'Bad Batch' Season 2: Dee Bradley Baker on What Makes His Character Unique

He also talks about Omega and the growing threat of the Empire.

As the Andor dust settles, season two of The Bad Batch aims to bring Star Wars fans back to the comforting world of animation, though its highly anticipated return certainly has no shortage of high stakes or moral dilemmas. With the return of Bad Batch, Hunter, Wrecker, Echo and Tech (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) and Omega (voiced by Michelle Ang) find themselves once again in the crosshairs of the Empire as they face new dangers in the galaxy and Discover how dangerous it is for clones.

Before the Season 2 premiere, Collider had the opportunity to have a quick one-on-one chat with Dee Bradley Baker, who not only voices Bad Batch, but all clones (except Omega). In the interview, the multitalented The voice actor discusses how the Empire got bigger in Season 2 and how it ties into the larger Star Wars canon, how Bad Batch evolved between Seasons 1 and 2, and how he brought the All the different characters in mind - especially when he lent his voice to recent movies like Nightfall Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again and Star Trek: The Lovely Murf of Prodigy.

COLLIDER: So I'm curious, for the second season, what do you think theme of this season will be?

DEE BRADLEY BAKER: For me, the key theme of this season is that the empire is getting bigger and there's nowhere to run or hide. That's my thesis.

You read that right.

BAKER: This affects both Omega and Bad Batch as well as Crosshair. So these are the larger realities of the Star Wars canon that are locking in and coming into play, and as far as I'm concerned, it's a pretty good Star Wars. I just like it.

What do you think each character in Bad Batch has learned the most about themselves or as a group this season?

BAKER: A lot of things The Bad Batch had to learn, I think it's interesting because they're actually their own offshoot individual offshoots, approaching things in a more improvised way, and now they're stuck in a situation like this more than ever More improvisation, they don't even know where their money is By, I mean, they're always on the move. They didn't follow anyone's orders, really. They are a gun for hire, free contractors on a mission.

Then they have a child Omega in their midst, who now wants a family and sees them and their ship as home and family, and they have a lot to learn from her, it turns out, from her. From her off-the-cuff openness to the universe, to what's fair, what's just, and what's not. She has a lot to teach them, as children often do. They have a lot to teach adults. So they're all learning from each other in these increasingly challenging conditions. On the other hand, you now have Crosshair in Empire and doing what he thinks is right, and, well, he has his education to play with.

Absolutely. This is so much fun. I watched the whole Bad Batch, and then the new Night at the Museum movie, which you're also dubbing, obviously, I'm watching Prodigy, and I even have Murf here. how do you keep all these different voices Unique because sometimes you have animal sounds, creature sounds, and then a whole bunch of clones, all with different rhythms? When you walk into a booth, what do you do to keep it in your mind?

BAKER: That's helpful, I sometimes call it that. I think I've learned that from a lot of live performances, especially improv, that part of the skill is having an open mind and being clean and ready. It's not necessarily about preparation, but just being ready to do what the story needs to do. So I can jump into these very different playpens and channel my performance in very, very different ways, but that's improvisation.

I mean, if you've seen the improv they demand, please give me a style or give me a career. So you're used to jumping into these very different realms as a way of entertainment or storytelling. So I'm used to it, it's a gym I've been working out for a long time. It's all the same for me, whether I'm doing the straight-up show that we did in Bad Batch and The Clone Wars, or if I'm a blue space blob on another show, it all comes down to telling Story, listening, intent and tone, and play it when I think about it. So, it all feels oddly related, like the same thing.

Watch season 1 of The Bad Batch on Disney+ before jumping into season 2. Watch the season 2 trailer below:

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