and Alyssa says she's never had a long-term job.

Amanda Seyfried (Dear John) could emulate her days on Mamma Mia, bringing her carefree charm to the role of Allysa, helping to further the story of what it means to be a true friend Storyline, albeit against one's own family. Anne Hathaway, Lily Collins and Lucy Hale were also voted Lily's best friends by fans, according to Collins, daughter of musician Phil Collins, has similar characteristics to Justin Baldoni and could play Ryle's sister: based on Collins' past work, like Emily in Paris, she can appear gregarious, unrestrained. carefree look and IEWU's trusted best friend.

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