'Evil Dead Rise' Trailer Glitch: Better Bring an Umbrella to Avoid the Blood Splatter

Lee Cronin's take on the beloved series promises to honor the bloody history of the Evil Dead.

The first trailer for Evil Dead Rise is finally here, and it's not too early. It's been a decade since Fede Álvarez brought a darker, grittier version of Evil Dead to theaters, and we've been dying for more Deadites ever since. Sure, Ash vs. Evil Dead was great fun, but we missed the blood dripping on the screen. Fortunately, the trailer for Evil Dead Rise promises the movie will be as gory as our wildest nightmares. There's a lot to unpack in the new red band trailer, so let's start slicing up these terrifying images and digesting them one by one.

A Dark Family Affair

What makes Alvarez's The Devil so tasty is that it doesn't try to replicate the style that Sam Raimi incorporated into the series. Instead, it brings something new while still staying true to what made the original trilogy so great in the first place. Evil Dead Rise promises to do the same, with The Hole in the Ground filmmaker Lee Cronin taking over the series while Raimi remains on board as producer.

For the upcoming sequel, Cronin brings the Deadites to the big city instead of confining the evil to trees. The story is also more personal, as Bestie will have Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), a single mother of three. After that, her sister Beth (Lily Sullivan) has to find a way to defeat evil. The opening scene of the Evil Dead Rise trailer already foreshadows that the sequel will be a family affair, with Beth protecting her three nieces and nephew from terrifying visions of a possessed Ellie.

Ellie won't be the only victim of the Deadites in Evil Dead Rise. The trailer teases that dark forces will spread throughout the family. For example, we get a glimpse of Ellie's young daughter cutting off the doll's head with scissors, in a scene that's pretty much Ari Astor's Hereditary.

In a blink-and-you-might-miss moment, it looks like Ellie's second daughter has turned besties too, twisting their limbs in unnatural directions on the kitchen counter. If that was Ellie's baby, Beth might be forced to kill some family members to save others. Talk about high emotional stakes!

The Necronomicon Is the Culprit

New trailer for Evil Dead Rise shows the reasoning behind the new Deadite breakout. Unsurprisingly, the culprit was the Necronomicon, A cursed book made of human skin and written in human blood. The book contains various evil spells, including ones that can open the gates of hell and bring demons to earth.

The Book of the Dead is not the only relic Beth discovers while visiting her sister. Along with the book, Beth will be given an old record, which apparently contains Professor Norby's Necronomicon rituals. In Evil Dead lore, Professor Knowby is the scholar responsible for recording the rituals used to free the Kandarian Demons, the entities responsible for turning people into Deadites. In the trailer, we can hear the professor's dark magical words, inadvertently bringing demons to Earth. One of those words is "Kandar," a keyword that's been repeated in every iteration of the franchise.

The Cabin in the Woods

While Evil Dead Rise takes place in a big city apartment, we'll at least see some scenes in a cabin in the woods. Maybe those scenes take place in flashback, or maybe the movie takes an unexpected twist. Regardless, it's nice to see Evil Dead Rise paying homage to where the franchise was born.

Although we do not Know that the Deadites were part of it when the scene took place at the cabin in the woods. In the few flashes we've gotten from the location, we can already see a Deadite tearing out a woman's scalp and making its way to a nearby lake.

In the cabin in the woods part of the trailer, we also see a Deadite floating on the water. It's a new power for monsters in the franchise, and it underscores how Cronin isn't afraid to put his own spin on the lore.

Everything Is a Weapon

While the Necronomicon and Deadites are classic villains in Evil Dead lore, the fun of the film and TV show comes from the tradition of turning everything into a weapon. Sometimes it's the heroes fighting evil using whatever they can find, while other times the Deadites get creative to wipe out their victims. In Evil Dead Rise, Ellie appears to use a tattoo machine to stab someone in the eye.

While eye piercings are always disturbing, without question the most harrowing moment in the trailer is when Beth gets some skin peeled off by the Deadites with a cheese grater. feel the naysayers of the sequel Wouldn't honor the franchise's roots only to get bloody confirmation they were wrong.

A New Groovy Hero Steps Ups

Every Evil Dead movie needs a hero. For most of the franchise, Bruce Campbell plays Ash William. In the 2013 film, Jane Levy played Mia. Now, it's time for Beth to take over the mantle of Deadite killer. While we've got a new hero, the trailer pays homage to the original trilogy, showing Beth running down the hallway, bloodied and wildly wide-eyed. It's the same look Ash has when he's hunting the Deadites, and the camera shake comes straight from Raimi's script.

Ash and Mia's favorite tool for killing undead is a chainsaw. So Beth also has to wield that weapon at some point in order to be a worthy successor. Evil Dead Rise's Red Band trailer promised just that again by showing Beth wielding a chainsaw.

Beth isn't the only blood-soaked survivor in the trailer, as it appears Ellie's youngest daughter will also be one of the last survivors. Maybe Evil Dead Rise can usher in a new golden age for the franchise by making hunting corpses a family legacy.

The Evil Dead Rises

Although Beth may have to face many evils In the sequel, the star of the weird show is Allie. Deadite using her body to explore her motherhood to trick her children into letting her in is clearly a mistake.

At some point in the trailer, Ellie's voice changes, and the kandala demon says that the woman is now with the maggots. After taking over a dead body, Deadites are invariably teasing that person's loved ones, swearing and emphasizing that there is no hope of recovery. That's what makes Deadites so fun, because they're the perfect mix of zombies and possessed people.

When a person becomes a Deadite, they become stronger, faster, more resilient, and can even climb walls. By the end of the trailer, we can already see Ellie in all her supernatural glory. We can't wait to watch Evil Dead Rise in theaters and see her unleash her full power.

Game Recognizes Game

This may be the excitement popping up in our brains, but Evil Dead Rise may be a nod to other great horror movies. For example, we glimpse a room full of crosses, which reminds us of The Conjuring 2. Although the composition of the cross is not Likewise, the Blu-ray involving scenes looks a lot like James Wan's classic.

Also, remember when a little girl beheaded a doll? When we also have a burning body in the same trailer, it's hard not to think of it as a nod to heredity.

Finally, it's hard to deny that the scene with blood flowing through some doors isn't a nod to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Even the camera positions seem to be mimicking the gory elevator scene. Maybe these are unintentional references, but it's interesting that we can relate the Evil Dead Rise trailer to other beloved horror films.

Dark forces will return to Earth when Evil Dead Rise hits theaters on April 21.

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