'Call Me Kate' star Mayim Bialik assures fans that Leslie Jordan's character will 'live forever'

Jordan passed away in 2022, and the final episode of his comedy series is scheduled to air on Thursday, January 5.

Months after actor, comedian and beloved internet personality Leslie Jordan passed away, FOX's Call Me Kat is saying goodbye to the star. Ahead of his farewell to the series, show star Mayim Bialik spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Jordan's exit from the planned series.

According to Bialik, the biggest question surrounding Jordan's character's farewell is "how do we honor our friend while also honoring a grieving process that doesn't end with a two-week shutdown?" The task of a central character saying goodbye is a tall order. Jordan's sudden passing, however, posed a more complex task for the production.

He will exit this season, following his last appearance on the December episode of "Call Me Fancy Puffenstuff". This is the eighth episode of the season. Farewell to Jordan will be in an upcoming episode. While the exact nature of his character Phil's exit remains unknown, Bialik assured viewers that the series found a way so that "his character will always be there and he can go through any adventure we've ever had." imagine.

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Jordan starts starring in Call Me Kat in January 2021. However, this isn't Jordan's first sitcom project. Jordan is probably best known for his Role on the feature-length series Will & Grace. On the popular series in the 2000s, Jordan played Karen Walker's counterpart, Beverly Leslie. Jordan's career spanned film, television, and theater. However, he Perhaps made the biggest impact simply by being himself. His TikToks went viral early in the COVID-19 pandemic. His videos often centered on personal narratives and uplifting Southern stories. Jordan died October 2022

On his impact and legacy, Bialik said: "In so many ways, it warms our hearts to see the enormous impact he had," Bialik said. "Because of our grief and how much we miss him , which is apparently also bittersweet. I think a lot of us felt relieved that Leslie was someone who really, really understood how loved he was while he was alive. ”

However, it is important to note that It's not just the adoring public that has lost its idol. Bialik must note that the entire cast and crew of Call Me Kat have lost a colleague and friend. "Grief is a whole process," she says, "and I think we want a level of authenticity as actors." She also adds, "We're human and we lose our friends."

Call Me Kat per Airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

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