Every Easter Egg You Missed on 'The Bad Batch' Season 2

From Commander Cody to Count Dooku's castle, you may have missed these references to the larger Star Wars universe.

Editor's Note: The following contains spoilers for The Bad Batch Season 2.

It might take a while, but Bad Batch is finally getting the justice it deserves in the Star Wars franchise. Originally, a four-part storyline featuring the genetically modified soldiers of "Clone Trooper 99" was planned and roughly animated for future seasons of The Clone Wars, but since the show was originally canceled on Cartoon Network, it was canceled. shelved. While the arc's unfinished test reel was originally released online and as a Blu-ray copy of the show's sixth season, the complete version ended up streaming on Disney+ as part of its seventh season. The character's popularity inspired the spin-off series The Bad Batch; it's now in its second season with more action, thrills, intrigue and Easter eggs.

The Bad Batch follows the titular clone squad who are assigned to work under the Empire following the events of Revenge of the Sith. Warrior hunters, strongman saboteurs, computer genius technicians and cybernetic echoes flee after realizing that the Empire is very different from the republic they once fought for (and that they are not inhibited by chips placed in ordinary clones) Their native Kamino and their young ally Omega (Michelle) Ang), a female clone of unknown origin. Unfortunately, the sniper hunter has reverted to his empire mentality and is relentlessly hunting down suspected insurgents serving Governor Tarkin (Stephen Stanton).

Bad Batch season 2 begins with the squad on a mercenary mission for Trando Hills criminal Cid (Rhea Perlman) after the clone facility was destroyed in the season 1 cliffhanger finale. Season 2 includes many familiar faces from the series, once again showing why Dee Bradley Baker's vocal work is unmatched. Here are all the Easter eggs in season 2 of The Bad Batch that you may have missed.

The Lambda Class Shuttle

While Omega is studying holograms of various Republic and Imperial ships, she pulls up an image of a "Lambda-class" space shuttle. The ship first appeared in Return of the Jedi as Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine's personal vehicle as they boarded the second Death Star.

Recolored Armor

Bad Batch apparently took the time to recolor their armor with a red stripe, which may have been an early sign of their allegiance (as red is the dominant color of the Rebel Alliance). In The Clone Wars, clone decorations and Color their own armor to reflect their personality or the Jedi they serve. After Order 66 was implemented, the colors were washed to white to show their allegiance to the Empire only.

Cid’s Bar

Cid's hideout is set in a number of Star Wars items, including Phase 2 designs for the clone helmet and The Mandalorian mask.

Count Dooku’s Castle

In "Ruins of War", Bad Batch travels to Serenno, the hometown of Count Dooku, which is featured throughout the Clone Wars. The clones broke into Count Dooku's private chambers before being cornered; Asajj Ventress did the same when she attempted to assassinate her master in the Clone Wars episode "Nightsisters."

The Low Altitude Assault Transport

Another familiar Clone Wars ship is seen in "Ruins of War", when Bad Batch is chased by a low-altitude assault transport (also known as a Republic gunship). These first appeared in Attack of the Clones during the Battle of Kamino, and have been seen throughout the Clone Wars; by the time of the Rebels, they had fully transformed into hardened Imperial gunships.

Commander Cody’s Return

Commander Cody, Obi-Wan Kenobi's faithful clone, makes his first official appearance after attempting to assassinate his predecessor Friends in Revenge of the Sith. In the "Legends" timeline, it was revealed in the background of The Force Unleashed II that Cody gained a command post on Kamino, where he remained throughout the Age of Empires.

Who Voices Tawni Ames?

The Separatist leader who rebels against the Empire in Desix City is voiced by Tasia Valenza, who played Shaaki Ti in The Clone Wars and Venisa Doza in the Resistance.

Who Voices Governor Grotton?

The Imperial Governor sent to control Desix is ​​voiced by Max Mittelman, a veteran voice actor for the Star Wars series who appeared in the video games Battlefront, Battlefront II, and the Old Republic MMORPG.

