'Bio-Strike': Meet the Cast of the New DC Animated Series

James Gunn has revealed the cast of Bionic Squad and how the actors who voiced the characters will play live-action characters.

After James Gunn and Peter Safran blatantly announced the future of the DC Universe in theaters and on TV today, we've gotten plenty of material to speculate on how this new project will play out. While the duo made it clear that this won't be a reality until mid-2025 at the earliest (the new Superman: Legacy movie), we can be sure the gears are turning and the next few years will give us some exciting DC reveals. One of the many things Gunn and Safran revealed was the animated series Creature Commandos.

The seven-episode series has been written entirely by Gunn himself and is currently casting. However, this is not your usual casting process. Gunn and Safran reveal that the interconnected DC Universe will also be incorporated into the animated films and series, which means that, when picking voice actors, the team will be looking for someone who can play the character in live-action when the time comes.

Biocommando still is in the early stages of production, but since Gunn has already written all the episodes, he decided to reveal The characters from the manga series that we can expect to see in the series. He reveals the roles of the seven main actors: Rick Flag Sr., Nina Mazursky, Dr. Phosphorus, Eric Frankenstein, G.I. Robot and Weasel. Gunn also confirmed that the lead character will be Frankenstein's Bride.

Creature Commandos will open with Amanda Waller (again played by Viola Davis), creating a Black Ops team of monsters. During a press conference revealing DC's future, Safran praised Gunn's writing on the series, saying he was "shocked by the caliber of the script. We'll see how everything else plays out, but the script is great."

Creature The reveal of Commandos' character lineup has pointed to some possible connections in the upcoming DCU. Dr. Phosphorus, one of the comic book Batman villains, has revealed that Batman, Robin and the Batman family will be coming to our screens in new iterations (but Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson's Batman trilogy will continue to roll). Creature Commandos' premise also has obvious Suicide Squad echoes, but since Gunn is the one handling both, it's safe It could be argued that the writer/director would make each of the outcast groups unique in order to keep the story fresh.

Creature Commandos has no release date set yet. Keep checking back for more DC news.

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