'Bad Batch' Season 2 Showrunners Teaming Up With Dave Filoni and Creating Clone Personalities

Brad Rau and Jennifer Corbett also talked about how some of the plot ties into The Mandalorian.

With Andor in the rearview mirror, and with the return of the highly anticipated second season of The Bad Batch, Star Wars is venturing back into the familiar world of cozy animation. The series sees the return of the titular Bad Batch - Hunter, Wrecker, Echo and Tech (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - and their newest addition, the Omega (Michelle Ang), as they continue to evade the Empire's watchful eye and face New challenges are dangerous as the galaxy becomes a dangerous place for clones.

Ahead of the season 2 premiere, Collider interviewed showrunner Jennifer Corbett and director Brad Rau about Dave Filoni's involvement with the series, how some plotlines might relate to The Mandalorian, and their comments on ##after How season 1 improved on the UnwhitewashTheBadBatch campaign, and what they have to keep in mind as they explore each clone's different personalities.

COLLIDER: So season 2 was really good at introducing us to a lot of new stuff. Apparently, Dave Filoni was in that movie and The Mandalorian. So I'm curious if we'll see any through-lines about how these two shows are close to being clones.

BRAD RAU: It sounds like We won't go into much detail.

JENNIFER CORBETT: But the fun of having Dave Filoni on the show so much is that he gives us tidbits and advice. We'd love to do that, but sometimes we're not sure either. But we don't want to spoil things, so we're going to keep quiet.

OK, OK. I also want to touch on a few things that come up a lot in the Star Wars fandom. I know you're all on Twitter, so you've probably seen this: "Unwhitewash The Bad Batch". I know season 2 is almost completely over when season 1 is already on our screens. So I'm curious to know if that's something you're trying to address, or at least acknowledge moving forward with the seasons.

RAU: We listened to all the concerns of our fans. The funny thing is, in season 1, before season 1 came out, we were doing that, we went back and looked at skin color, we made some corrections to make sure we stayed true to the legacy of the clones, Clone Wars. Absolutely, 100%.

it's always good Hear creatives are listening. Then, I also like that each clone has a very distinct personality. And I guess I'm curious when approaching each character, what are the key things to keep in mind when dealing with different clones when writing them?

CORBETT: You are right, they are very different. A lot of that stemmed from Dee Bradley Baker and Dave Filoni's vision of these characters in The Clone Wars. But it's funny because I'm trying to remember how Dee described it. It feels like Wrecker is always looking for prosperity and fun. The technique is very precise. He didn't mean to be joking, he was just stating the facts. He's like, "Just the truth, ma'am." Echo is... oh my god, he's one of my favorite people because yeah-

he's my favorite person.

CORBETT: Yes. Because I think he's the one who responds the most to them, and I think he's constantly saying, "Oh my God. Is this really the way we do things?" Because he's a Reg and he's used to step-by-step Doing things, this is not Batch at all. hunter is As a leader, he always wants to be a few steps ahead of others because he is responsible for all these things. So I think he thought of everything. Then there's Omega, who is the heart of the show, very empathetic, has a different perspective, and is always willing to really stand up for people. I think she helped educate Batch in a lot of ways.

Watch season 1 of The Bad Batch on Disney+ before jumping into season 2. Watch the season 2 trailer below:

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