Who Voices Romar Adell?

Serenno native Romar Adair is voiced by guest star Hector Elizondo, who played Mr. Gray in "Take Pelham One Two Three" in 1974 And is widely known, and played Barnard Thompson in "Pretty Woman" and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

The Rangefinder

If the voice of the Rangefinder blaster sounds familiar, Lucasfilm sound designer David W. Collins confirmed on Twitter that it is the same voice used in the 2002 Star Wars video game Bounty Hunter. Rangefinder was originally used by Jango Fett, which means Crosshair has advanced sniping skills.

Who Is Mina Bonteri?

Tawni Ames mentions to Grotton and Cody that she and her friend Mina Bonteri proposed a treaty to end the war in the Separatist Senate, but was rejected by Supreme Leader Palpatine before he could take over as Emperor. This is a reference to the Clone Wars episode "Heroes of Both Sides," in which Buntry's attempt to bridge peace with Padmé Amidala before General Grievous leads the droid terror attack on Coruscant takes place in Disrupted before voting. Bonteri is later assassinated by a presumed Republic raid (planned by Count Dooku), but her son Lux becomes Ahsoka Tano's lover.

The First Battle Memorial

The last conversation between Cody and the Crosshairs took place in front of The First Battle Memorial, a statue erected in the plaza at the center of military operations in the Republic of Coruscant to commemorate the clones killed on Geonosis during Attack of the Clones .

The Clone Mess Hall

Crosshair in a clone cafeteria where food rations are provided, eating alone after some other soldiers walk away from him. These canteens, once the scene of social gatherings in The Clone Wars, are eerily quiet now.


Wrecker and Omega is playing a game of Holochess, also known as "Dejarik," using the ship's gaming system. This pastime pops up frequently in the Star Wars universe, most notably in the Millennium Falcon game between Chewbacca and C-3PO in "A New Hope."

Nerf Nuggets

The absence of Hunter and Echo is due to their event delivering "nerf nuggets". This is food for nerfs, a furry animal species that graze on planets like Lothal and Alderaan. Most famously, however, Princess Leia calls Han Solo a "sloppy nerd herder" during an exchange in The Empire Strikes Back.

Riot Racing

Riot Racing races and arenas are very similar to the pod races that first appeared in The Phantom Menace. However, the ships themselves and the violent style of the game are closer to the dive racers in the Knights of the Old Republic games. Pod racing was inspired by George Lucas' love of racing on the streets of Modesto, California as a teenager; Lucas was seriously injured before high school and was forced to give up Racing dreams.

Gaming Tracks

During course development Consistent with Pod racing, the digital signage within the narrow track is designed to more closely resemble the Advertisement for the underworld of Coruscant in Attack of the Clones.

Snack Time!

Playing Riot Racing did give Wrecker and Omega a chance to take a quick break. They seem to be eating the same Mantell Mix they shared together in season 1. Wrecker appears to be enjoying an unidentified fried food in the arena, similar to the one sold during the pod race in The Phantom Menace. There are also shots of the crowd eating Meiloorun fruit, the same item sold at Lothal's market in Rebels.

Who Voices Tay-0?

In a guest appearance, Ben Schwartz voices the intrepid robot Tay-0. This isn't actually his first time appearing in Star Wars. The Sonic the Hedgehog star was also credited as BB-8's "voice advisor" in The Force Awakens, and he made a brief cameo as a Stormtrooper.

Who Voices Grini Millegi?

Ernie Hudson guest stars as Dowutin mob boss Grini Millegi.


Among the racers confirmed by the announcer is Jet Venim, Millegi's favorite Nousurian. this is the first time The Nosaurian species has been in the series since pod racer Clegg Holdfast appeared in The Phantom Menace. Venom and the announcer are voiced by Jonathan Lipow, who also played a refugee in the first season. He also voiced for Resistance, Visions and The Old Republic.

