Daenerys Targaryen and 9 Game of Thrones Characters with Disappointing Endings

It's still hard to believe that "these" are the fates of some of the best characters on TV.

Game of Thrones, which debuted on HBO in 2011, dominated pop culture in the 2010s. Based on the novel by George R. R. Martin, the series follows a complex web of political intrigue and strange magic as noble families vie for power and dominance in an unforgiving world. This brutal setting has produced many memorable and well-written characters.

Unfortunately, Game of Thrones ended after eight seasons, one of the most disastrous endings in television history. As the show deviates more and more from the original, the endings of several characters are not satisfactory.

10/10 Yara Greyjoy

Theon (Alfie Allen) was raised by Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) at Winterfell, while Yara (Jemma Whelan) stayed with her father , to be as much a raider as anyone on the Iron Islands. She supports him in betraying Westeros and resuming his old career after his death. However, in an attempt to bond with Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), she is forced to abandon her old ways, which she does reluctantly.

After the show ended and Daenerys died, Yara felt like a passive shadow. She was pointless in the meeting to choose a new king To reaffirm her loyalty to Daenerys, to vote House Stark as the new king, and to do anything for her people when Sansa (Sophie Turner) declares the independence of the North. She didn't even ask about Theon's death.

9/10 Doran Martell

Compared with his cranky and wild brother, Dolan Martell (Alexander Siddig) is a cautious man who acts without thinking. This angered him, Oberyn's (Pedro Pascal) lover Eraria (Indira Varma), who wanted to take revenge for Oberyn's death at the hands of Gregor Clegane. The Lannisters retaliate. However, Dolan refuses to harm Princess Marcella, knowing it will only lead to more bloodshed.

Despite being played by the talented Mr. Siddig, Dolan struggled in season 5 due to the hasty and ill-conceived Dorn storyline. Come season 6, he was instantly killed by Ellaria, who took Dorne without consequence. Much to the disappointment of fans, Dolan's caution belied a long and dangerous game he was playing.

8/10 Meera Reed

Ed's old friends Howland Reed (Leo Woodruff), Meera (Ellie Kendrick), and her brother Jojen (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) The child was sent to help Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) find the three-eyed monster to plunder. hard journey Jojen died as a result, but Meera remained strong through it all. She goes to great lengths to protect Bran and remind him of his humanity as he delves into the history of the world.

Sadly, Meera's work is in vain, as by the time they return to Winterfell, Bran's emotional range is already on par with a robot. There, Bran sent Meera back to her father without thanking you, and she didn't return to help protect him during the long night. It makes her feel like an extra, redundant glorifier in the whole story.

7/10 Rickon Stark

Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson), who had two older brothers, was allowed to be the child of the family. However, after Winterfell was invaded by Theon's ironborn, the brothers escaped and separated, with Rickon and his wolfdog leaving with their wildling warden, Osha. With Robb (Richard Madden) dead and Bran heading north, Rickon becomes very important as the next heir to Winterfell.

When Rickon returned in Season 6, he was as Ramsay Bolton's (Iwan Rheon) prisoner. He doesn't have any dialogue and is used to intimidate Jon (Kit Harington) and Sansa before giving up their fight Died making Jon go wrong in the Battle of the Bastards. All of this makes Rickon such a redundant character that even Sansa doesn't hesitate to write him as dead.

6/10 Qyburn

Qyburn (Anton Lesser), once a Maester of the Citadel, was stripped of his rank for experimenting on living organisms, but takes on a new position of power in the service of the Lannisters. He was promoted to Circe's confidant and restored Gregor Clegane to the undead warrior. Never demanding anything for himself, his motives for helping the Mad Queen remain a mystery.

Sadly, the reasons for Coburn's actions remain unanswered. Gregor's story ends when he refuses orders to protect Cersei (Lena Headey) and knocks him against a rock before fighting his brother Sandor (Rory McCann) . It's sudden, despite Qyburn's importance in recent events, gets little attention, and makes him a gifted necromancer oddly attached to the losing side.

5/10 The Night King

From the very first scene of Episode 1, Game of Thrones hints at an invasion of the undead from beyond the Wall, led by the mysterious White Walkers. Season 4 gives viewers a glimpse of their leader who transforms a baby Become a new White Walker. Lacking emotion and mercy, it seems that even the combined strength of Westeros and Essos won't be enough to stop him and his army of the dead.

Unfortunately, the buildup to the Night King resulted in one of the worst earnings in television history. His army didn't make it past Winterfell, and despite his long-standing relationship with Jon Snow, the two didn't have a final showdown. Instead, the conflict sprints to the finish line, with Arya anticlimactically killing the king. It's a complete waste of a character and a complete disappointment.

4/10 Petyr Baelish

Since season one, Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen) has been working to destabilize Westeros in order to gain more power. From humble beginnings, Littlefinger wears a mask of humility, positioning himself as everyone's friend so he can learn about their plans and adjust his own. This allowed him to be three steps ahead of everyone, and there was no clue that he was the culprit.

This makes his death at the end of season seven almost sad. After trying to make Sansa and Arya hate each other for some reason, Sansa then exposes his lie that he didn't There is no way to deflect or discredit her allegations other than kneeling and begging. It feels rushed and unearned, as the character doesn't get past Baelish at all.

3/10 Varys

Varys (Conleth Hill), known as the Spider, is a master of intrigue and information. He plays the roles to find out which leader is best suited to serve the field. At first, he thought it was Daenerys, but after meeting Jon Snow and seeing a dragon in person, he bet on a new horse.

Eventually, Varys' plot was revealed when Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) betrayed Varys to Daenerys. What disappointed the fans was not that Valli was caught, but that he had no contingency plan and was waiting to die. Even Conleshill couldn't help but be disgusted by the way his characters were treated while reading at the table.

2/10 Jon Snow

As the bastard son of House Stark, Jon Snow never fit in, so he joins the Night's Watch. There, he became involved in a complex war between the Night's Watch and the wildlings north of the Wall, and brokered a peace against the White Walkers. He has always fought for the safety of many and was willing to sacrifice himself Implemented it many times.

This was exacerbated when he became passive in Season 8. He did almost nothing in his battle with the White Walkers. Before killing Daenerys in the finale, excuses were made for Daenerys' increasingly reckless behavior every once in a while. Afterwards, he was banished beyond the Wall, meaning he could not live in peace with his surviving family.

1/10 Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons was originally one of Game of Thrones' most popular characters. Audiences rooted for her to tell the story of a girl sold into slavery, wanting to see how she would address the corruption plaguing Westeros. When she finally arrives, she encounters many setbacks and witnesses the death of two dragons and several friends.

After all of this, fans saw an image of Daenerys turning innocent people into ruins after King's Landing surrendered. Afterwards, she gives a speech that would feel right at home in a WWII movie when she tells about the Unsullied being framed by Drogon's wings. Her descent into the dark side could have worked if given more time, but as presented, it's too rushed The character of a man who cares about innocent lives.

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