From 'Barbie' to 'M3GAN': 10 movies about dolls coming back to life

Whether sweet or spooky, these dolls are unforgettable!

want to play? Some are sweet and lovely. Others are downright horrible. Regardless of genre, there are plenty of memorable stories of dolls coming back to life. Whether it's Buzz and Bo Peep or finding a possessive gift for the next victim, introducing plastic play items is a surefire way to create success.

With the release of the highly-anticipated Barbie and M3GAN films, doll-based films continue their infinity! Check out past and present movies featuring beloved toys. Remember, not all dolls are created equal, so have fun!

'Barbie' (2023)

The film, due out in July 2023, redefines the brand and its accompanying heroine. As seen in the trailer and movie poster, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling dazzle in matching outfits with big smiles.

The romantic comedy will go deeper than clothes and accessories. Barbie leaves Barbieland, rejected for her imperfections. Viewers are sure to have fun when she joins the human world, and learn some lessons along the way.

'Annabelle' (2014)

From bright Barbie to darkest doll, Annabelle is a movie about gift-giving gone wrong. Doctors Gave his pregnant wife a precious looking vintage doll for the nursery. Sounds very sweet, right?

From there, neighbors are murdered, would-be couples are attacked, and paranormal phenomena occur. After a disturbing start to parenthood, the couple discovers that demons are using porcelain puppets to take souls. oops!

'Life Size' (2000)

Not sure how the rest of the world felt, but in 2000, preteens were crazy about life-size Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan. Looking for a way to connect with her late mother, Kathy discovers a book of spells that will help bring her mother back to life.

When the sports-obsessed girl accidentally gets a shopaholic fashion doll named Eve, the two don't hit it off. If audiences aren't impressed by the sweet bond the ladies form, they're bound to be enthralled by Eve's performance of "becoming a star" at the end of the film.

'M3GAN' (2023)

A roboticist uses artificial intelligence to make a doll for kids... what could go wrong? Apparently, a lot. What should be a child's dream friend turns into a real-life nightmare.

Doll's inventor Gemma wants to help her recently orphaned niece The grief that comes with losing a loving parent. M3GAN takes being Cady's protector very seriously and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. As the film premieres, let's hope everyone survives the process.

'Toy Story' (1995)

Like M3GAN, Andy's toy will do anything for its owner. In the much lighter Toy Story, the toys reveal what would happen without humans. The toys clearly feel a little threatened when Woody and his friends receive new birthday presents.

Buzz Lightyear owns more gadgets than a Swiss Army knife. In the end, everyone worked together and survived the big move. Bo Peep (and her sheep), Mr. Potato Head, Ham, Rex and Slinky join the cowboy and space hero figures on their adventure. Proving that childhood toys are forever in vogue, three more stories about Woody and the gang are made.

'Child's Play' (1988)

After escaping from the Chicago police, Charles Lee Ray transferred his soul to a talking doll and sent fear into the minds of audiences around the world. When a young boy wants an expensive good guy doll for his birthday, Andy's mom feels lucky to have found one she can afford.

soon The price cut was found to be uneconomical. Andy is often framed for the doll's murder, and those around him question why he would blame an inanimate object. When Chucky tries to get inside the boy and ruin Andy's life again, those who believe in him are able to stop it. Child's Play, a 2019 remake, stars Aubrey Plaza as a fearsome, devoted mother.

'UglyDolls' (2019)

Hidden deep within a toy factory, shape-shifting dolls known as Uglies are hidden from the rest of the world. The mayor is quick to tell the protagonist in UglyDolls that there is no other way to live. Moxy believes there's more to it than Uglyville.

After finding the perfect academy, the ugly girls need to prove their worth through challenging training. It's their only hope of being loved by a child in the big world one day. With the help of an imperfect beauty, Moxie and her friends realize their worth. Using bright colors and a catchy tune, the film reminds viewers to embrace the unique qualities in ourselves and others.

'The Boy' (2016)

If anyone wants to get goosebumps and can't sleep for a long time Time, watching the boy might succeed. When Greta took a nanny job overseas, she was more rewarded than she could have imagined. When she met her parents, they told her she would take care of their son named Brahms.

Greta thinks the show will be a piece of cake, since the couple's son is, you know, a life-size doll. Like any good horror movie, strange things start to happen. Greta and a new friend work through it all, but in the end, they're just trying to survive.

'Coraline' (2009)

What pops up immediately when you Google this movie? People all over the world wonder if Coraline is suitable for children or adults. This quirky and imaginative stop-motion film does seem to be suitable for all ages. It follows a lonely girl as her family moves to Ashland, Oregon.

While her workaholic parents work, Coraline explores her new home in the Pink Palace apartment. A new friend gives Coraline his grandmother's doll with buttonholes. After the doll hints that there is a door to a parallel universe, Coraline becomes interested. Her experiences help her appreciate her life in the world.

'Saw' (2004)

A shining example How popular are horror movies featuring dolls? There are nine films in the Saw franchise. John 'Jigsaw' Kramer didn't just want to kill his victims. He wanted to torture them to death.

Jigsaw, the scariest of puppets, used to communicate with captives. Whether the figure appears in person or on screen, his instructions are chilling. These messages may come from the handler, but the doll does have electronic rattles. The eerie sound is almost enough to scare the doll as much as its human operator.

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