'Batgirl': Leslie Grace reveals photos of final costume

The finished film was scrapped by Warner Bros. last year.

Warner Bros. Discovery Channel has shocked the entertainment world by deciding to cancel its upcoming Batgirl movie, despite production being completed. Now, Leslie Grace, who is set to portray the titular caped crusader, has shared an image of Batgirl's final costume for the shelved film.

In a video on Instagram, Grace reflects on her 2022 with a flashback video, and while many of them include moments with family and friends, there are also some behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Batgirl. include. Among them is a photo of Grace in what appears to be her trailer, in full Batgirl attire. While Warner Bros. Discovery released a photo of Grace on set as Batgirl, the clip provided by the actress herself gives us a closer look at the original costume.

Unlike the all-black motif seen in newer films, such as Batman starring Robert Pattinson and Christopher Nolan's Batman Dark Knight trilogy, Grace's costume appears to hark back to more classic Batman looks. Yellow is used extensively in the clothing, including the bat logo and the inside of the cape, reminiscent of Recall the suit worn by Michael Keaton in the 1989 Batman movie and its sequel, Batman Returns, as he prepares to reprise his role in Batgirl. The costume also appears to have a purple hue, perhaps as a nod to the similar Batwoman costume from the original 1960s TV show.

In addition to the costume shots, Grace's Instagram post also shows some behind-the-scenes footage of Batgirl. This includes some promotional photos of Grace in costume, as well as some wire and stunt work that appears to be related to the film. At one point, she shared a photo of herself in costume and possibly an enemy from the movie. These clips provide a whole new perspective on Batgirl's creation. "Thank you for teaching me 2022. You are unique in so many ways and this will stay with me," Grace wrote in the post. "Thanks for the experience you brought me, my gratitude and love for life is even deeper. When we part, I will take your lessons with you."

The decision to shelve Batwoman came as a surprise not only to those in the industry, but also to everyone in the industry. The cast and crew were taken by surprise. co-director Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, the film was originally billed as one of Warner Bros. Discovery Channel and DC Films' upcoming mainstays, with an intent to release on HBO Max. However, after reportedly poor test screenings and DC Films' shift to a theatrical release, the studio decided not to release the film, even though the $90 million project has entered post-production, with filming completed in previous months A source who has seen the unfinished project told Collider that Batgirl was "a huge disappointment and looked cheap compared to the other movies".

However, this probably did not ease the production team who spent months directing the film. While Warner Bros. Discovery did hold a screening for the cast and crew following the announcement, it seems increasingly likely that Grace's video will be fans' only chance to see Batgirl take off.

Grace's full Instagram post is below:

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