The Protocol Droid Hybrid

One of the other racers identified by the announcer is the robot Quasar, also known as "Quick-Draw". Quasar has the head of a B1-series battle droid and the body of a 3PO protocol droid; in Attack of the Clones, C-3PO's body parts are swapped with those of a battle droid during the Anakin and Padmes factory chase After the swap, similar hybrids can be seen fighting in the Geonosis Arena.

Commando Droids Return

A racer Tech may be particularly keen to take down is Haxxon Trajanix, a BX-series assault droid known as a "war gnome". These droids were used by the Confederacy of Independent Galaxies during the Clone Wars, and have the unique ability to duplicate the voices of other creatures in order to deceive clones. They first appeared in the season 1 episode "The Rookie" where they slaughtered nearly all of Echo's teammates. 'Rookie' is also the first episode of The Clone Wars Special attention is paid to the clones as the main characters.

Never Trust A Trandoshan…

After being impressed by the clone's integrity, Millage warns the team not to trust Sid and her ilk. This isn't just a second-hand threat; in the Expanded Universe, the Trandoshan race is known for their skills as bounty hunters and assassins. They can be seen enslaving other species in the Clone Wars season 3 finale "Wookiee Hunt," when Ahsoka Tano and Chewbacca team up to escape an enslavement camp. In the "Legends" universe, Trandoshan Cradossk (Bossk's father in The Empire Strikes Back) is the leader of the Bounty Hunters Guild.

Christopher Yost

"Entombed" is the first episode of "Bad Batch" written by Christopher Yost, who previously wrote The Mandalorian episode "The Prisoner". Yost is a frequent guest on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and helped write the scripts for Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok.


When Phee Genoa tells her story to the Omega at Cy's hideout, she mentions her pirate history in the Star Wars galaxy. One of the aliens who listened to her story was a Weequay; Clone Wars fans may remember the Weequay Pirates led by Hondo Ohnaka, who became a frequent ally and friend of Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger of the Rebels.


"Entombed" marks the debut of Genoa's droid companion, MEL-221, who is ultimately destroyed during a mission into the heart of the mountain. While the model number of the Power Droid has yet to be confirmed, the MEL-221 bears a resemblance to the Gonk Droids that first appeared in the original trilogy.

Notes of Indiana Jones

When the character goes to the grave, Kevin Kiner's score includes some notes that recreate theme of the iconic Indiana Jones soundtrack. This isn't the first time Star Wars' sister Lucasfilm has been mentioned, as the two sagas have often referenced each other over the years.

Wrong Step

One of the pitfalls Phee Genoa, Omega, and the clones encounter while exploring the tunnels is the collapsed floor, which corresponds to a hidden message that can only be revealed with light. Here's another reference to the Indiana Jones franchise; Indy has to pick the right floor letter to step on, lest he be thrown to his doom in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Skara Nal

Phee mentions the pirate legend of Skara Nal, the ancient Prehistoric times predate the creation of the Jedi Order and the formation of the Galactic Republic. This could be a potential reference to the Knights of the Old Republic Rakata series, which was recently referenced in an episode of Andor.

More Crystals

Bad batch trouble started when a crystal was removed from the center of the mountain. It's not certain if this is actually another kyber crystal, but it's entirely possible that other types of crystals in the Star Wars universe have similar ritual and destructive powers.

Mechs and Monsters

While "Entombed" does capture the treasure-hunting vibe of the Indiana Jones series, the giant mech that appears at the end of the episode suggests an affinity for the Toho Godzilla universe, and Mechagodzilla in particular. This isn't shocking, as Dave Filoni has repeatedly admitted that he's a huge fan of monsters; monster-like creatures even made an appearance in "The Zillo Beast" in season two of The Clone Wars and "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back" two episodes.

Fallen Order

The mech the characters find themselves trapped inside is structurally similar to Tomb Keeper from the popular canon video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In Fallen Order, Zeffro created ancient robotic creatures to defend their sacred catacombs and tombs from thieves and marauders.

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